MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 57


She just kept quiet at my response as I bowed my head avoiding to look at her. Am I in love with this woman? I can’t say but why the hell am I feeling this emotional, I can’t look straight into her eyes unlike me that uses that to s£duce ladies, How many of you have noticed that the easiest way to s£duce a woman is to hold eyes contact with her while telling her soothing words?
I felt her hand round me as she draws me closer into her b0s0m,
“Sorry my dear, I know what you feel don’t worry” she comforted me while I kept mute staring at the ceiling while she consoled me.
She dragged me and lifted up my chin to face her and I saw the sparkle in her eyes as she talks
“Just know I mean it when I said I love you, I really do, I don’t know why I found love here but surely am sure” she concluded and I muttered the courage the speak finally.
“What of your husband? You are married and I doubt you know what you say ma” I told her speaking ever so gently.
“Uhmmm, I have told you a little about my husband and how he cheated me but I never went into details. Now listen and understand this is the story of my life”
And she reclines into the couch and started narrating.
Years ago I was at the Amhadu Bello University There I studied fine and applied arts. Though I grew up in Kaduna schooling at ABU was my first time of leaving Kaduna city. I was quiet a young naive glady then that always visits home on weekend basis. My father was a yoruba man while my mother was an Igbo woman.
Surprisingly against everyone’s believe my parents still live together and my father never married a second wife. I was the first child and daughter and my mum really do warn me about boys and their tricky ways but she never gave me s*x education.
Some time in my second year I met Eze, so kind and cool he looks and he is from Anambra, for the mere fact that he is an ogbo like my mum made me likes him the more. He was a student of Theatre arts and film studies so we were in the same faculty and we did borrow a course from them. It was in this class That I got to know him.
One thing led to another and we started dating, he swept me off my foot with his wise and witty sayings, he was always confidence and independent. He cautioned me about going home every weekend and telling me how he had never visited Enugu where his family stays to boost his independence.
He made me to see life from a different angle and As time goes on I started reducing the amount of time I go for weekend giving excuses of being busy with school work why?
Most weekend am at Exe’s place, I always look forward to weekend at his place as he always have something new to tell me and show me also. His acting skills were so hilarious that I get so much entertainment in his house than I get anywhere else.
Eze made me to be so loyal to him and saw s*x with him as nothing, he actually initiatiated the cuddling and heavy petting but never askes for s*x but always made me orgasm through head job which he has convinced me to be the best way to enjoy s*x and still keep my virginity.
I got to a stage where I knew Eze was the man for me and he shows that I was the woman for him and in my third year I begged him to have s*x with me because I know he goes else where to quench his S#xual desires else how does he manage to make me Pour without asking for s*x except head jobs which I am yet to be good in.
He took his time telling me why I should keep my virginity as I have always insisted, he also told me how I will become addicted to his s*x if he starts but I have made up my mind so we had s*x, The s*x that took my virginity, the s*x that tied me down to Eze, the s*x I never thought another man could ever give me. He was just awesome!
I can still recall his feathery touches, his gentle thrusts that seem to last for eternity as he warms and prepare the orifice of my kitty hole, then the final thrust that broke the hood causing me pain that was quickly replaced with pleasures as I felt his hotdog textured preek going farther than I have ever felt, occupying where no man have ever occupied. As he thrust I felt his hands on my b0s0m doing all the wonderful things he always do just that this time around it felt sweeter and sultier!
That marked the beginning of my wild s*x life, according to his warning I will become addicted and yes I did! I alway long for his touch inside me I always wanted penetrative s*x, I always wanted him to be by my side but he reminded me that he warned me. He gave excuses why we should not always have s*x but I used my emotional powers to get what I want.
At some point I noticed he was beginning to withdraw from me, he was no longer happy to see me around, He started reminding me how I needed to visit home and stuffs. I kept wondering why but my girlish brain blinded me to the whole situation.
Our relationship was at the verge of breaking but I can’t think of living in the same campus without EZE! He later became point blank with me telling me how I have loosed my meekness for s*x craving, telling me how I have suddenly become a boring companion that knows not what to discuss anymore apart from the bliss of the last s*x that will end up in another.

