MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 13


“Meet me in my house tomoro, 10a.m”
the size of my eyes increased as I heard that. 10pm? this gurl haf mad finish o.
“Are you hearing me” She asked.
“Yes, but 10pm is…” I stopped talking when I noticed she have cut the call.
“Foolish girl, don’t you know I have work tomorrow, even if no work sef where the hell is her house?!”
I kept blabbing to myself.
I cursed Miss Lisa, if not for her! “Jeeeez!
OMG, I just realised I didn’t use a condom on her! what the Bleep was I thinking?” I shuddered with fear as I thought of all the possible dangers of bleeping her without Condoms.
And it was an unfinished bleeping, damn! My head began to bang, headache activated.
That my earlier lie to my madam became a reality. Ada 10pm, possible danger of some STDs,
“but Miss Lisa looks clean” my mind voice consoled
“them dey write am for face?” I retorted, still afraid and angry. My head was banging, I need to sleep.
As I lay there thinking of an excuse to give my madam the next day, though I have told her I was having headache. If I should tell her the sickness have increased she may decide to take me to thier family doctor so I thought against that. So how am I going to take an excuse? And then it hits me like a bomb ‘yes!’ I almost screamed out loud.
I was brought out of my reverie when I heard a knock on my door. “Who come be dis one now?” I thought angrily. You know when you are worried everything pisses you off.
That was exactly what was happening to me then.
I decided to feign sleep so that whoever is knocking will finally leave when no response comes, but the knocker was persistent so I went to get the door. As I opened I saw T.J’s babe. She looked so s*xy** suddenly in my eyes. She was quiet old (roughly 30) with large backside that can kill any man who she sits upon. She always comes around to spend the night and stuffs, she was a loud screamer.
Most times I wonder what T.J does to her that makes her scream that much disturbing the early morning peace. I also wonder if my Landlord have ever confronted him.
I also wonder if she is not ashamed.
I also stare at her backside whenever I am with T.J and she comes visiting. T.J has caught me many times and grinned at me.
This evening she was looking sweeter than I have ever seen. ‘T.J you don die today finish’ ,I thought as I continue to stare.
“Bobo na sleep you dey sleep?” She asked as I continued staring at her forgetting she was addressing me.
“Na dey sleep still dey worry you so?” She asked again searching my face with her stares.

I was sure she saw where my eyes were- Her hips, but she pretended not to.Her question jerked me back to consciousness.
“Babe na sleep o, (How I managed to feel comfortable calling her babe all through my stay there still baffles me, I mean she is a mama not a babe)”
She regarded me for sometimes
“Sorry say I come wake you up, I come check my bobo but im no dey”
TJ normally comes back 2 or 3pm cos he is always around when I come back. Whenever he is not around he comes back home drunk or tipsy with a different girl and that’s once in a while. So I suspected he has gone for such today.
“im number no dey go” She continued talking,
I looked at her and smiled in my head “Your bobo is chasing another young babe”
I screamed to her in my head. Thank God people can’t read mind sha.
“Maybe im get outside work”
“but im number for dey on naw”
“Nepa wahala maybe”
“Come stay inside wait for am naw” I offered her to come in while I pray she declines the offer but I was wrong!
“I think say na outside here we go stand throughout”


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