MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 17


The m0an!ng suddenly paused as I heard T.J’s door open. His babe started screaming at him
“who is that prost*tute there with?”
“so this is how you behave, you must to kill me today o.” She continued talking and ranting till I heard a heavy slap, and she screamed painfully, I got up and made to move outside to see for myself, but I was to change my mind when I peeped through my door net to see that there was nobody watching them, I mean how can such be happening and the other neighburs nor the landlord did not come out? For this reason I went back on my bed and sat down and decided to use my ears and imagine with my head what was going on.
When I thought it was all over as T.J shut back his door while his babe was sobbing outside I heard heavy raps again on the door and this time around T.J must have rushed out with so much annoyance because I heard a louder screaming from his babe and I couldn’t hold it anymore as I rushed outside to see T.J beating her up like a kid.
“bros abeg e don do, abeg” I pleaded as I dragged her away fryo him.
“today, you must kill me o” his babe screamed among her other rants as I dragged her away. She was quiet bigger than me but a man got to do what he got to do so I pulled her away towards my room as she continued screaming. T.J just went back into his room and jammed it angrily. The bitter woman followed me into my room as I tried consoling her.
At that instance I hated T.J, why will a man beat a woman? I detest men who beat up their women, I don’t see them as men, I feel they are bullies. My Dad have thought me never to raise a finger on a woman. He believes they are babies, the best way to punish them is not by beating, it’s by giving them the ‘Silent Treatment.’
Inside my room she continued sobbing as I held her head to my chest and continued consoling her, rubbing her eyes and tears away. Before long my singlet was soaking with her tears. As I consoled her the m0an!ng from T.J’s room resumed, and I knew he was a He-goat! After some time she calmed down. She just clinged onto me like a baby while I continued stroking her hair.
“Women! Was this not the same lady that pushed me away when she realised I was not her T.J? now see as she is holding me” I reminisce in my head.
And suddenly I remembered Ada’s threat and I shuddered like a woman experiencing orga$m. Yes! Where is my phone? I have not even pressed it since she came. Let me ask her the venue of thier place. I picked up my phone and checked time, it was already past 9pm. As I checked time I noticed the whatsapp icon at the right hand corner of my screen.
I pulled down the screen of the Andriod to read the chats. 348 messages from 6 chats.

I scrolled through and noticed Ada’s message is also appearing on the screen. As I opened her message I saw “WPX street, along WPX lane, Gwarinpa Estate.” That was all, no further threats. What a wise babe I thought. So I no longer have any excuse.
What if I decided not to go , what will she do?
T.j’s babe was still laying her head on my laps, she made to sit up and spoke up
“what’s the time?” she suddenly asked.
“past 9” I replied.
“let me start going” she said with a sad voice. “you will excurt me shey” she added.
“where do you stay?” I asked
“Damn that was really far,” I thought.
“it’s already too late dear, doubt you can get a bike and a drop by this time”
“what will I now do?”
“sleep over here, early morning tomorrow you can now leave” I suggested to her, I noticed a beam of smile on her face at my suggestion.
“so I can stay here till moro?”
“why not dear” I spoke with her gently and continued cuddling her. I took excuse from her to go and take my bath. By the time I was through and back to the room she was tying just a wrapper while laying on the bed and she asked me to make her a warm bath which took few minutes and she used my soap not bothering about sponge as she leaves to take her bath too.
While she was in the bathroom I began to think about the events of the day and I realised that alot have happened today, a whole lot of uncompleted event. Starting from Miss Lisa to Ada and finally T.J’s babe. None was a complete action. I thought of how I was going to call my madam tomoro morning to complain of increased headache that will not allow me come to her house and how I was going to locate the venue Ada sent to me instead of going to work. It seems like it will be adventurous but I was really scared as I don’t know what her plans were.


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