MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 62


The s*x with Joy was interrupted again as I can’t find any condom under my beadsheet.
I had made her very wet with a whole lot of teasing and sU-Cking especially sU-Cking on her long tip which is the longest I have ever seen at least two inches long.
I became uncomfortable as she asked me what the problem was and I told her I can’t find a condom which she beckoned on me to take her raw without protection. That I knew was against my policy! The times I did it I was not at rest so I will not dare it! Not with a gwari girl.
I told her I was not going to enter her without a condom and her facial expression changed.
I went closer to her and resumed kissing her which she was not responding to very well but I persisted and soon we were tangled in the kiss. While I kissed her I decided I was not going to mess this first time up with her, I tried thinking of a way out other than penetrative s*x and I opted for MouthAction as I licked her neck tracing downwards leaving traces of saliva as I went down.
The scent that hit my nose as I got between her was not really an inviting one but I have made up my mind to make this meeting a memorable one so I brought out the tip of my tongue to start licking her outer lips and gently I probed deeper, going close to her cl!t but never touching it. Soon my nose became familiar with the environment and I started doing what I know doing best as she blessed my effort with colourless kitty juice.
I used gave her a finger to sU-Ck on to reduce her m0an!ng but she continued m0an!ng between the sU-Cking and I hoped the m0ans don’t get out louder than it is else it will attract attention. Her body quivered and her I noticed she was about to Pour so I placed my tongue over her swollen cl!t flicked anti clockwise fastly and finally gave it a deep pressure -filled sU-Ck that shattered her as she let out a loud m0an which must have been heard by anyone sitting outside but thanks For locking my door it will reduce the noise and even if anyone hears it their mind will go to T.J’s room and not mine.
She collapsed momentarily as I plant small kisses on her face and raising up I saw my preek raging with so much fury and I knew I need to release this fire within. I was stroking my preek gently when she regained herself and without allowing her to regain completely I shoved my preek to her lips and she opened up to swallow it. She was not as experienced like Jessica in mouth action but the warmness of her orifice gave my preek the expected solace and I started moving my waist slowly and soon was practically ficvking her mouth.
I pulled out as I stroke my preek sending hot sprut of Fluid across the room and lay down exhausted. The joy of releasing deep inside a kittu cannot be compared with what I just did but I don’t lick releasing inside a girl’s mouth unless she purposely made me do it like Ada did the last time.
She was full with hapiness as she stepped out of my room after I have surveyed the area to see no one was outside. It was past 8 and I could hear the landlord’s Children making noise as they watch television. Joy went out and I proceed to take my bath before going to my landlord’s room to inform him of my intended travel the next day. He was very glad I came to inform him and commended my almost full recovery. When I went to my room to park somethings I heard Jessica called my name as I asked her to come in.
She came in with tray and said her dad asked her to bring me food I was glad because I was already planning to go and visit mallam.

As I ate Jessica sat by me and said “so you are travelling tomorrow and you did not tell me hmmm” I replied that it was an urgent travel and I intend telling her this night but noticed she was not around.
“Is this not Joy’s Book?” she suddenly asked picking up the book Joy have forgotten to take with her while leaving. I paused in my eating as my heart beat tripled.
“O yes it is” I answered casually.
“Was she here today?” she asked. I never expected that question so I trod with carfulness.
“Noooo” I lied.
“Ha I thought she came here without checking on me” she said a bit relieved.
“But how comes her boook is still here won’t she come and collect it?”
” I thought she will come today but as you can see she have not showed up since she left it here yesterday, please take it so you can give it to her as I will leave early tomorrow morning”
She believed me and carried the book as I told her I will miss her and she leaned into my chest rubbing her large b0s0m on my as I grabbed it jokefully.
Food was over and she bent to carry the tray and I grabbed her onto me as we kissed but she quickly disengage herself as she rushed out saying her dad may start suspecting her.
I slept that night peacefully after receiving a call from my madam that I should come to her house directly so we can go to work together from there. I wondered why but obliged as The line went dead after exchanging ‘ I love you’
The next morning I woke up late around 6;30 as I hurriedly parked the remaining few things I will be needing for the journey. I arrived at my madam’s house at about 7: 30 due to the hold up at Ushafa Junction. When I stepped into the gate I greeted the gate man who expressed surprise to see me that early morning and He hailed me as I remembered his last escapade.
My madam was not in the sitting room as I arrived but as I dropped my bag to rush upstairs I noticed her coming down. She looked so seductive. Still in her nightie I could she the outline of her Unclad body as the nightie were obviously transparent.
“O Nnaji you are here, come up dear” she said as I followed her up as she wiggled her waist while my preek kept quarrel ling with itself.


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