MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 24


As she lay trying to catch her breath I just stared afraid to do any other thing until I received further instructions.
Finally after about ten minuetes she revived, moved up her head and our stare met.
“That was awesome you know?”
Should I answer or just keep shut? I finally nodded my head and lit a little smile over my face.
“That was phase one, lets do phase two, and remember you are my dog!” I just nodded at her every word. I was ready to please her and save my fuvking as$.
She turned and posed on all fours while I watched silently to hear her next instruction.
“Come over here”She said pointing at her butt hole that was lifted up in the air.
Now let me explain her rear view in detail.
She gat this chocolatey skin and her butt was same just a shade darker. The twin cheek are very smooth like salmon, fresh like the morning dews. The crack of her as$ was just darker as it gets deeper, tracing down to join her butt hole.
The hole was just brownish and small.
I know no ladle have been logded there before.Her sphinter contracts and dilate as she bent towards me.
I stood up and went over her as$ abd start snooping .
“Lick the crack” she ordered. Those words of her plus the tone of commandment made me feel like a dog and I got submissive, infact too willing to do whatever she said due to the confident and authority in her voice.
I never knew a nature of me that loves being submissive exists. As a man I have always been the controller, never wanting to be the controlled, so I was shocked to see myself enjoying this whole crazy show.
I shot out my tongue and gave the as$ a long thick lick tracing it down to her small spinter.
There I stopped and rolled my tongue anti clockwise. I noticed her wiggle under my lick and I knew I was serving well. I licked and licked till I could feel a little taste of sh*t, but it was all turning me up. My ladle have to enter a hole or burst out of frustration today.
“Probe your tongue in” She commanded amidst her soft m0ans and I started doing as told. My tongue struggled with the sphinter, assaulting it to give way, but it was unyielding and I never knew when I used my finger to probe and a hot slap followed.
“Use your tongue not your finger”
I got back to my submissive self and continued the struggle, finally i felt the sphinter parted and my tongue egded in, slowly it went till the whole lenght was in.
I pulled out and repeated the sane pattern and again it went in just that it was easier than the second time. The Sphinx have relaxed and soon I was tongue lashing her butt hole.

I could hear her fingers on her cl*t rubbing so hard and heaving so hard. This continued for some time and I felt her quaking, her kneels and hands couldn’t carry her weight anymore and soon she collapsed on the bed with a wild m0an. Anyone in the house will certainly hear her m0ans. I didn’t stop licking even after she collapsed. I gave her more solid licks and I felt her heavenly feeling being prolonged She was having mutiple heavenly feeling but she never let me know until a further date.
I kept on watching her body as she lay there trying to catch her breath. I looked at my ladle and I noticed how painful it have become.
I wish she will ask me to fuvk her so that I will save this ladle of mine from bursting out of frustration.
She is looking so beautiful as she lay that I wanted to touch but was afraid of receiving another slap. I knew ladies hardly don’t succumb under my touch, years with the older women have taught me the importance of prolonged pre-intimacy than just rushing to penetrate. This strategy I use a
on all ladies I have bleeped and they always come back for more even against their will, but here is a strong girl that won’t allow me do that to her. I was amazed at how she manage to pull all those stands amidst the pleasure she was receiving. Other ladies loose thier sense during S#xual happenings.
Finally she got up, face flushed and exhausted buy brighten as her stare went down south of my body. I was still fully clothed remember, but no matter the amount of dressing a man dresses his ladle always shows it self when it is time to.
“Pull your clothes” She commanded once more and I started pulling like a small boy who wants to take his bath.
It was not long before all my clothes forned a heap on the floor of the bed.
“Lay down”
And I did. At this point my ladle was just pointing to the ceiling, standing so erect like a man giving praises, nodding like a read headed lizard that just jumped off from a cliff.
She stared at it with fasination for long and finally grabbed it.
It got turgid as her soft palms wrap around it.
I almost release just at her mere touch.
Then she now look for trouble and started pulling it up and down, frisking with her palms.
The softness was just driving me crazy that I have to shut my eyes to think of other things so as to avoid fast cummmmming.
“Nice pr*ck, just not too big, but really fine” She was talking more to herself rather than complimenting si I just lay silent while she continued checking it out.


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