MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 22


As she stood up I watched her pace the room slowly. As she moves her butt0ckz shook in the small mini skirt she was wearing. She backed me so I could not see the movement of her lucious b0s0m.
I continued watching her as All the outline of her curves threaten to burst from their containers. I continued thinking what is on her mind and what she intend to do next when she suddenly turned and gave me a wicked grin.
I shook with fear. She was happy she was having such an effect on me so she sat down back on the bed and spread her legs open.
She did it so intentionally with the aim of dragging my eyes to that spot.Her exposed laps came back into view and as she spreads her legs wider, the skirt pulled higher, exposing not only her laps but her p@anties
Whatever she was doing was working on me as I couldn’t remove my eyes from her exposed Stipped p@anties. She was looking at me and was smiling and I could feel my centre of attraction rising up faster than the morning sun. I tried to remove my attention but nay! My eyes was fixed I was being hypnotized.
She kept on grinning wickedly.
“I know you can’t resist what you are seeing” she finally spoke out.
” I know you wan to lap like a dog, infact I know you are a dog, come on dog come lap some juice” As she talked she was busy rubbing between her p@anties and I knew I was doomed. She waa now behaving like a Sl*t and I was actually getting turned on instead of getting angry. I tried to control my urge but it seems whatever is controlling ne is inside her
p@anties..”Stand up and ome bury your head in between here” She commanded and I stood up like an obediebt dog.

“Crawl towards me and lap these juice ” She continued instructing and I continued doing as I waa told. I can swe the wet patch on her strippes p@anties were beginning to increase.
“Good dog! You bleeped up and you shall do anything to please me right?”
I nodded my head and continued smelling hee kitty region.
“Will you want me to report you to my mum?”
“No” I said and she slapped me on the head.
“Common add ‘ma’ dog”
“Ok ma” I replied.
“Good now lap me away”
The force I used to artack her Kitty waa crazy, I started licking the p@anties, thw scent of her s€x waa just too possessive and I continued licking, I heard a m0an excape her mouth and she slapped me again on the head.
“Pull the p@anties away”
I used my right finger to support myself as I used my left finger to push the p@anties aside and I landed my tongue on her warm kitty lips.
She let out another m0an and I continued lapping, stroking it up and down like a dog. ..
I felt stuffs of soft trimmed hairs as I lapped away She scented strawberries and
her juice tasted so tasty. She slapped me harder on the head “Faster boy” And I increased my tempo.


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