MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 47


I woke up to see the bright ray of light shining on my face from a tiny hole. I realised it was morning. My head bang so much and my stomach bites! I tried to recall the events of things and I remembered I was in captive.
I also remembered with pain and irritation that a gay was fiddling me last night.
I was so angry with myself, my parents thinks am doing my I.T peacefully not knowing I was on a verge of death. And so many questions keep running through my mind
What if I die here?
What if the kill me?
How long will I stay here?my thoughts were disrupted by a rough voice and I looked up and for the first time I saw the face of one of my abducted. He was a huge black ugly looking guy. From his voice I was sure he was the roughed voiced guy.
“Fuvk boy you don wake?” He asked me.
I did as if I did not hear him and he repeated his question only raising up his voice this time around and I replied with a weak nod.
“Oga don come” he said as he stepped closer to me and started loosing the ropes that was used to bound my legs.
“Sheybi when you see woman wey pass you again you go still fuvk am?” he asked while loosing the ropes.
I wondered who is ‘Oga’ he talked about.
I just couldn’t place any oga. He fished loosing the ropes and I felt my legs free.
He went out and the person that came in next alarmed me.
A heavily built man in his early forties, heavily built with a bulging stomach and receeding hairline that was forming a ‘bald’ on his head.

This man looks too familiar, I looked at him with intent focus just to be sure my present state have not started making me to hallucinate.
“My guy!” He exclaimed. No need to doubt my state again, he is the one! He is my neighbor, he is T.J!!!!
He stepped closer to me and grinned wickedly.
I I so shocked to see T.J so close to me, how can someone I talk to everyday be a part of a gang that wants to torture me to death? So T.J is a gangstar!
I was still flipping through my memory to remember some of his activities that should have told me he is a gangstar but he stopped me from my reverie.
“So you think say you go fuvk my woman go free abi?” the gnarled, anger all over him.
It was then I realised that it’s not even my madam that is behind all this, it was T.J!
The guy that acted like nothing was wrong with bleeping his babe! The guy that acted nonchalant! The guy tjat have been behaving like nothing was amiss! Ahhhhh! Immediately at that instance I coined a quote
“The content of the mind can never be revealed on the face for real!” Nneji 2014.
He continued talking, telling me how he never takes it lightly with anyone that bleeps any of his girls, I kept nodding as he blames me
“I think say you be better guy, but you be better fool” he scowled at me.
“Sorry” I murmured.
“Shut up! No sorry me” he snarled with hate.
I just shut my mouth tight. He continued talking and talking till his temper raised and he started beating and kicking me till I tasted salty blood in my mouth.
Fast foreward x 2days
I was there the whole of that day and later released the next day just after I was blindfolded when they dropped me I realised I was in front of our gate. Hunger have rendered me useless as I cannot walk. I just lay there hoping not to die when I heard my Landlord’s daughter screamed on realising it was me lying helplessly.
I was brought into my landlord’s room by some people I cant recognise in my semi concious state. I was feed and cleaned up and when I woke up the next morning I felt more energy in me. I was helped to go and take my bath by my landlord’s daughter. On my way to the bathroom I saw T.J and quickly avoided his eyes as he asked with surprise.
“Bros wetyn happen naw?”
I walked limply to the bathroom to wash myself. The hot bath helped me a lot and I felt a new strength.
When I came in, dried my body and sat down my landlord then asked.
“What exactly happened to you?”


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