MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 55


As we stepped into her bedroom, I remembered our last encounter and I noticed the place looking more beautiful and I voiced it.
“This room looks more charming than ever” I exclaimed not hiding my surprise.
“O really, I decided to keep myself busy with it yesterday sunday.” she said smiling like a teen lady.
I nodded and proceeded to sit on the bed.
She disappeared into her wardrobe and came out almost immediately with her sleeveless inner wear. She certainly just pulled the other gown she had over her for her to be this fast.
The sleeveless did justice by leaving a lot of flesh to my display. Her smooth neck region and her bare arms, so dark and lovly!
The shape of her b0s0m were quiet outlined as I could see her bra lining holding the twin tatas firmly.
“Uhmmmm!” I exclaimed, my playful part taking over.
“What?” she looked at me smiling when she saw how my eyes were running over her body she got the message and playfully rebuked me
“C’mon! Stop staring at me that way”
“But you look so sweet and beautiful ”
I said teasingly as I see that face that young ladies make when I flatter them. How women love flattery!
“Ok lemme get some hot water” she said getting into action.
I watched her as she went to the table at the end of the room to get a giant flask, she dashed into the other door that leads to her bathroom and came out almost immediately with a small bucket. All this while she was moving I was just staring at her flesh that shook and admiring her domesticated nature, despite how rich she is she is really really domesticated. That’s one thing I must confess about Yoruba women, they can be so domesticated.
She dragged a stool to the side of the bed and dropped the bowl. The bowl was oozing out very hot smoke to show how hot it is and she mixed it with antiseptic liquid. (I wont call the name of the product, they didn’t pay me for advert).
“You’ve got to pull your shirt” she said with that mummy’s voice. I unbuttoned the shirt while she watches me steadily with a sly look in her eyes. When I pulled the shirt over my body she helped me to pull the singlet.
I didn’t tell her I needed help with that o but she did.
“O my hairy chested man!” she exclaimed flashing her s*xy** smile and tugging on the hairs while she licked her lips.
“Come who did you inherit this hair from?”
she asked me still pulling on a curly strand gently.
“O my parents, both are hairy” I replied casually as I felt a stir in between my thigh.
“Wait, doe your mum have hairs on chest?”
She asked surprisingly
“Nooo, I never did said that, I only say she’s hairy, I mean she have long hairs, it’s my dad that have hairs on chest but his is not as much as mine so I guess they both combined to give me this lot” I explained.
“Uhmm!” she just heaved and took the small towel inside the bowl sq££ze it and brought it to the bruised part. She pressed it so gently, dabbing the surface before she proceeded to apply pressure and as I tried to move my head she held me with the other hand and pressed harder. I m0aned with pain while she continued like she took no notice of my pains.
When she was satisfied with the first three pressings which was as painful as hell she then used the towel to dry my entire face dabbing it gently as she said
“Look at the way you are screaming like a baby, you don’t know you are a man?” she cautioned with smiles. I didn’t reply I was only trying to regain from the pain that seem to have increased.
She took the water away to the bathroom, when she came in she went to her table filled with cosmetics and brought a tube which she spilled a little content on her palm and proceeded to rub on the swollen parts, starting so gently and was increasing her pressure, it was beginning to hurt but the way she held my head intact could not allow me move as she massaged the swollen surface while I tried to suppress my screams and producing m0ans in the process.
Done with that she went to wash her hands and came back to meet me lying face up on the bed still Unclad to the waist.
“You are ready for the next round?” she asked teasingly. Ahhh I thought it was over, which other one naw I thought as I sat up to see her holding a bottle that looks like olive oil.
“Ma, it’s ok am feeling no pain now, I don’t want another” I said lying and afraid to feel another pain.
“Common, this is the most sensous, look what am holding, a warm onitment, it’s not painful at all” she explained.
Should I believe here?
“No ma, it’s ok” I said with a little frown.
And she laughed coming close to me, I noticed her bra were now missing as I could see the outline of her nippple and a little drooping in her alignment.
“Don’t you want some sensous massage?”
she whispered to me in a sultry voice that sent chills down my spine. I just smiled with my eyes still fixed on the outline of her Tips.
Are the Tips erect or is it this my funny imagination again?

