MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 31


At her desk before I bent to disappear under her skirt she planted a kiss on my lips and I was shocked to return the kiss but soon my sinful lips got over the shock and started kissing her back, when I thought she was going to break the kiss was when she probed her tongue into my mouth searching for my own tongue, she must have sprayed some strawberry mouth wash into her mouth prior to my arrival.
She tasted like pure strawberries and I couldn’t ask for more. The energy and skills she possesses in kissing were out of this world hat I was even afraid if I was returning back the kiss well.
Since the inception of our ‘training’ we have never engage in mouth battle! This was the first time she is kissing me and I was having a serious hardon from that alone.
Me that have developed the skill of not getting a hardon while I lick her kitty because of my commitment to bring madam to oblivion.
She suddenly stopped the kiss and I noticed she was staring at me and I smiled.
“such a good kisser you are” She commended.
“thank you ma but you were better” I grinned. She just smiled and gave my southern hemisphere some kinky looks. I noticed where her eyes were and I tried to hide my screaming ladle but it was too late she have seen it already and my effort to hide it made her laugh at me.
“I thought I have removed the idea of getting a hardon while pleasing a woman?” she asked me teasingly.
“yes ma but this was different, you were just too hot and you brought back memories of…” I shouldn’t have said that but it have already escaped my lips so she urged me to continue
“yes memories of what?” she edged me on.

“memories of my past relationships with girls” I lied. I never wanted to tell her that I have been with older Ladies before. She asked me to narrate the memories and I cooked up stories of boring s*x life I have experienced all the days of my life and she believed me even though her daughter bleeped me (no be me bleep me naw na she bleep me) How I was able to narrate that cooked up story with ease surprised me and I knew I will be a good story teller (that is why I decided to tell this story *laughs*)
She believed every story I told her and she asked me to go. I didn’t lick kitty that day I was surprised. I was not able to see her p@anties and I noticed I really missed fusing my lips to the kitty lips of hers and I kept having hard on which I tried to cover all through. “Thank God it was almost time to go home” I thought. So my madam can have pity like this I thought so this little story of mine has made her start pitying me. I idled away thinking about her for so much till I realised it was past four already and I rushed to her office to sign out for the day. I noticed Miss Lisa’s office was still open but I cared less. As I entered my madam’s office I saw her packing already and she motioned me to sign.
“goodbye ma” I said as I turned to leave.
“Sorry I didn’t tell you earlier but you are following me to the house.”
“House?” I thought.
“ma?” I replied so that I will be sure of what she said earlier. She turned and looked at me with a different look in her house and said. “You are following to the house, everyone travelled and I need a company”
“Ok ma” I said gleefully. I was glad she considers me worthy of a company.
On our way home I kept wandering when I will get to my house that day. I was sitting at the front sit with her as she ordered and I noticed he was stealing side glances at me. I act wierd and I started stealing glances at her too. We continued this until our eyes jam and we both burst into laughter. “Nneji, what is it? Whay have you been staring at me” She asked staring directly at the road. “because you remind me of my granny” and she shot me a fierce look. “Just that you are a much younger version I quickly added” and I noticed smile spread through her lips.
“So what’s about me that reminds you of your granny?” she suddenly asked breaking the momentary silence. That question came as a bomb as I have no ready answer. I mean she do not remind me of my granny ‘Cha Cha’ I just wanted to tease her now I don’t know what to respond. She looked away from the road towards me in a bid to remind me that she is still expecting an answer. When it came out from my mouth I don’t know but I responded “Your smiles and your b0s0m” I noticed she blushed but my heart beat as she turned swiftly. “my b0s0m? How?” “ermm, they are as large as hers” I mumbled. “Bad boy, so you stare at your granny’s b0s0m” I just smiled at that statement.
There was a little silence as she suddenly slowed down her car and halted in front of a chemist.
“Let me get something ” she said.
“ma lemme…” I stopped as she was already out of the car. I wanted to buy it for her.
I watched her as she walked towards the chemist with her as swaying at me but I quickly looked away. It was not long before she came back clutching a small non transparent nylon.
As soon as she entered she started the engine and we continued. Before long we entered Gwarimpa estate as I read the relief on the right side of the wall. And soon we were driving to the same lane Ada directed me to take the first day she asked me to come.
“well welcome to my abode” She annoced as the gates to her house swing open while she drived in.
“beautiful as ever” I responded and she gave me a sweet smile.
Inside the familiar sitting room I noticed the same quietudeness as before. “make yourself comfortable” She said as she went upstairs.


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