MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 18


i was still laying down thinking hard when T.J’s babe came back into the room. I noticed my towel suddenly look small on her massive body. I could make out the shape of her rear from the dim light and I had to reaffirm that she got the ‘UKWU’. She asked me for cream and still made a funny comment about my cream while she rubbed on her legs and hands. “jovial lady” I thought. She was no longer acting sad and I felt glad. She changed into a nightie she brought out of handbag while I caught a little glimpse of flesh. It was quiet a sight I must confess.
She later joined me in bed and lay on my laps as we started playing small plays and suddenly I heard the m*aning from T.J’s room at it’s highest pitch for some minutes and finally the voice died down. I noticed her countenance change immediately she also heard it. I mean it was really sad! To hear your man please another woman! I just looked her in the face and saw tears ran down her eyes and the caring part of me took over and I cleaned it away and pecked her on the shoulder.
“don’t worry my dear”
She just nodded her head and started complaining, she told me of how T.J have done that to her sometime ago, how he has begged her nd how she has agreed. She went further to tell me of how they were supposed to get married for the past three years now and he has been delaying and how she have had patience enough. All this while while she talked I just listen and felt pity for her. it was really not a sweet tale. Her bright face have dull again.
I gave her small talks and consoled her while I still rubbed her shoulders and rubbed her hair.
Slowly she stopped crying and I felt a rumble on my tommy. I asked her if she was hungry but she replied in the negative so I stood up and made corn flakes for two even if she said she was not hungry. I was so generous with the milk.
I sat by her side and offered her a spoon which she declined
“I told you and not hungry”
“so you don’t to tatse my food ” I accused with a changed expression, she just smiled and I decided she must taste atleast a spoon so I fetched a full spoon and directed it to her mouth but she refused, i tried again with a pleading look in my eyes and she finally opened her mouth and took it. I expressed my contentment with her actions by shaking happily, the smile on her lips broaden and I ate some more and directed another spoon to her mouth this time around she did not hesitate alot, I followed immediately with another and another till I was practically feeding her. all this while I maintained an eye contact with her.
i was feeling happy as I saw her mood lightening up the more. I ate some more and knelt before her to feed her the rest.
The plate became empty I cleaned my mouth and she cleaned hers too but I decided to still act more gentle manly as I pointed to a non existent piece of the meal on her lips, she licked her lips but I insisted it was still there and offered to remove it for her, as I drew closer to her lips. I took my fingers and cleaned her lips and withdrew back to compliment her.
“uhmm good, she now looks sweet!”
She smiled and looked at me, we held the stare for quiet some time while she smiled.
“thank you, you are a cool guy”
“and you are a sweet lady” I said not breaking the eye contact. we kept looking at each other for some time and I notied how beautiful she is, I saw that stubborn eyes and decided to be bold so I drew closer to her and she kept smiling. I took that as an encouragement and edged further. My love for elder ladies over took me.
“you know what?”
“what?” she said without moving her lips.

