MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 12


She looked at me again after addressing the toilet door for a while. Who is inside there” She asked again and I kept mute. She held the handle turned it and stopped as she noticed it was bolted from inside.
“Whoever is inside their better come out now or I will call someone” She threatened.
Salience greeted her back and finally she brought out her phone to dial an number and quickly my brains came back to me as I quickly stopped her.
“Please wait, I can explain” I said
She just stared at me. i wonder how much miss Lisa was shaking inside there. just tell anybody inside there to come out else I wont calm down.”She threatened again. A Look at her countenance told me she was really serious about carrying out her threat. Just when I was about to beckon on Lisa to come out the knob off the door turned and she emerges from the door.
She just stared at me. I wonder how much miss Lisa was shaking inside there. just tell anybody inside there to come out else I wont calm down.”She threatened again. A look at her countenance told me she was really serious about carrying out her threat. Just when I was about to beckon on Lisa to come out the knob off the door turned and she emerges from the door.
Ada stood there with mouth agape as she stared at miss Lisa she was surely surprised to discover she was the one. Her next action scared the jell out of my wit I thought she was going to insult of charge at her but Ada just walked out of the connivance, Brushing me as she past.
“Should I rush back and stop her?”
“Was she going to report to her mum?”
I was still contemplating when I saw Miss Lisa walking away like someone in a trance. I just stood there for a while and rushed back into the toilet as I let down some hot piss pour down the toilet. That may calm me. When am done I just came out and walked away.
I was confused and wondering what to do when my phone rang. ‘Madam calling appeared on my screen and my heart missed a beat.
‘So fast?’
‘Couldn’t she have cover up?’
‘Is she such a baby?’
I screamed in my head as I cursed Ada for reporting me to her mum without consideration.
So this is how my I.T appointment was going to terminate? Just barely two weeks. I decided not to pick the call. I was going home, I can’t face her. I will just go and look for another place to do my I.T. The call finally cut to my relief but almost immediately a call entered again and it was still my madam calling. Ok, ok am going to answer at least to give her my last respect and tell her am sorry, even though I knew she will not accept my apologies. So I picked up the receiver with quivering hands and immediately she spoke from the other end of the line see me in my office ma please I stopped talking as I realized the line has gone dead, she did not even allow me to finish talking atleast! Was she that angry?
Ok let me just go home, there is no point facing her with her daughter present there. So I finally went out only to jam Ada walking up to me. Can she be such a witch?, why does she have to come and meet me now that am planning to run home, so I cant escape now I kept blabbing in my head as she walked past me with stoned expression. I just turned so fast to look at her making sure she did not want to hit me with some object.
but I no be your babe naw, wetin dey worry you? I screamed in my head controlling myself not to be heard. She continued walking to the gate as I stood staring at her; she never turned all the while.

Seems she is going home, so after reporting me, she leaves so that I will suffer abi? God will judge her. What of you?
wont God judge you too a voice in my head retorted.
Sure she have gone I decided to g and see my madam and beg her, atleast her daughter will not be there to watch me plea.
As I stepped into the outer office, I was so happy it was empty atleast I will have some time to say some prayers atleast and also control my breath. After much heaving an heaving I summoned the courage to enter her office. I saw her head buried inside the screen of her laptop as she typed away.
good day ma I managed to say. Her next reaction shocked me beyond my expectations.
Nneji where have you been? she asked with smiles beaming all over her face. Lawd, she is smiling for real or is it just my imagination? I kept a quiet and expressionless face and she gave me a searching concerned look
whats the matter with you? Why is you face so dull?
why wont it be so dull after your winch daughter have reported me to you That I said in my head.
ma it is just headache, I said scratching my head and avoiding her gaze.
sorry my dear, have you taken any medications yet? she asked with that same concerned voice she always used while talking to me. I got shocked. I felt like jumping up and screaming
so she was not calling to scold me?
so Ad add not report me?
I love that babe I almost screamed loudly when my madam asked me what was wrong with me as she noticed me beaming with smiles suddenly. I got alert of my role playing and switched avoiding my emotions to betray me.
no ma, nothing just that you just made me feel better by your caring nature, you remind me of my mum. She beamed with smiles and asked me to go take drugs. Just as I was about to go out she called me back and I paused alarmed again. Was she just teasing me? so she actually called me to scold me, I have die!
yes ma I replied dragging my words.
have this, buy yourself some drugs I couldnt believe my eyes as she hands me a one thousand naira note.
I dont know when it happened or the force that pushed me to do that but I rushed and grabbed her. She received the hug warmly and I quickly withdraw sorry ma, God bless you she just smiled and nodded.
That was how one case was settled o, I was filled with happiness as I stepped out of her office when suddenly my phone rang, it was a message. I opened the message and saw Adas number. Again my joys flew away and I was filled with fear again. I hesitated to open the message but at the same time I was in a hurry to read the content so I just opened it and it read simply.
You have to pay for what you did, naughty boy
I don die finallyI screamed in my brain. So this babe still has plans for me. I just felt like crying, but I was glad she never did what I thought she did earlier which was reporting to her mum- my madam.
I dialed her number three times but she did not pick any and I was more worried, so I sent her a text. Dear friend am sorry, really sorry, am ready to do whatever you say, please just dont report me to your mum. I read it over and over again to my satisfaction before finally sending it. Almost immediately my phone started ringing. Guess who? It was Ada, I wondered what she wants to tell me, scared as I was I hesitated to pick the call but finally I did when it was about to cut.
“thought you won’t pick she blurted other the phone. I just muttered am sorry as I listened for her to talk.
I got your message and am glad you promised to do whatever I say, remember that message will serve as an evidence if you fail to do it My heart skipped a beat as I couldnt wait for her to voice out what she wants me to do. do you hear me?
yes ma I quickly answered not realizing when I added the ma
I will call you up when I have an assignment for you and she hung up.
Blackmail rang in my head as the line went dead. I just stared blankly into the sky as my vision got blurred.
The rest of the day went dull, seems the time was ticking too slow, I couldnt wait to get home and sleep. Sleep has always been my opium.
Whenever am worried sleep always calm me down. Now you know why I needed to sleep. Finally the day closed as I went to report the close of the day to my madam who asked me how I was feeling to which I responded positively. She offered to drop me off the road.
Something she has never done before.
I wanted to decline the offer but a better side of me thought against it. On my way I thought about Miss Lisa. I did remember I did not see her again throughout that day. I thought about her soft butt0ckz, how she have gotten me into trouble, and probably gotten herself too into trouble. I was surprised when the car stopped and my madam called me out of my reverie.
I realized we were at Bwari junction already before the flyover bridge. I thanked her and walked away as I flagged down a taxi going to Bwari.
Immediately I got fot Ada called,just when I was about to sleep. Yes she called and I waited gently forher blackmailing to begin. These are are exact words….


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