MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 56


I don’t know how long I have slept but I knew I woke up feeling so dizzzy and hungry.
I opened my eyes and looked around, trying to familiarise myself with the environment.
I later recalled where I was and what has taken place, I stood up pulled a clothe over my shirt less top and went out of the room to search for my madam.
“Madam!” I called out as I did not see her around the sitting room. I called out again and silence greeted me. I was a bit alarmed and was wondering when I heard some shout outside. The shout got louder as I went to the window. Who did I see? My madam!
She was shouting at the gateman who was kneeling down with a lady by her side.
I watched on as tears filled both eyes.
“You are leaving this job, this is not the first nor second and not even the third!” I heard my madam screaming at him. I heard more pleas which I can’t make out clearly.
“I wonder if this is what you do all day” She was so angry and shaking as she spoke I decided to go outside to calm down the situation.
“And you shameless girl this is the fourth time am seeing you here! Screaming like a goat!
Can’t you control your emotions?” she barked on while the girl bows her head in shame.
Just went I stepped out I remembered I was looking ruffled and well bleeped so I was going to implicate my madam if I should go close so I decided to turn back and wait for her.
She continued screaming! Women can have trouble. When you think it’s about to end she starts from beginning.
She finally came back into the room fuming with anger and murmuring when she saw me.
“O baby you are awake” she beamed with smiles suddenly. Is this not the woman that was raging with anger now?
“Yes ma, I replied” smiling weakly
“Hope it’s not my scream that woke you up” she inquired touching my arm tenderly.
“No! I woke up looking for you when I heard you screaming at that gateman”
“Don’t mind the fool! He must leave today”
she said with hate.
“No man forgive him, maybe he can’t control himself”
“Is he an animal? I don’t have problems with him having s*x everyday but doing that at the expense of my security is what I can’t take anymore” she fumed.
“But ma just give him anot…” she cut me shut by placing her finger on my lips.

“Come eat, I made some food while you sleep”
Awwww what a wise woman, I though.
We went up and she dished out some sumptous meal of plantain and beans.
The aroma that came with it while she dished it out was surely an assurance it will be sweet.
As we ate she stopped between and looked at me intensely. I looked at her and continued eating taking the last spoon as I really did rush my food because of the hunger.
“Don’t mind my table manners” I said as she continued looking at me.
“No common you ate like a man! That’s how you men eat especially after a long s*x!” she said rolling her eyes and I gave a loud laughter.
“So you wish you can eat like we men” I teased
“No! Never!” She eclaimed
“What have you done to me?” she continued speaking slowly. I was lost and I took the glass of water away from my mouth and asked “How? Did I do something wrong?”
She smiled and placed her palm on mine from across the table.
“No, not that, I mean the way I feel about you, I have not felt so for any man, that’s why I was so full of envy and hate that you wooed me for my daughter, I felt so bad that day because…because…” she stammered while I gave her a confused look
“…because I love you!” she finished up fastly. At that moment my heart paused.
My breathing increased and I just stared at her lostly.
“Yes I really do love you, your presence makes me happy, I just love how cool you appear and I loved you the more when you told me the truth about going to see my daughter..m” she continued speaking but my thought is far gone. I was not listening anymore instead I remembered my first love Joyce who was 10 years older than me, how it all started like this and how I we so much loved each other and how she later broke up to get married.
I was seventeen then and I met Joyce on V mobile chat. She had 29 as he age and I had 30 as mine, I sent her a request and she accepted, we went on chatting till she told me she was really 27 and I told her I was 30. I told her how I love drawing, kissing and taking long strolls.
She was amused as we have almost similar hobbies.
She told me how she loves masturbating when she fantasize and stuffs, we went ahead to do lotta s*x chatting and phone intimacy till she decided to visit me from Abuja to Kadun then.
I was still young and I certainly knew I was not 30 so I have been lying. I gave her series of excuses till I got fed up and told her my real age.
She was so dissapionted and was so surprised, it took her days to believe me but I told her it was the truth. We finally decided to remain friend, but I noticed I was in love with her, I was missing her and our thrice daily long calls, our intimacy. I never knew she was feeling same and one evening I got a text from her.
“I still love you and miss you, I believe age is just a number because you make me feel like I have never felt before despite that we have not met before reply me if you are still nursing same feeling” this may not be the exact way the message was but it is very close. All this was 12 years ago.
I replied and we kicked off where we stopped this time wilder, no limitations and she invited me over to Abuja giving lies to tell my parents and I went. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw her. I mean she looks so young but quiet older than me and very beautiful, I lost the confidence I always have on phone but she re ignited it.
She was the one I gave my virginity to. She was surprised how I was so experienced with my virginity, but thanks to books! I read a lot! We kept on over a year as she tries to make me introduce her to my mum but I knew my mum was not going to take that but we fnially fell apart when she travelled out to south Africa without telling me for the world cup. I felt so sick for long till she calls me one day and we spoke for long…telling me how she misplaced her phone and got back my number from facebook etc.she finally got married and travelled out of the country leaving me a bit heart broken but with some real money which I never used till I entered the University in 2009.
“Nneji!” my madam called and I jerked back to reality.
“What’s wrong with you?” she asked and I tried to cover up my emotions but it did not work.
“Nothing ma am just dumbfounded” I said with a little tear on my eyes.


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