MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 54


I saw the familiar road that lead to her estate and I knew we were home! I became more uncomfortable and alert. I don’t know why I still have this feeling that something sick is about to happen.
Finally she pulled up in front of the black gate and horned, we waited but no response came and she horned again and still nothing.
“What’s wrong with thus gateman guy?”
she complained honing again and finally she alighted from the guy and walked angrily to the gate. I became more alert and decided to follow her.
Surprisingly the gate was open and we went inside, the gate man was no where to be found and my madam got angry.
“Where did this fool leave my compound and went to?”
I was hearing music playing in the gateman’s room but maybe it was a usual thing as my madam did not bother calling him but went straight to his room while I followed. The next thing we heard startled me.
A m0an!ng sound and a grunting sound.
My madam paused and listened carefully like she wants to confirm what she was hearing and I was just behind her observing.

The sound was mixed with the music playing inside but really ear enough. She turned and looked my with this “what the hell is going on inside there” look and I shrugged.
She opened the door and whole and behold what we saw was a live X-rated scene that sent my madam shrieking and got me amused, Amusa was busy giving a girl head. Let me paint the scene for you all.
Sothe girl was lying faced up with eyes shut and a facial expression of a girl receiving real pleasure while musa was buried deeply between her thighs. The girls laps were tightly wrapped around his head which must be rhe reason he did not hear all the horning,
‘Badt guys!’ I thought.
“O my God!” My madam exclaimed but the due did not seem to be in this world as they continued what was giving them real joy. What my mada did next surprised me.
I expected her to get into the room put of the music and scream the hell of of Amusa but nay!
Sje just turned and walked back to the gate leaving the girl m0an!ng louder than she was m0an!ng before. She opened the gate and I assisted her. She went to drive in while I clolsed the door after her. We went into the sitting room silently.
“Can you imagine that fool? He is leaving today!” she suddenly burst out like a raging ferno, no one says you should not have s*x but then having s*x and leaving my gate open and despite that mnaking animal noise!”
I just stood quiet while she raged and she seem to calm when I moved close to her and held her on the shoulders. My suspicion have left me and I felt at home once again to this massive sitting room of hers.
“Calm down ma” I consoled.
” sorry dear please have a sit, dont mind that fool, what will I offer you?” she requested.
“Am no longer a visitor ma, anything will do”
I responded and she flashed me that her warm smile that makes me love her like a mother. She went to the and brought me a cup of milk which I drank with satisfaction.
“Uhmmm this is so good, thanks ma”
“Welcome once again” she responded.
She came close and sat down beside me.
“Let me see this your wound” she said patting the surface of the bruise.
“It’s going already” I said.
“Nah! Lemme get some hot water let’s press it come let’s go upstairs.”
Sheead while I followed and I noticed her hips swaying wilder than normal or was it just my imagination?


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