MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 21


As I reached where the uniformed man stood I bowed a bit,still out of feae rather that respect.
“Nneji right?”
“Yes sir” I replied.
“okay follow me” He said and opened the gate. Should I follow him?
Was he taking me to a guard room where I will be wiped to senselessness?
Miss Lisa o look at what you have done to me!
I was still shaking with fear as we entered the gate with him leading. The interior was heaven on earth.
“Jeeezzzzz is this really where my madam live? What the fu*k! This is money!”
My brain paused with fear and started calculating the worth of the building. I am a lover of luxury so even in the midst of trouble I still admire beautiful things. I was still staring around like a village boy when I noticed we have reached a massive door.
“Enter, She is waiting for you inside” The uniformed man said and walked back immediately with the same meanness in his voice. I turned to see him go.
“Heeeey so this man is just an intro to my torturers, he has brought me to the torture ground and asked me to enter so that the real torture can start.” I thought. I started imagining the massive men inside. I imagined how they will easily sq££ze me to madness and I almost peed in my boxers. Ewo! I wish it was the other uniforned man that will torture me o, afterall the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t. I contemplated going back to him and beg him to torture me instead of the ones I am yet to see.
Finally I braced up after so much contemplation and sign of the cross I held the handle, twisted to the left and pushed. immediately the door gave way and I stepped inside. Glorious God!
The coolness of the room drove away my fears. The sweet aroma made me want to sleep. I was in heavens and I started trying hard to imagine when I died. Did I die last night while bleeping T.J’s babe?
I would have been in hell then.
That means I had an accident!
Then what?
How did I step into heaven suddenly, a bleepist like me.
I was still trying to be sure I was not in a dream as I continued looking around when I heard a voice.
“welcome to my house”
The voice startled me and I quickly jerked toward the angle where the voice came from and whole and behold I saw her standing ibt front of me. So beautiful like the morning sun, glowing like the stars of the night.
I saw ADA. She was putting on an expressionless face. I paused with fear as saw her. My mouth went dry. She kept on studying me without any word then I remembered she actually welcomed me so I quickly replied after a long wait. “Thank you”
“Come here follow me”

I followed her as we exist the sitting room passing through some blue lighted passage and finally she stopped at a door and opened it.
I needed no winch to tell me this was her room.
It was decorated with pinkish colours, A Unclad pix of 2pac and her own pix somewhere around the wall. I did a quick survey of the room and scored her 8/10 if she was really the interior decorator.
“Welcome to my room” She said and I noticed she smiled a bit but it was just a flash as hee mean face emerged before I finished appreciating her smile.
“Nice room!” I exclaimed with honesty.
“Sit down” She ordered me and I did.
I noticed she was enjoying the control. I sat down on a chair opp. her bed and she sat on the bed directly opposite me and she kept on staring at me without batting an eyelid.
I was now avoiding her stare.
“I said ten and you are coming now”
“Am sorry I woked up l….”
She shut me up with a finger over her lips and I felt mad. I wanted to charged at her but I knew bettee thab doibg that. I was in her territory.
“So that’s how you go to work late”
I didn’t reply I just keep my head down. while she continued speaking.
“I know you know why I called you here and am happy you came, I wonder the lie you told my mum to be here but I don’t care! Am in charge here, am now the boss”
I just kept my head down as she continued blabbing.
“Do tell me wetyn I go do make I commot for here jooor”
I said in my head. At this point I hated her, I never knew she was this rude and pompous, but then who won’t be with such luxury? She continued talking,she dont seem tired to talk so I kept listening.
“That office that you all fucccck each other like dogs!, I Wonder how many times you have fuccck my mother that makes her talk about you always”
At this point I got raged, if she will insult me she dare not insult my madam!
“Please don’t involve your mum here, she is a good woman!” I blurted out.
“Good my foot!’”
I was to know the meaning of that statement in few days to come.
“Well now you are here, let’s get down to business.”
“Thank God” I said in my mind
“I caught you red handed in the arms of an old cargo when a young fleshy babe like me came to look for you! Of all places it was in the toilet! What animalism”
I still kept shut.
“I see you are the kind of boy that plays around with women, today am gonna play you too, real hard and by the time am done with you, you won’t play with young Ladies heart again.” She finished
“What the hell is she going to do to me” I shuddered with fears.
She stood up, and what she did next caused me goose pimples.
What did she do?


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