MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 51


I woke up by a phone call
“Hello” I anwered weakly.
“Hmmm, sleepy head!” the voice from the other end of the phone said, but my sleepy head did not allow know who was calling so I said “Hello” again, this time louder than the first time
“Yeah can you hear me?” the voice sounded and I noticed it was a familiar voice.
I removed the phone from my ear sat up and looked at the screen then I saw it was Ada that was calling, quickly I returned the phone to my ear.
“Heey Ada!” I called out in a cheerful voice.
“O so you just realised am the one” she asked with a teasing voice.
“Hehehehe no, I ewas sleeping” I replied.
“So what’s up now? Your phone’s been switched off since you left my place, hope you are good” she asked and at this point I don’t know what to answer her, so I just kept quiet thinking.
“Hello, are you there?”
I was still quiet
“Hello?” she called again.
“Heey hello dear, network’s bad” I lied.
“O! I guess, so what happened naw?”
“It was power failure” I answered, I mean that’s the only thing that could come out of my mouth then.
“Awww poor you! I just wanted to be sure you are cool, I have been worried….”
as she was speaking I heard a sound of an incoming call and ignored it and continued with the present call
“…that your number have been switched off” she completed
“O thanks dear I have been fine” I lied again.
“Ok then, so tell me what…” thw sound of the incoming call interrupted again and I removed the phone from my ears to know who was calling and I saw it was her mum, my madam calling. Immediately I felt my heartbeat. I wanted to pick the call so badly and receive the bad news. So I quickly took the phone back to my ear and told Ada that I will call her back cutting the call abruptly and picked her mum’s own.
I held the phone and was quiet not knowing what to say then I heard
” Hello ma, go-oo-ooood evening ma” I stammered.
“Heey boy are you alright? Why do you sound so sick” she asked and I quickly tried to compose my self
“Ma am fine”
“Uhmmm, Ok so where are you?” she asked.
Hiaaan! Why thi woman dey ask me where I day I thought with fear but still answered afterall she no know my crib.

“Am at home ma” I answered answering after a little delay.
” You sure tou fine?” She asked again not convinced.
“Yes ma, I am”
“Ok I will see you tomorrow at work” she said and was about to drop the call I quess and immediately I spoke
“Ma, I won’t come” I replied
That was too fast! I never knew when I allowed that to escape my lips.
“Why!?” she asked. I can sound the surprise in her voice but I kept quiet and she spoke again.
” O is it because of yesterday’s event?
Don’t worry we will sort that out when you come” she said with that her caring voice again.
Na lie! This woman don plan for me, I just finished surviving T.J’s and now she is here to do hers. I will not go anywhere!
“No ma, I can’t come am leaving for home this evening, am really sorry for what I did, am really sorry please don’t send people to beat me up” I begged continuously till I heard silence from the other end and I stopped talking.
“Are you done? I want to see you tomorrow at work and that is final!” she commanded.
” my I was attacked!” I tried taking back my words but it was too late.
*Fast forward*
She finally convinced me to meet come to work. She made me promise I will try.
When I finished the call I stretched on the bed and was surprised to see it was past 3pm.
I was about to stand up when I heard a knock on my door and my Landlord’s voice followed.
“Nneji?” He called out and I raised to go and get the door. When he came in I asked me how I was faring and confirmed he was impressed with the improvement on me.
If only he knew what his daughter did to heal me to that extent!…


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