MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 16


I heard T.J’s door bang and I sat down confused. I watched her, she looked so peaceful, but there was this stubborn expression on her face while she sleeps.
I started thinking why a lady as matured as her will not just settle down, rather than following this crazy neighbour of mine who was not ready to settle down any time soon. I shrugged, maybe it’s her choice sha, she likes being young and it seems she have not gotten the best out of life yet. I continued thinking about her past experiences with T.J, how she disturbs the neighbourhood with her m0ans, I imagine how T.J jam these a.r.s.* of hers that makes her scream so loud. I never realized when I my Ladle got turgid and soon I started fantaing about her. And then… and then… my hands touched her ar*e and I shivered! The softness was incredible. I noticed she is still sleeping peacefully, without noticing what I just did so I got motivated to touch again then I heard it! A loud m0an erupted from T.J’s room. He was at it again!
I placed my hands on her hi¶s but was not courageous enough to move them around the soft globes.
“rub those ar*e boy!” that tiny voice in my head screamed.
I tried but my hands felt heavy to move around.
I just can’t do it. The m0ans from T.J’s room erupted again, this time louder and I felt motivated. I started rubbing the a.r*e gently and slowly. The more I rub, the more I want to continue. My ladle have let loose. It was aching from its turgid nature. I don’t know where it came from, but I was no longer skeptical or afraid, I just grabbed the a.r.*.e and pressed it lightly, then with more pressure and soon I was roaming freely without boundaries.
I must have forgotten myself, surely I was no longer thinking with my brains but the stuff between my legs. I started rubbing her without hesitations, squeezing in between.
What if T.J caught me?
What if she wakes up and slaps me?
What if….
I never thought of all those as I continued pressing and hovering my hands on her plump body. Then it happened!
I was still hovering around her body when I felt her move, I stopped but she continued sleeping. I studied her face and continued lustrous activity.

“Baby!” she suddenly m0aned and I jerked back to reality. I stopped alarmed as I paused my movement. What she did next surprised me.
She got hold of my hands and directed it to her thigh sleepily. I knew she was not conscious of her present state. She thought I was T.J, she must have been really h0rny and was dreaming it. I decided to play along even though I was afraid. I knew I will be saving T.J’s as* and also fulfil her desires.
But will she allow me to continue when she realises that am the one instead of her ‘T.J?’
I started rubbing more confidently as I strolled towards her inner thighs. I felt her legs parted. I took that as an encouragement and continued my Intimate journey to lu$t land. Her eyes were still shot and I heard a little m0an escape her lips, the power of lu$t have taken over me and I was no longer afraid to edge on so I placed my lips on hers as I felt her lips parted. Lawd!
Those lips were soft and warm. Ruby and smooth. I continued kissing her as my hands continued their journey. I never knew when it happened but I saw myself on the floor. She hav pushed me away.
“Nneji what’s wrong with you?”
“what do you thnk you are doing?”
I just kept shut, she has regained consciousness and realised am not her T.J, my fears have been realised. Thank God my blue light was dim so she couldn’t make out my face clearly as the shadows did well to conceal it. She just stood up adjusted her wears and made for the door. I wanted to stop her, I wanted to tell her she will be disappointed at what her eyes will meet but how do I do that? I watched her exit the door and immediately another loud m0an shot into my ears from T.J’s room. I just waited for the ‘kasala’ to burst. It didn’t take time, I heard heavy knocks on T.J’s door, I also heard the m0an!ng still going on. The heavy raps on the door could be heard loudly just like the m0ans.
What will happen next? Will T.J stop? What happened next baffled me.


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