MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 34


Immediately we entered the bedroom she attacked my lips with hers and we kissed briefly. “You can eat me now” She announced and I felt my ladle kick!
She lay on the bed, i looked at her and got really turned on, she was really big, fleshy and curvy, skin smooth like asphalt! i just cant believe i was seeing my madam Unclad.
Her booobs filled her upper region while her head throws up from her neck. Her legs spread generously and my eyes travelled through the length of her luscious laps. Ebony lady! And I noticed how beautiful and thick her kitty look.
Remember I have not seen her kitty before, I have only feel it on my tongue but today, here I am face to face with it. Her pubes hairs were sparse, not completely shaven and not over grown, just trimmed. The way I like it. Her labia majora look so thick and the folds were like the folds of tushed satin lace. The lining leading to her butt0ckz crack were like black chocolate.
I was done looking! Could not stand it anymore so I dived on the bed and planted my lips on hers, sU-Cking in lot of her lower full lips as we struggled with whose tongue to attack first.
My hands just cant keep away from her booobs all the while we kissed and when I finally broke the kiss I fused it on her b0s0m and sU-Cked on her Tips that were the size of my big toe (Biggest nippppple I have ever had between my lips) as I rolled my tongue aroud them I felt them getting harder and harder by each roll.
I heard her let out a slight man and I continued my missionary journey to the southern hemisphere. When I finally Got to my destination I settled down to eat those silky folds patiently.
Weeks of eating her silky folds have made to know how they respond to tongue strokes.
I have always eat them from a position that is not so comfortable but here it was in the most comfortable position, visible to my eyes while my hands do the searching and my tongue the mopping. I parted her outer labia and behold I saw the freshest reddest inner kitty lining, so silky and slippery as I slips my little finger in.
I felt he squirm under me and I removed the little finger and dropped my tongue on the surface of her outer kitty folds. I made a gently movement up and down the thick fold avoiding the hood.
As I lapped I felt that familiar slightly roughsmooth texture of her slightly hairy pubes. I did this for sometime alternating the movement of my tongue from horizontal to vertical movements down to circular clockwise movement to circular anti clockwise movement increasing the speed per licking as I go on, at this. The muscles of my tongues have been developed to lick at a steady pace so she was m0an!ng softly squirming and squirming, trying to arch her mid regions so that I could attack her cl*t but there was no need to hurry.
My time is the best. I suddenly stopped and admired what I have been licking and I noticed her kitty was breathing! I have never seen a kitty breathing until I met her.
I was so amazed by the breathing that I have to put in my little finger again while I watch but quickly replaced it with the middle finger which is bugger and thicker. It did not take much probing for her to start jerking trying to meet my thrust. Her whole body quivering. I was surprised by the kind of energy she posseses even at her age. Probably in her earky 40s.
I finally withdrew my finger and plunged onto her kitty folds with my tongue again. This time flicking faster, moving at a speed of 10f/sec.
And finally I parted the lips to release he erected cl*t that have been straining for a lick and I flicked it lightly and she m0aned loudly, I was happy about that response so I gave her another yet lighter flick and she appreciated again with a louder m0an. Then I knew her daughter got her genes.
I finally stopped the teasing and gave her cl*t a hard solid flick that quivered her body while I inserted my middle finger inside thrusting at a pace of three thrusts per sec, and she let loose, m0an!ng like a small girl. My ladle have gotten enraged and I pulled out from her hood and sadly realised I have no condoms on me.

“Any condoms?” I asked and she just pointed weakly to the bag by the side of the table. I stood up and grabbed the bag. It was the bag she collected from the chemist while we were coming back. As I opened the bag I saw five packets of condoms and some other tablets. So she have planned all this event before now, I thought as I tore the condom to bring out a piece. As I turned I saw her hands rubbing her kitty folds, she could not bear the break in transmission. Quickly pulled the condom over my ladle and went back to my place of primary assignment. I removed her hands and replaced it with my tongue as I gathered all the muscle on my to the tip and tongue-thrust her kitty passing the outer and inner folds to where my tongues could get to and I tongue lashed her for some time till she screamed “I need your d*Ck inside of me” That was all it took me to stop and I plunged with the tip of my ladle, putting in just half an inch and removing it, I put in an inche and removed it again keeping eye contact with her.
Her eyes were filled with furious lust and I was here teasing her. I did it again and she screamed “stick it all in silly boy” and I went down south!
The hotness that welcomed me supersedes that of hot moi moi! So silky and smooth was that orifice that I humped away like a dog.
Thrusting in all m length. She was m0an!ng crazily so I had to plant a kiss on her lips to calm her down a bite as she sU-Cked on my tongue like she was going to uproot it from my mouth. Finally I felt her walls contract on my ladle, the contracting and relaxation was so fast so I increased my thrusting speed to 10 thrust per sec (Not so sure sha but it should be) she broke off from the kiss as she opened her mouth widely to sU-Ck in air and without warning he let out a loud m0an and I felt a tight grip on my ladle that kinda threatened my movement and also motivated my own home coming as I felt that deep rush from the deepest part of my scrotal sac. I humped in faster shorter session joining my madam in the pouring on the alter of venus.
We both lay wasted for how long? I don’t know! Me still on her, my ladle still lodged inside. She finally spoke up
“that was awesome” she said weakly and I opened my eyes.
“You are the best I ever have” I replied.
She smiled and pecked me.
“that was a fuvk well fuvked” she giggled.
I was surprised she could use such vocabulary. I finally felt my ladle shrinking and I rolled off from her. and we la!d there whispering sweet othings. Suddenly she asked. “so between my daughter and I who is hotter” I was shocked at that question but she was looking at me obviously expectantly and I answered “You of course!” “but you will love to fuvk her again” she made use of the ‘F’ word again. I just smiled and turned not replying.
And then I noticed the clock by the bed side and I saw 9 pm bleeping. I was shocked and I showed it by getting up from the bed suddenly.
“What is it?” She asked surprised by my action. “It already past 9pm” she giggled and finally laughed out loud.
“Were you thinking of leaving this night?” she stood up and tied a wrapper around her body “lets go take dinner” She added and I followed her gently still wondering how I will go to work the next day.


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