MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 3


While I stared dumbfounded, I tried to analyze how best to answer. No doubt my madam is curvier and thickier around the waist but her daughter is outrightly bustier, but I wouldn’t want to please one and displease the other and I won’t like to say they are both the same so I tried to dodge the question. I immediately got up and like in shock as I pointed forward with mouth agape. They both turned quickly towards my stare. Finding out nothing of interest they both turned back and stared at me.
”Nneji what is it?” My madam asked.
”I saw a lady walking without head just now but immediately you two turned she disapeared before my very eyes…” I lied.
I noticed my madam giving me this ‘what is wrong with you look?’ it was only her daughter who seemed to be buying my story untill she looked at her mum who knew I was joking.
”Nneji!” she screamed with wide eyes
‘You are a bad liar’ she added and I burst out with laughter. We all burst into laughter at Ada who was almost a victim.
Well that lightened the air of heated arguement and they seem to have forgotten about the question as My madam continued teasing Ada of how fearful she can be. In my mind I was leaping for joy when suddenly my madam turned and said.
‘Nneji you have still not answered my question’ At that I felt my heart beat tripple.
As her mum asked that I noticed a glow on Ada’s face as she added ‘Yess, Nneji answer’
‘O ma! the fact is this, like mother like daughter!’ I asnswered sarcastically.
That seem to have pleased my mum but Ada will not burge as she interrupts the relative peace. ‘Like mother like daughter in the face and character yess! But when it comes to this (She heaved her b0s0m) I am bigger” She announced and We both laughed at her. ‘Owk madam you’ve won, but it was still from this (she heaves her own b0s0m) that you sU-Ckled’ My madam annouced.
These women kept heaving b0s0m up and down in my front forgetting am a man with a weapon between my legs. I felt my lash pole kick. Thank God I always put on jeans.

Am not sure I have any collection of material trousers sef. I decide to get myself distracted so I announced my intentions of going to ride on the Pirate ship. I excused myself and stood up. I noticed Ada winking at me or was it the tricks of the sunlight?
We left the park at 6pm after lots of fun.
I still sat at the back seat with Ada as we drove home. Immediately we stepped into the car she had pulled off her jacket again just as she did the first time I entered the car, but this time around it was obvious she wants me to stare as she keeps Shrugging so that the melons keep making plumpy movements. We chatted in low voices as my madam seemed too tired to talk,but faced her driving. The two kids were fast asleep just half way through the journey.
Ada asked for my phone as she scroll through my gallery, asking me questions about my artworks at intervals. She got wowed at a particular pencil portrait I did just last month and she draws closer to me with so much excitement and I noticed her b0s0m almost spilling out as her bra showed visibly. She seem not to notice as she pressed against me asking
‘Wow how did you do this?’
‘Who is this?’
‘you will draw me right?’
I wonder which she wants me to answer first.
I just kept smiling as I felt her b0s0m press against me. My lash pole got infuriated and shoot up. I tried removing my eyes but they kept drooling over her spilling b0s0m on their own accord. She seem to notice this as she adjust and pulled up her tube and gave me a dirty smile and continued scrolling. I just looked away.
I noticed my madam have been quiet all through without saying anything and I wondered why. In order to get her attention I asked her ‘Ma what is the name of this road?’
‘Don’t tell me you don’t read Nneji’ She simply answer.
‘No ma, just that I have not noticed any sign post’ I said.
‘That’s because you have been talking since’ I looked at her from the rear mirror and noticed she wore an expressionless face as she talked. ‘Well, this is Dutse lane’ after few minutes of silence.
She dropped me at Dutse junction and also gave me a five hundred naira note to board a cab home. I thanked her with so much joy as they drove away. I waved Ada and I saw a naughty smile on her face as she waved back.
A bus whose conductor was screaming ‘Bwari, Bwari’ like a mad man being chase drove into my front and I entered and sat at the back seat because I will be droppings at the last bus stop. I arrived safely and called my madam to tell her I’ve arrived home She was happy with me as she asked to to get some rest and prepare for work the next day. I pulled my shirt and lay on my matrass as I recalled the event of that day. I kept seeing Ada’s b0s0m in my mental imagery, I visualised what her Tip will be like. What a lovely sight it will be to see that b0s0m bounce while she rides me and how much m0an!ng she will let out while I lash her with my lash pole. Then the mental image of my madam’s fleshy butt flew in but I quickly kicked it away (She is like a mother) and focused on her daughter’s b0s0m. Imagining all sort of things. I never knew when my hands stroll down to my lash pole region and I was rubbing through my boxers as it kept nodding violently.
I can’t remember last I
fringed but rigt now I felt the need so I pushed my hands through the elastic bands of my boxers and felt the pr£cuum on the swollen head.
I spread the pr£cuum over the head and stroke the whole length. It felt so good as I closed my eyes and continued watching Ada’s boob dangle in front of me.
I was jerked out of my reverie as my phone started ringing. I quickly withdraw my hand as I picked the phone. Staring at the screen I realized it’s not a number I knew, so I adjusted my laying position as I sat up.
I answered the phone and I heard a female’s voice.
‘Hello Artist!’
I tried placing tha voice because it sounds very familiar but I couldn’t so I decided to answer with a business like voice. Note that as an artist am used to getting calls from unknown numbers alot as most people get it from a client so they can contact me to do a work for them too.
‘Yeah hello goodevening’ I answered with my professional voice.
‘it’s Ada, we just arrived home’
I was shocked and dumbfounded but cordinated myself
‘O really how did u get my number?’ She just laughed in reply
‘Hope you are now home’ she inquired.
‘Yeah, but how did…’
‘Alright then,this is. my number, talk with you later’ she interrupted me and hung up.
This girl is bad. I couldn’t fringe anymore as I kept wondering.
How did she get my number my people?
And what’s on her mind?
Somebody help.


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