MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 49


I devised a horrible lie and gave to my landlord.
Narrating to him how I was attacked and almost used for rituals but was saved by God.
Where that came from I cant say but I knew he was convinced by the way his eyebrows raise in surprised amusement.
He later started preparing to go to church and asked his daughter to nurse me, innocent man he sees me as a very responsible young man so never suspected anything to happen.
Even me I never had any intentions, I just wanted to go to my room but he insisted I stay in his apartment till he comes back.
When he has gone my landlord’s daughter went to prepare food. Her siblings had joined their dad, my landlord to the church so it was only her aand I alone. As I lay there I kept thinking, I was wondering how safe I was here.
I concluded that my madam will not accept me back and I was thinking if I should go back to Kaduna and search for another placement.
I was still in deep thought all this while when I heard
“Food is ready” I looked up and saw my landlord’s daughter with a tray of hot tea and bread. I sat up and when she bent to drop the tray I saw her large boooobs dripping out of her low cut neck shirt. I kept drooling as she spent something arranging the stuffs still in a bending position.
I still dey find who swear for me with booby!
Anytime I I large melons I just loose focus and control that was how I was manipulated into doing my classmate’s assignment due to the way she uses her large melons on me.
She surely knew it was my weak point and never hesitate to use it to rub me and flash them at me when she comes to my house, the day I finally devoured it is still fresh in my brain.
But that was in my final year after my I.T.
Story for another day
Well back to the matter. She obviously noticed the effect she have had on me but pretended it’s nothing. I finally mumbled a thank you when she raised up. When she turned to leave I noticed that was not the clothe she was wearing few minutes ago when her dad was here.
I started eating the bread slowly as I felt pains inside my mouth. ‘Na so I go dey chop?’ I thought to my self as I tried to endure the pain but the booby I saw flashed back into my head and I felt a stir in my loins. This bastard of a preeek! I tried to remove my mind from it and concentrate on my food but then I saw a movement on the window and she came in holding bread in one hand and a cup of tea in th other. The low neck showing a whole lot of her top flesh dark melons. I smiled at her and she smiled back
“Hop you are getting better?” she asked me moving close to sit next to me.
I just nodded and continued struggling with my meal. There was silience and I turned to look at her and caught her starring at me.
“I steal? This one you are looking at me like this” I questions her to ease the shock I got from bouncing straight into her eyes with mine.
She giggled and replied “No, I am just looking at your wound”
As she talked I watched the movement of her lips and I noticed it glitters. She just applied lip gloss no doubt. Immediately I was sure this was a hint and I decide to fall for the temption.
“This one your lips is sparkling like this uhmmm” I teased
“What?” She answered coyly.
“Your lips is sparkling and mine is just dry that’s not fair o”
She smiled again and said “Guys lips are not supposed to be shining like ours now”
“Common! That’s gender inequality, make mine shine too joor else I will tell your dad you did not feed me o”
She laughed this time around and beat me small on the shoulder and I winced in pretence.
Thus act of mine made her to apologise and draw closer to me petting me. I felt her booooobs press on my arm as she did this and I felt a kick again inside my knicker.
“Oya give me small lip gloss too” I said moving my head closer to hers and hers came forward and she giggled and finally placed her lips on mine and that sparked it off!
I parted my lips and allow hers to slid in and I felt hers inside mine. Her lips were soft and moist and soon it ensued into a freezy kiss!
All my pains paused as the memories of all our last encounter replayed.
Still in the bliss of mouth kissing I felt her palms on the hem of my shirt just a little bit above my belle button and soon her palms were resting on my direct skin strolling up towards my chest, slowly she goes as I felt the s£nsat!ons run through my body and soon she reached her destination as she continued rubbing my hairy chest and tugging the hairs lightly.

For reasons unknown to me my hands seem paralysed as she rubbed and kissed me.
I was just into kissing but not rubbing her back.
She pulled her hands from beneath my shirt and broke the kiss as she grabbed ny hands and dumped it on her large melons that was when my brain unlocked. The softness and juiciness cured all form of paralysis in them and soon they started tugging ans squeezing on the twin tatas through her light top.
We resumed our kissing and soon our hands were working automatically, and not on the instruction of the brain again. Her hands were busy drawing rough sketches on my back while mine have dive into her light shirt and was already squeezing the melons without mercy.
When my clothe left my body I don’t know but I saw I was bare and her lips were blessing every part of my body it came in contact with.
She was in control here and I loved it.
I attacked her throat as she bite on my earlobe, I gues you ladies knows that s£nsat!on that comes from sU-Cking the neck and that region close to the earlobes. That got her and her breathing pattern changed.
All this while my preek was seriously troubled as I felt it pulsating and begging for attention but who send am? Other parts of the body needs to be explored and this babe is taking her time just like the way I want. She seem to be giving me S#xual massage to heal my wounds.
I kept on moving around her neck, from the front to the back then to her earlobes blowing small hot s£nsu@l breeze into them which send her shrieking with little m0ans escaping her mouth. Soon I felt her hand strolling towards my preek and I noticed as it went past the elastic bands of my knicker, ever slowly and not in a hurry as my preek rejoiced with anticipation. She tugged the pubic hair there and rubbed around the root and when my preeek seem to be dying in frustration I felt that slutty palms wrap around the shaft and the blood flow increased.
The warmness of her palm on my shaft were obvious, and she run them slowly up and down making me to catch my breath and almost scream in ecstasy! She broke off, took her hands out and came down from the cushion as she knelt in between my leg as I looked at her in anticipation. Settled there she grabbed the hem of my knicker and boxers once and pulled it down with so much enthusiasm and my preeeek bounced out in all its glory, nodding knowingly at her as if to say “Na me be this” she placed her second palm on the head while the other holds the root and was looking at it when we heard the door creaked and immediately we both froze.
We jerked quickly towards the door with fear and anxiety, paralyzed as we watch the door nugde inwards and guess who?
Their foolish dog!! Both relieved she stood up fastly and ‘shuued’ the dog away. Locking the door behind her she came back to my deflating preeek who stood up to attention as the sight her jugs move. She paused half way locked her eyes with mine smacked her lips as she slowly pulled her clothe over her shoulder exposing the twin mounds in all their radiating glory to my eyes. My preek jerked up saying ” I concur”
I thought she was going to come meet me let’s continue but what she did next drove me to a different realm of S#xual upliftement.


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