MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 5


I knew she waa realky out to tease me so I reclined as my hands kept scratching me to press those raw plump flesh, she took her hands back and within seconds her bare b0s0m were staring me in full blaze, I made to rush it again but I saw the look in her eyes and lay back again looking away and looking back so faat like I will die if I look away for long.
She went on her fours and craled to me till her b0s0m were dripping fully over my mouth and I started sU-Cking as I attacked her right Tip which were like thw size of bullets. Her areolas, peach black and cobtrasts sharply with the ebony skinned b0s0m. I kept sU-Cking like a child qho have been denied his food for a long time, as I sU-Cked her other b0s0m kept dangling over my eyes, unconsciously my hands grabbed it but she beat them away and U continued feasting on her Tips, swirling my tongue around the b0s0ms at intervals as I use my salivary lubricant. She pulled her b0s0m away from my mouth as they made slurping sounds, quickly she fed me with the other boob to quench my taste as I continued sU-Cking like a fool. She kept m0an!ng in a subdued manner all this while.
As she pulled it away from my mouth she swayed both heavy masses all over my face as I strugled for breath, she then pressed both heavily on my face denying any access of air as I couldn’t breath, she seem to notice my struggle and stood up. She looked at me and laughed as my eyes are full of terror. She stood up, dragging her massive firm b0s0m with her, they kept making violent movement she made and I noticed my lash pole which have shrinked in the process of the struggle have started to nod gently again.
With so much swiftness, she pulled down her trousers and her p@anties at the same time.
The p@anties were a match with her bra.
Her lash pot was visibily wet and I could otice her cl!t peeping feon it’s hood. Her pubes haira are rewally trimmed and shapy, she
.ust be a meticulous trimmer. Her clothes formed a little heap on the floor as she climbed back the matrass and stradled me. I felt the crack of her butt0ckz on my lash pole, she made little movements and my lash pole got trapped between her crack. She bent forward and planted a kiss on my lips.
The kiss was like drug influenced kiss as we kissed furiously. When she have had enough of the kiss she went downwards and settled on my chest rubbing her b0s0m and palms all over my chest as she squirms. I was still not allowed to touch her as earlier attempts made were futile. I didn’t know when she got to my J0yst!ck and sU-Cked it deep, just for a few seconds, prior to this I felt the wetness of her lash pot on my lash pole.She was dripping wet.
She took my lash pole out of her mouth and guided it towards her wet lash pot but I quickly stopped her.

”Condoms please”
She shot me a rude look and pushed me down
”I hate condoms, am clean” she shoot and guided my lash pole back towards her lash pot and soon I felt my lash pole in a very hot lash pot. It almost burnt my skin. She waa ao hot and wet. That was all it took for me to relax back and cherish the moment. She started bouncing on my lash pole and it was not up to five minutes when I felt my balls churn. I made her know I was about to shoot and she pulled out immediately and gave me a dirty slap that shoot me into numbness. I opened my eyes widely and looked at her with amazement and she shoot me this sweet s*xy** smile and I calmed down.
‘Sorry my Artist just that I don’t want you to Pour so fast.’ She said as she took my lash pole that have started shrinking and started pulling on it. That slap have sent back my Approaching. This girl is possessed I thought.
She straddled me again and guided my lash pole back into her lash pit and started riding me as her b0s0m couldn’t stop bouncing.
In no distant time I felt that same bliss.
She shoot her eyes, grabbed my hands and placed them on my b0s0m to my surprise. She continued riding, increasing her movement with each stride. The slap she landed on my face eaelier was making me afraid to come but ayoon I started feeling that deep eruption rushing to be released. like in unison I felt her lash pot wall contract around my lash pole and I saw her face pushed up trying to catch breath as her breathing became erratic and also her bouncing became shorter and deeper.
She gave a loud cry as I felt her orgasm gush out, I pinched her Tips harder and she m0aned deeper as my own eruption kicked in sending my whitish seed sprout deep into her womb.
Ahe collapsed on top of me and I felt the cushioning effect of b0s0m on my chest. We stayed in that position both spent as I stroked her hair. ‘You are the best I ever had, my artist’ she said as she rolled off me having regaining some lost stenghth.
‘Now it’s your turn to please me’ she said as she stood up with a new energy that surprised ne. I was shocked as I have not fully recovered from the bliss. But I was not to dull as I made up my mind to show her how I treat ladies who tease me. Just as I was about to take her Tips into my mouth I heard my alarm blaring and I woke up to reality. As I sat up and looked into the phone screen and 5:00 am greeted me. I stood up and gave out a loud sigh. So it was all a dream? I felt wetness in my boxers. Na so the sleep carry me sotey I urinate for my boxers,’ I thought. As I pulled the boxers I felt the thickness of the wetness and I knew it was not urine. I pulled and was shocked at the amount of Pour all over my boxers. It was a wet dream!
How will I face my madam today at work, this one I have bleeped her daughter in my dreams


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