“Now lie down let me make up for all I did”
she said using a sultrier voice. I lay fully stretched on the bed facing down while she straddled me, rubbing her hand on my bare back. The warmth feeling, the smooth texture and yeah the calm blues that have been playing since we entered seem to make me feel am in heaven. I never knew it was just an intro.
I felt the liquid onitment drip onto my skin and run down gently to down my spine before she used her palms to rub them.
She rubbed in circular motions all around probably to spread the oil equally
Then she pulled herself upwards still in a kneeling position and held my shoulders and started kneading it. Alternating her pressures.
She really did spend like five minutes there, bending at intervals to blow hot air into my ears and rubbing her b0s0m on my head in the process.
She went down wards to the ribs region and massaged it softly and went on to hit it hard using her palms as a sticks, shaking me as she hit. She will then slow down the hitting and melt it into a sensous massage putting her hand under to drag my Tips. O Lawd! I was just floating! On my way to nirvana, no longer in planet earth.
She went further down to my waist afar some time with my rubs and repeated the same movement she did with my ribs giving me some feathery touch at some intervals.
Her palms went lower as she deeps her hand into the elastic band of my boxers and gave my butt0ckz a sq££ze, at that instance I felt a pr£cuum escape my preeek.
“Do you mind removing you trousers?” she asked. I didn’t reply her all I did was raise up my hips and undid my belt while she pulled down the trouser and the boxers at the same time and I felt a cool breeze on my butt0ckz cheek and between my legs.
“Uhmm” she exclaimed and I raised my head to see what she was uhmming at and I saw her licking the pr£cuum that dropped on my boxers and that drove me crazy as I tried to stand up and grab her and bleep her, but she pressed me back to bed.
“We are not done baby”
O it have entered baby? Common! My heart leaped for joy!
I felt a movement on the bed and felt her straddle me again as she paid attention to my butt cheeks, massaging and giving it some tiny pinch and hard sq££ze, she was just switching and I was just squirming under her.
“Relax baby and listen to the silence of world…” she said dreamily. That calmed me down as my imagination ran wild.
I felt my butt0ckz cheek part and I felt the warm ointment drip onto my spincter as her large thumb spread it over. She started massaging my butt hole ever so gently spreading it wider and soon I felt her little finger poke in a little as she swirl it. I was no longer being massaged I was being sexually tortured! The feeling was sweeter than bleeping! I would have love to explain how I felt but the right vocabularies have not been invented.
She moved away from ny butt hole and massaged the brigde between my balls and my butt hole. For the ladies reading this, that place is one erogenous zone most ladies have not discovered next time you can try massaging your man there ans see him squirm like a baby.
She suddenly grabbed my balls and pulled it from its hood and rubbed the balls against each other in her palm. She really almost made me Pour as she spent over 20 mins around my butt region then gently she went downwards to my thigh and my legs giving me some feathery and hard sq££ze.
Done with the backside she ask me to turn and she started repeating what she did at the back this time around I was facing up and I was watching her give me all the pleasure. At some point she pulled her clothe over her exposing her dark large twin tatas with the chocolaty areolas and the deep brown thumb size Tips which were quiet turgid already.
I just lay still controlling my urge to grab the boobss, I was being tortured and therapeutically healed with the same thing that got me into trouble! What a wonderful world!
What she did next killed me.
She gave me b0s0m massage! The first and last, I have ever had!
I could feel the hard tips almost drilling into my burning skills. She did this till she reached where my preeek is and used her palms to guid her melons to give me some b0s0m job that didn’t last for up to 30 seconds.
She proceeds to the remaining part of my body and came down from the bed as she pulls her tights down.
Her silky kitty lips were glistening and I knew I was going to end there. She climbed up bed turned and sat on my face gently, massaging me with her kithy lips while the juice spill on my face, she dragged herself down slowly and took my raging preek into her mouth without warning me and popped her head on it while her hips massaged my chest leaving lot of kitthy juice all over.
The warmness! The smooth-rough textured tongue, the crazy 69 position and all got into my head and I felt it erupting,
“Am coming! ” I cried out but she only increased the pace with which she was plopping up and down my fine preek and I felt it rushing like a volcanic eruption and started sprouting out continuously till I passed out.
I woke up to consciousness to feel some silky movement along my placid preek and I noticed she was sU-Cking it again trying to bring it back to life…
She ended up riding me and coming as I never came probably my Fluid tank have emptied at that moment. Check it out now. From bleeping her on the previous weekend to bleeping her daughter and then my landlord’s daughter and back to her! Why won’t my Fluid bank go bankrupt?


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