MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 60


She told me she lives somewhere at zone 6 and asked I come and know her place since it was so close. I complained about getting a cab and she promised to drop me off at at my junction as she knows Abuja so well. I finally heeded and followed her in her car as we drove to zone 6 in les than 5 mins she pulled up in front of a nice decent looking house.
“Ok here we are” She announced as she blared the horn which opened as if the gateman was already waiting for her arrival unlike my madam’s gateman that takes the whole world to open the gates.
Really I was impressed with her sitting room as I stepped in.
“Wow what a nice place you have,” I exclaimed not hiding my surprise.
“Thanks, please make yourself home” she demanded as she went to the put on the television set and trace TV came up singing one of this foreign songs am not a fan too.
I kept myself busy with the artworks she have hung on her walls as I admired and asked her her her she got them, Some she did herself others she bought. We discused more about arts and I was amused she had so much knowledge on art than I expected.
“O! Please what do I offer you? Pardon my manner” she said
“Nothing! We just finished eating” I said but she won’t have any of that as she finally made me request for a bottle of soft drink.
When she brought the drink it was obviously red wine as the sweet aroma of the the wine greeted my nostrils and the smooth sparkling taste made my taste buds smile.
“What a nice wine you got here” I exclaimed after gulping down a glass. She just flashed me a smile as she crossed her legs exposing a whole lot of her laps.
“You need more?” she finally asked to which I nodded. When she filled my glass and hers she asked started talking with agently tone as we sipped.
“So Nneji were you serious about what you told me back in the restaurant about forgiving me?” she asked. I removed the rim of the glass from my lips as I raised my eyes in surpise as I nodded to her.
“So why then have you been avoiding me?”
she asked more calmly. I don’t know what to answer her so I kept mute as she readjusted her legs exposing her p@anties. I could swear she was wearing read lingeries.
“You know I really do like you and fancied you from the first day but was surprised when the manager started taking interest in you also and even asked me to keep away from you she…”

she broke off and stood up and walked to me and placed a kiss on my lips.
I was confused weather to refute the kiss of respond well to it but my brain was already starting to respond to the red wineb as my lips responded without allowing me give it approval and soon we were engaged in a frenzy hot kiss.
I could swear that kiss was turning me on than normal kiss, why? I can’t tell but then our lips were still colliding more furiously as I felt her hands grab my hands and placed them on her arse. Those soft arse!
Immediately the memories of our first encounter flashed through my brain and I pressed the arse with so much vigor. My hands kept romping around her arse till her skirt rode up to expose her smooth thick thigh…
It was a full blown s*x as I really got myself only when it was all over. She drove me home with smiles all over her face as I kept thinking about myself. When did I suddenly turn so attractive? What have gotten these ladies attracted? My thinking made me silent but Miss Lisa never seem to understand stand as she keeps talking and talking.
I slept off that night with mixed dreams as I rused to work the next day thinking of the whole fastness of yesterday evening. When I got home I didn’t even greet anyone, I just went to sleep directly. At work I met my madam who asked me how my night was with her ever caring voice and I answered her fine with an uneasy voice as I knew I have cheated on her!
Did I just say Cheated on her? Well!
That was how I felt at that moment. That day.
I think I was falling in love with a woman older than me! Work was dull for me as I was not really myself, Miss Lisa was flashing me so much smile the few times we bumped into each other and I managed to smile back.
As the day finished for work I went home after my madam dropped me at Bwari Junction.
She had asked me if I was really fine and I replied yes thta I was just having mood swing to with she expressed surprise as she have not seen me having mood swing before.
At home I entered and locked my door as I drifted into a deep slumber. Guess what woke me up?
m0ans from T.J’s room! Time check it was 7:30 pm.
“How the hell did I sleep so long” I cursed myself as I felt a stirring in my lions as the m0ans kept streaming into my ears.
That m0ans was unmistakeably T.J’s babe (The mama!) just when I was thinking what I went through for bleeping her someone knocked on my door and as I went to open the door I saw Joy holding her economics book as she greeted me “Bros good evening”
A stare at her eyes told me what she came for.


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