He talked about how I am no longer who I used to be, How I have become selfish and all.
Ieft his house to my hostel that night crying throughout the night as my roomies never bothered asking me what the problem was.
I made a reflection on myself and saw that 90% of what he said were all true and finally I decided to change.
It was not easy as I always crave him, I wonder what went wrong with me, I wonder the maniac that was unlocked in me and I tried to tame it…
Fast forward to final year…
We were still dating, infact stronger and have received best couple awards a lot, Graduation was close and we knew ours was not graduation, we knew we were just about to start the real relationship that will lead to marriage.
He went to Enugu for the first time since he got admitted into the school with a 2.1 mine was a 2.1 also and I went back home to await service.
During the holidays we talked a lot on the phone, a day without talking the sun won’t set. Yes it was like that!
I told my mum about him and his mum was also calling me after some time. Call up letters later came up and he was posted to Kadun while I was posted to Enugu! What a hilarious swap!!
I travelled to Enugu a week before camp to stay at his and I met a wonderful prospective mother in law. We got engaged before he left for Kaduna.
During the service year he stayed at my house while I stayed at his and it was all so great.
We waxed stronger, he travelled down to Enugu every three months to spend the weekend with me. I have grown to control my urge and I was living a normal and happy life.
Two years after service we got married and I gave birth to Ada after a year. He never liked working for anyone so he set up his own careers directing movies for people. He started travelling out of the shores of the country to shoot movies in south Africa, Ghana and atimes but rarely U.k.
His carrier sowered while I always attend exhibitions and do contract works for clients he usually source for me in his travels. I mean life was too good for we to be happening but we were really happening!
The whole climax came when I started hearing rumours that Eze have a wife in South Africa, not just a wife but also a son. I waved it off as the enemy’s devised plans to shattered the strong bond between us. I never confronted him to know as I trusted he will never do such a thing.
To summerise the whole story I got to know it was all true when I found a picture neatly wrapped inside his pocket when I want to wash it. I removed the content without suspicions as my husband was always in the habit of living either money or documents inside his pockets. So I dare not wash his
clothes without searching thoroughly.
As I pulled out the paper I noticed a picture of about quoto size was neatly wrapped inside the paper. The content made me to scream and pass out. I saw my husband posing with a woman kissing her and a small boy who has a striking semblance was in their middle. Such a beautiful and creative picture I must say but it took part of me away, I died temporarily.
I later woke up to find myself in th hospital.
The doctor confirmed I have been a comma for a week. The imagery of that picture is still sharp in my memories. I have never forgiven Eze and he has never stopped coming back to beg, but my family were disappointed and his too were.
I parked out years ago to live here with my daughter and since then I have unlocked the s*x manaic in me as I have been fooling around with men and making sure I break so much hearts as I can. I forgot my daughter have been observing. I have gotten pregnant for two other men who brought forth the last two kids I have but they are in the safe hands of a good woman in the boarding house.
I have managed to create a niche for myself and I have always been living fine regretting most of my past especially when I see my daughter having s*x at a very tender age of 15, I had rebuked her but she was quick to point out my thousand and one misbehaviour and with shame I have not have the nerves to confront her again but advice her when she agrees.
For quiet a long time I have always get any man that catches my fancy. You caught my fancy by your cool and well behaved self.
I saw you as a son I wish my own son will grow up to but then I realised Miss lisa that witch was already fancying you and also my daughter! But my daughter’s was welcomed by me as I wished you will grow to love and change her but I was wrong, I didn’t just love you as a son but as a lover too this I confirmed when I noticed you had an affair with my daughter.
“That is my story..” she ended up in tears and I noticed with alarm that a fine thin silver tear was streaking down to my cheek and I quickly wiped it as I drew closer and drew her into my b0s0m, consoling her.
“I Love you so much” I said. That fell off faster than I intend.
I felt her cry more as she clung me tighter.
I later stayed with her that night not leaving her as I later learnt that the security guard have been forgiven. That was indeed a blissful night.
We didn’t have s*x but we felt a deep satisfaction as we clung tightly to each other.
I later heard her breathing peacefully against my chest while I kept thinking if am really in love.
How do I fancy her more than her daughter?
What’s it about her that gets me emotional?
I kept asking myself questions until I slept off…


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