“i feel like kissing you” she just smile. I kept a steady fast and drew nearer till our nose was almost rubbing each other and our lips inches apart. At this moment I was no longer sure if to kiss or not to kiss, but no doubt I really want that lips on mine. I have edged forward alot while she remained motionless. I just need her to edge forward a little and the kissing will commence but she was not doing that.
I decided to give up and withdraw but like a force I edged forward and our lips finally met and what came after shocked me.
She pushed me away after my lips were placed on hers without any response from her and I thought I have bleeped up. i thought she was enjoying this, so I just edged back and gave her a stare of disappointment but then her next action surprised me more. She suddenly edged forward and planted a kiss on my eyes shut open in surprise and the next thing I knew I was responding to the kiss unconsciously.
Before long our lips were dancing in frenzy and our tongues were searching for each other’s flavour. It was a battle of the tongues.
Her mouth was so warm and soft, I was savouring every moment, from a slow rhythm to a hasty frenzy.
I broke the kiss to regard her and we stared at each other for some time with smiles and lust.
I could see it in her eyes, she was ready to the show. We couldn’t stare for long and soon our lips jammed again and the kissing got elevated, I couldn’t control it, my hands went over her neck and traced down the length of her back through her gown. They were so smooth as I rubbed. I broke off the kiss and bent lower to kiss her on the face, I kissed her nose, her eyes and suddenly attacked her ears.
I blew hot air into her ears and nibbled on her ear lobes using my teeth to graze on it. She shuddered and I felt her palms on my back.
I was determined to make her feel really hot so I left her ears and went to the nape of her neck as I open my mouth widely and grazed her necky flesh, using my tongue to flick over her skin, tracing every pores on her skin. I moved over to her throat and placed a small kiss there and immediately followed it up by grabbing her throat with my mouth wide open like a vampire that is about to sU-Ck its prey. My teeth gave her small bites here and there and I felt her breathing becoming erratic.
I stopped and pulled up to her face, her eyes were so dim and her facial expression flushed.
She grabbed my lips and our frenzy kissing resumed and my hands started to do some exploration around her globes. I noticed she was without bra which confirmed my earlier suspicion. I rubbed through her nightie, squeezing each melon generously. I noticed her hands have gone south pole and was tugging on my boxers. I could feel the movement of her hands over the length and breath of my turgid ladle which will be able to break a wall. We couldn’t contain ourselves anymore so I pulled her up into a kneeling position and grope around for the hem of her nighties. I found it and my hands disappeared inside as I rub on the silkiest skin. I traced my hands up towards her thigh and took the route to her hips. There my hands revolved, they rubbed, sq££zed, pinched and nibble.
I felt her body shaking under my touch so I quickly went over to her butt0ckz cheeks.
The twin ladies welcomed me with the softest reception. Where my eyes always dine my hands are now feasting on so I sq££zed the butt0ckz like I was going to pull it off from the remaining part of her body. I used the tip of my finger nails to trace the large massive surface area of her a.r.s.e. I strolled to her as$ crack pulled and fixed both palms between them as I pulled her a.r.s.e apart and a finger went to her b*tt hole and overused making her to shudder more. I maintained my finger on her as$ butt while my left hand strolled to the front of her southern region, I found the hem of her
p@anties and deepen my hands only for my fingers to meet a flooded arena. She was so wet could hear the slurps of my jerking fingers. I deepen my index finger into her kithy cathy and she let out a m0an. I removed it almost immediately and deepen it again. And without warning I flicked my thump over her cl!t and I felt it pulsate under my touch. Her nigtie was beginning to hinder my exploration so I pulled it off her body pausing at her neck to give her dark areolas some circular tongue movement.
I was sure she will be needing air at that moment as her nightie was still pulled over her head. I noticed her struggle for air and decided to starve her small as I refused to pull off the gown completely. She didn’t wait for me as she used her free hand to tug away the gown from her head and I heard her sU-Ck in the musky s€x-filled air.
All this while she has been on her knees. Free from the bondage of her nightie I gently lay her on the bed so that the phase two can begin! As I la!d her nud€ body on the bed I kneeled over her and pulled down her p@anties and also pulled away my boxer just to feel my ladle sprang freely, finally away from its bondage.
I went over to the other side of the bed where her head was lay and placed my turgid di5k on her forehead. she won’t allow me to tease her as she grabbed the di5k and started stroking. I moved forward as she stroked till I was directly over her face. My balls over her nose and my di3k adjacent to her mouth. She continued stroking even in that position and without warning I felt a flick of her tongue on the tip of my ladle. She flicked again and swirled over the head. That was all it took me to get intoxicated and I lay on her as my head landed on top of her kitty catty. The scent of her intimacy got me high and intoxicatd. I was filled with animalistic lust and never realise when I started lapping on her kitty lips.


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