MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 2


A young Lady probably in her early twenties sat as I entered. On my entrace she shifted and I stood transfixed as I stared at what I can say is the biggest teen b0s0m ever.She wore a very low neck sleeve less white top that left little to the imagination. I noticed she was clutching a blue jacket, I guess she must have been feeling cool that was why she removed the jacket that should have been worn over the sleeve less.
Her skin were glittering like the saturday stars.
Her skin as smooth as my madam’s if not smoother. The way those b0s0m stare at me were alarming. I absorbed all this in seconds as her disgusted stare and wave in the air brought me back to my senses and I sat down next to her. In front of me was a younger girl and a boy who I guessed must be my madam’s kid.
As She kicked the engine to life she asked me about my day and I told hee how I was so eager to leave my room and how excited I am to be in company of a family. After the small talks she went ahead to call ‘Ada’ to which the young lady by my side responded ‘ma’.
‘This is my supervisee I told you will be joining us today, he is Nneji’
She shook her head and shoot me a side glance smile.
‘Nneji’ She called out
‘That’s my daugther, the proudness of my womanhood’ She said as I caught her smiling from the rear mirror.
‘Nice to meet you dear’ I said turning to take a real look at her face and not her oogling b0s0m thia time around. She flashed me a smile, I swear that smile could make a sadist happy. I mean her dentition and the little dimple by the left side of her cheek got me wondering how partial naturw is. I had earlier thought she was my madam’s sister until she told me she was her daughter and I made her know my thought
‘woooow ma she looked so much like you and I thought she’s your sister’
She gave out a satisfied laughter ‘That’s what everyone thinks’
She went on to introduce the two children in the front as we continued our journey. By now Ada have put on the Jacket but still left it undone so I was allowed the view of her b0s0m from the top but no longer the side view. She brought out her phone and started fiddling with it till we got to the park. If she noticed me staring at her large melons she never showed it.

The park was quite wide and massive, I was wowed, it was the biggest amusement park I have ever visited. She went over the reception and got some tickets for us and we strolled to a cool spot to observe what was the event. As the younger kids went to board the Ferris wheel we sat back and chatted while sipping the Slush juice my madam bought at the reception. She told us lot of stories of how Abuja used to be a village years ago, without no such amusement parks like this except in Lagos and Kaduna. She talked about her secondary school in Kaduna and how their mum always take them to Gamji gate whenever they came back from hols and how they always loved it as they get to be admired by lot of boys unlike in thier school which was a single s*x school. Queen of Apostle College ( Now known as Queen Amina college).
‘Mum were you as beautiful as I am when you were young?’ Ada interjects
‘Common more beautiful’ My madam waved her hands in the air ( just like you girls do when you say ‘dhuuur’)
‘Never!, not possible…’
They continued arguing as I laughed.
The arguement got heated as my madam got up and turned around like a secondary school girl.
‘Look at my curves, look at it, can you dare?
‘You are just fat jooor’ Ada retorted as she stood up her own and turned shaking her butt0ckz and heaving her large b0s0m with her palms.
‘I bet you were not this shapy and busty ma’am’ she said with mocked courtesy.
At this point I just stared with amusement mixed with lust as I felt my Lash pole kick.
I guess these qomen have forgetten they were with a young blooded man. But I waa wrong!
They have not forgotten , they were fully aware of my presence. This I confirmed when My madam turned to me and asked.
‘Nneji between the two of us who is bustier?
That question got me in betwwwn the devil and the deep blue sea.
Who will I side now.
If you were the one, Who will you side?
Your madam who supervisees you pr her daughte who you wishes to gulp from her b0s0m.?


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