MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 42


My legs were shaky, my muscles congealed and my face was soured but I can’t suddenly spoil a nice trick. So I went over to her car, with shaky legs. I tried to control. myself so that it won’t become over acting.
“Ma, am going to the house to get some clothes gor my Nephew” I lied simply
“O, I see, where is the House located, mind if I drop you?” She asked with kindness.
“Noooo don’t drop me jooor just go and let me go, no time again” I muttered in my head.
I won’t dare say that to her naw.
“No ma, don’t bother yourself, I have put you through a whole lot of stress already” I protested. She won’t have any of that as she asked me to hop into the car.
“Am I complaining?” She said with a smile playing on her face.
If you see my face that time eh, what the hell! it was sq££zed like rumpled skin.
“Why the hell didn’t I wait for long before going out!” I barked at myself on the silence of my heart.
“So where are we heading to?”
“Idiaaat, no ask me again! Na your daughter I wan go see!”,I replied but in my head. I kept quiet and she took it that as a sign that I was worried.
” Don’t worry baby, your nephew will be fine, I hope he was not badly injured” She asked.
“Madam leave me jooor, I no get any Nephew, and if I get God forbid make accident do am” I talked excitedly in my head.
“No ma it’s not much” I managed to say with a regretful voice. .”Good so where are we heading to? She asked again.
“UniAbuja” I replied without thinking.
And she rephrased what I said. That was when I came to my senses.
“Yes ma UniAbuja, my aunty lives just the street opposite” I lied again. where that came from I don’t know.
” Ok she said and we drove away. Inside the car I was thinking of the next act to take.
“Which Direction I wan give this woman now?” I thought.

I have never been to UniAbuja or it’s suburbs before so I wonder where I will direct her too.
But as a Jungle boy I knew there must be a way out so I decided to keep calm and wait for the future to unfold.
Soon my phone started ringing and I quickly cut the cakk as I saw it was Ada calling.
“Mtcheeeeeeeeeeeewww” I sighed. “All this flashers sef” I added so she won’t know I waa the one that cut the call. She only beamed a smile as she focused on the high way.
I typed a quick message to Ada….’Am on my way babe, in a traffic’ Immediately I put the phone to Silent mode again. I waa still wondering how ro escape her when the car suddenly came to a halt.
“I looked up to know what the matyee was That was when I realised we have arrived UniAbuja.
“So where are we taking now. I always love the right hand side of the road so I just pointed to her the right side of the road.
The road was a dusty one, it contrasted with the smooth asphalt we diverted from.
The Sienna sailed smoothly in the dusty road, as we continued driving I waa becoming alarmed because I was not seeing any houses around. U kept quiet and we continued driving till I couldn’t take it anymore.
“Sorry ma, please this is the wrong way.
It should be the second street” I pleaded with her. She just seem to be too understanding.
She nodded turned the stirring, soon we were driving back the dusty road.
The car gave a jerk as we landed back on the snooth asphalt . “This way”,I pointed to her after I have stretched my neck to see that houses are down the street.
“Are you sure?” She asked.
“Yes ma this is the way”
As we drove past houses I was happy with the way tye environment looks, houses were.haphazardly arrangd and I knew that soon we will get to a narrow road that is bad.
That anticipated road is where lies the solution to my next plan.


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