MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 30


Two weeks have passed since I have been giving madam daily dose of the kitty licking. She had told me on one of my licking session that she wants to train me into a master in the act of cunnilingus.
“Nneji, do you know why I have continued asking you to lick my kitty on daily basis?” she asked me after she have finally calmed down herself from the intense heavenly feeling she experienced. She asked with a glee of care in her voice that brought back a flash of what I used to know her as.
“yes ma” I answered surprised.
“Ok, tell me then” she said with a little smile in her eyes.
“Because I did wrong to you by bleeping your daughter” She laughed out loud at my response that I thought I have misfired.
She tried to control her laughter and was finally calm.

“So for that I will be making you lick my kitty daily? No that was just an excuse.” She paused and regarded me for some time and continued speaking “well I actually noticed you don’t have the skills to please a woman orally so I have been making you to do this so that you can become better, remember I like you” I just shrugged my shoulders while he continued speaking
“I must commend you have really improved and I can now call you a
real ‘cunnilinguist’!” she ended with a broad smile on her lips. I don’t know if I should be happy or sad but I felt pleased and I was also amused a great deal.
I was amused because I have succeeded in making her believe she is my trainee, she never knew I have this knowledge since.
This act of mine factually paid off on a later date.
Miss Lisa has suddenly stopped making passes at me after that incidence. Infact she behaves like I don’t exist. I kept wondering why and how even though I as really happy and grateful for her recent behaviour. I still wish she will make asses at me, I still wish I could finish the bleeping that was landed me into my present predicament.
As I thought about it I knew that my madam must have said something to her which have really changed her countenance towards me but this was to change at a later date.
Ada have not stopped communicating with me, we chatted a lot on whatsapp after I blocked her for a week after the event that led her mum to put me under my present punishment.
so I never received chats from her, I detested her for all she did to me but whenever her Unclad plump body cloud my brain I still catch myself fantasizing about her.
She noticed I have blocked her on whatsapp so she resorted to calling me, for the next three days I never picked her call and when I finally did I kept mute while she blabbed about being sorry and stuffs of how she had always fantasized to torture a guy and how I had helped her fulfil her fantasy. I just cut the call on her when I noticed she have exhausted all her excuses.
She did not call again but by weekend she sent me a text begging I unblock her so we can chat atleast as I don’t want calls. I ignored her text but on Monday which was a week after our encounters and after I had licked her mum to heavens I decided to unblock her and send her a message. I told her we will chat more when I get home and we did have a long chat.
That evening when we chatted she told me more about herself, her family and how their dad is never around, always on one business trip or the other. She praised me for all was able to withstand in her house and also inquired from me how I was able to be calm all through the session she slapped me and stuff? I just sent her a smile smiley. The chat brought us to understand each other better and we agreed to see but certainly by weekend when she will be in school. The next day at work was so eventful. It was on a Thursday.
As usual I arrived work in the morning and reported to my madam so she can sign me in for the day and I went ahead to continue my daily affairs. As it was approaching 2pm I need no one to tell me it was time to give my madam her daily dose of head. This one she have started liking me back let me not do what will make her do something bad to me so I hurried from the canteen and head to her office straight.
As soon as I stepped into the office I bolted it as she have ordered me right from day one.
A broad smile settled on her face as she saw me. “my punctual young man” she praised and I returned a genuine smile back to her.
i have to clear on thing to you all. One thing I enjoy about licking madam’s kitty is that everyday she changes her p@anties, she never wore particular p@anties twice. For the past two weeks now I have noticed this so I always look forward to the colour and type of
p@anties she will put on everyday. It has turned to an adventurous something!


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