MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 50


Na so Felicia, My landlord’s daughter grab her breeez lick her lips come sq££ze the tyn!
I swear! Vital foam no fit make any bed wey soft like that! The bobby just do wata wata!
But still firm! I was now wondering!
She still made a fixed contact with me and slowly swirl her Tips teasingly and the left hand strolled down to her belle button and disappeared into the hem of her shirt and I could see the shape of her hand rubbing her lips, the one between her thigh!
I was stark Unclad and she was half Unclad and she was seeing the effect she was having on me and I wondered for a moment when she started having s*x to be that experienced!
I mean she is just 17! That I later learnt! But her body looks 25. Fully moulded and voluptuous.
She continued teasing and I stood up! My preek foreskin was about to tear, I can’t allow that to happen so I went to met her where she stood and immediately she knelt down and took my raging preek into her mouth without warning! The warmnedd of that oriface sent me to Oblivion! I felt her smooth rough tongue on the under part of my preek. The silky rough texture and slow movement like a snake made me to feel a tightness on my balls but thanks to my knowledge of kegel exercise! I inhaled deeply and sq££ze my pelvic muscle to hold back Approaching.
If I stand and Pour I was sure I will collapse so I knew I needed a support and I started withdrawing will she crawled towards me with my fine preek still in her mouth. I suddenly felt cushin and sat down! She pulled my preeeek from her mouth and I watched with a blurred passion filled eyes as her sticky silver saliva form a bridge between her mouth and my preeek!
She jacked it by the root and shake it violently causing me a little pain.
“Your preeek is too fine!”
I just smiled and she paused shaking I and looked at it intently and proceeded to lick the head and attacked my peehole with the tip of her tongue as if she wants to probe into it.
That was filled with painful pleasure! Lawd!
“Never jugde the lashing skill of a girl by her face” Nneji 2016
I mean! This babe no too fine but am loving her! Her skill are crazing me!
Una don notice say na we wey be guy go hustle chase girl na we go hustle convince her comecrib na still we go hustle talk sense into her legs to open and finally na we go dey on top dey work hard make we please her puna!
She go just lie down there dey m0an! Dey enjoy the fuvk pass you sef! That thing dey pain me ehhh!
I go come be like no be this babe wey dey form for me? Na she come dey enjoy this thing pass!
Guys!!! Shey una don experience that thing?.
Hehehehehe see as una dey concur!
Some girls dey kwa wey go make you feel well pleased! As in na them go fuvk you and not the other way round! Na so Jessica do me that sunday! Chaiii!!! Wetyn man don do for this life sha! Others dey church dey worship we dey dey bleep! Kaiiii!!!!

Back to the stori jooor!
she notice my facial expression come stop, my preek still dey her hand tightly o like say if she leave am e go disappear.
“Nneji! Who give you this preeeek?” she asked with seriousness and I giggled hard.
When the spirit of conji hold girl eh you go surprise the way wey she go suddenly dey bold!
I mean on a normal day Jessica can’t be that bold! She resumed sU-Cking it this time so furiously like say she been get beef with my preek. She suddenly stopped stood up and quickly pullled down her skirt. The way she started acting fast feared me but I watched in anticipation. She was stark Unclad in front of me and her kitty lips were so moist and it glitters with kitty juice! trimmed hair that surprised me, I never knew she will be this neat underneath. The sight drowned me in the river of pleasures
She came to me and pushed me till I was lying down, then she mounted me and started.
Guiding my preek to her silky soft folds, when my head was about to fuse with her hole I held her with surprised energy.
“Condom” I said and I saw a flush of disappointment on her face and quickly she went into the room and surprisingly I saw a sachet of gold circle in her hand!
I was shocked! So this babe dey hold condom!
She be Ashawo oooo but I didn’t show that shock but I later asked her in the future.
That will come in later update.
She hastily rolled the cd over my preek.
The sudden haste in her action and her increased breathing seem alarming but I assumed it was a fire within she wants to quench. Immediately she directed my preek back to her silky fold and when it entered I felt a hotness that should have melted the CD! It was so hot and slippery!
Immediately she started bouncing on the poor furious preek and I watched as her booobs bounce furiously and grabbed it to reduce the flapping sound!
If I say I lasted up to three minuets I am a big liar! How it flew out was a shocker to me!
I felt my load gush out continuously like it will not stop spurting, I saw the frustration on her face before faintly momentarily, I dont know how long I passewd out but I knew when I regained myself I saw Felicia on me fingering herself furiously with the other hand squeezing her nipplesss so hard!
I was shocked at first but I continued watching, she didn’t notice me cos her eyes were tightly shut. When I saw that she wanted to Pour I raised myself up and fuse my lips to her other nippplee…while I blew hot air into her ears and rub her cl!t with the other free hand while her three fingers pump her pubes making some squishing sound! Soon I felt her hold me tightly and heard her pumping got faster and before long she collapsed on me and we both lay there!
What a wonderful world!!!!!
When she finally regained herself and made a movement she looked so weak and feeble!
With flushed face.
“What’s the time?” she asked and I looked over the wall while she lay on my chest and it was few minuetes past ten.
“Past ten” I said and the surge of adrenaline that surged through her body surprised me, she quickly sat up and looked panicked.
“What is it I asked”
“Church closes by 10″ she said and me too jumped up that means her dad and siblings are on their way. I quickly pulled my clothes over me as she did same and I serched my knickers pocket to find my key.
“Lemme go to my room” she shot me a look of doubt but I was already at the door.
I was feeling so weak and satisfied too.
I looked around my room like I was a stranger and soon collapsed on the bed and slept off!
Dreaming of my puna and my madam!!!


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