MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 29


as we arrived her room the next thing she did interests me. She asked me to sit down against my expectation and we had some real talk.
This woman is really like a mother!
“So nnaji what did u come to look for in my house?”
I couldn’t answer that so I just bow my head.
“How did you find my house?” She asked again and I still bowed my head in Shame.
” talk to me and stop dulling boy” she spoke with a tone of anger. And I started talking.
I told her about the whole event that led to my blackmail by her daugter
As I talked I noticed the bewilderment in her eyes, she was certainly surprised I could do all that (I gave her some details of the s*x scenes).
As I finished talking I noticed her contenance have really changed. She was outrightly shocked and dissapointed) I dropped my head in shame after I finished talking. What she did next surprised me.

“So you have the guts to come to my house
and bleep my daughter, despite how I treat you like a son, I thought you are a good boy!, You also bleep Lisa!” She said bitterly and I made to talk but she shut me up
“Shut it, you are a dog boy! Yes you were forced to do it under duress why couldn’t you have confide in me? Haven’t I been good enough to you?”
I was really feeling bad, uyes I have bleeped up but was it really my fault? By the way she was shouting I immediately believed what my Pa will always tell me “Women are babies and will always be”…I thought she will understand me. I realised it was not really s*x with hee daughter that is making her sad, its the fact that I came to her house to do it!
But that’s the command I got naw!
She became more mad when she realised I was caught bleeping Lisa, I think she have a personal beef with Lisa.
“Imagine! of all people to agree to it’s Lisa, that B*tch!” she had said. I was surprised my madam could use that vocab but I was to realise who she really is.
“Am really disappointed in you! You must be punished, come here!” She shot out from across the bed where she sat and I stood up.
“Na slap this woman wan slap me?” I thought with lot of fear in me.
I walked over to where she sat and stood like a sacrifice.
“Kneel down”
I did and what she asked me to do next got me crazy.
“Go under my gown” She commanded.
O.M.G I did not hear well so I answered
“I say go under my gown and lick my
I needed not wait too long as I dived under to start my punishment.
Under her gown was musky and dark and I can perceive the scent of her s*x very well.
As I drew closer I felt it stronger, and I sq££zed my face as I tried to come to licking her lacy p@anties. I was still contemplating when I heard
“What are you still waiting for” she asked in a harsh tone and my lips hit ttye spot and I met a sweaty lacy p@anties and I started nibbling it with my lips still with sq££zed face not until I felt the thickness of her labia lips through the
p@anties, memories of my past parole of older women came flooding and I smiled and licked away behaving like a novice, I don’t want to show my skils.
The older ladies always enjoy when they teach you how to please them, and this turns them more than the s*x itself. I was just licking randomly till she asked me to stop and come out.
” So you can bleep a woman but can’t give a simple good head?” she asked me like a kid being scolded by the mother.
I just bowed my head.
“Well from today you have to be practicing everyday under my direction till you become good at kitty lapping. ” She ended with a final note and asked me to follow her to the bathroom after she undressed and commanded me to UnCloth too. I won’t give you details of her body yet or the event that followe. That’s story for another day.
In the bathroom she asked me to give her some good bath. That was the beginning of my daily kitty lapping.


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