MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 104


Our meeting was scheduled to be on friday which was just teo days ahead. I went home that day and was thinking about it as we drove home when my madam suddenly asked.
“What’s the matter? You look so dull”
“Nothing am fine” I replied and she just hummed.
“If you say so no problem but am sure there is something bothering you, even if you can hide it from anyone you can’t hide it from me” She said with her motherly voice and I decided to share my worries with her.
“Ok fine, am nit fine” I replied.
“Uhmm, Now, that’s my love! What’s wrong with you?”
“Uhmm Lady Bisi wants to see me on friday night”
“Really? ” she asked casually like she have a previous knowledge about it.
“Fine, how is that suppose to give you worries?” She asked with that same casual voice that shocked me, ‘Does she know about this already?’ I thought and decided to ask her.
“Do you have a previous knowledge of this?” I asked and she giggled.
‘Why the fuvk is she gigging?” I fumed inside.
“What’s funny?”
“You of course, actually you should know she have informed me earlier and I guess she have been calling you for sometime now”
“Yes” I replied.
“So why the worry? Have you forgotten the rules?” she asked carelessly.
“But I don’t fancy her!”
“But she fancies you which means a lot to me! My man is being requested out of the nine men in the club” she said with an air of pride while I stared at her surprised.
“Won’t you be jealous?”
“Remember jealousy among the sisters is a sin”
“O well, I don’t like her, She’s not fine”
“Or you mean she don’t have b0s0m?” she giggled.
“But she got the biggest hips and listen, forget the looks I heard she’s a tigress”
“Well well well” I just grunted.
“Do you know two other ladies wants you too?” she asked in a sultry voice and I turned and looked at her.
“Yes!” she exclaimed.
“Who are they?”
“Don’t worry you’ll soon find out, but for now take lady Bisi as a warm upbut am sure you’d love every moment with her” she concluded and we kept silent as she continued driving.
Friday came and I was as apprehensive as ever, wondering what my reactions will be and how I will take the whole issue, by few minuets past two my phone rang and it was lady Bisi calling. She asked we meet by 5pm so after some little fast calculations I agreed.
Work closed for the day and I drove my madam and I home, yeah I have finally learnt how to drive! On our way home I raised the issue again and I saw the way she was a bit quiet about it, encouraging me still and suddenly she grabbed my preek from my trousers and I jerked
“I want these!” she said and we both giggled.
Immediately we got home it was straight to her room, no inhibitions, we started kissing ferociously like we’ve been s*x starved for long. She was more wild and I understood that she will miss me that night I will be away so I decided to make it hot while it last. I broke the kiss pushed her to the bed and lifted her legs on top my shoulders as I delved into her wonderland. The musky metallic aroma filled my nose as I felt the wetness on her lingerie.
I pushed the area covering the crotch to one side and ran my fingers along the slit as her trimmed tufts of hairs greased my finger.
The wetness is so inviting so I poked in smoothly and brought my head to her lips (The one without a teeth and doesn’t talk) my tongue shot out and lapped the caruso juice and I heard her let out a m0an. The journey of the tongue on her lips continued, slowly, fast, faster, switching my pressures from light feathery tease to complete full pressure.
Soon she was shaking. And I decided to pay a homage to her cl¡toris, circling in anti-clockwise slowly increasing the tempo till she was almost screaming, she was very close and my mouth shaped like an ‘O’ fused on the tiny bud sU-Cking it hard while my two fingers were inside her gateway pumping furiously.
She came pressing her large thighs against my head and slowly they fell apart and she weakly pushed my head away.
I climbed the bed and joined her to see her flushed face and eyes shut looking so lovly with her light makeup. Staring downwards was her large mounds of b0s0m sacredly concealed in her cloth ans I started unbottening her shirt till I got to the last, pushing the shirt apart I was awarded with her Unclad body. I placed my lips on her belle button and kissed up to her b0s0m still inside her bra. She was already responding. Unhooking the bra will take time so I just helped the large b0s0m that have been threatening to spill out to come out completely and I was presented with that fresh smooth tea coloured b0s0m, that same b0s0m that got me where I am, that same b0s0m that I never get weary of! That same b0s0m! (Memories!) and I plunged like a hungry tiger into the soft flesh, biting them softly and licking the smooth pores.
I held it in both palms and shook it while she giggled before lowering my head again to lick the roughly smooth coffe coloured areolas.
I don’t know how to avoid teasing so I teased her going close to the hurting budding nippples and withdrawing without touching them, I did this till she spoke out.
“Just sU-Ck it!” and I knew I have frustrated her eniugh and took it int my salivating mouth, feeling the stiffness yet soft bud. As I sU-Cked she m0aned. I did same to the right b0s0m and made her to be on her fours. My veins on my preek was already threatening to burst open but I kept consoling it.
On her fours, I pulled up her skirt to her waist sqeezing the poor material and pulled down her lingerie midway her thighs and I felt the warm slippery silky gate of pleasure between her legs and it promised a perfect solace for my hurting preek so I directed my preek to the hood, and drove home, humping like an animal!
That evening I met Lady Bisi Gwarimpa Estate’s main gate waiting in her car immediately I caught sight of her she winked at me and beckoned on me to hop in.
“How are you?” I asked her.
“Fine dear” she replied like a baby. Her dress was quiet awesome, I looked down to her seat and saw the heap of UKWU that sat on the cahir and I wonder how happy the chair was feeling that she was sitting on it. I grinned as I reminded my madam’s words “She’s a tigress”


* I and Lady Bisi when to a cosy bar, where she made me feel so good, we went to her house by night don’t really know what time it is but I knew I was feeling breezy and I also know we had s*x, not once but twice, yeah she told me how good I was on a later date, the next morning her maid made breakfast, we ate and off again something lead to a slow long intimacy. I was now concious and I was not finding it unenjoyable either. We two more meetings before I left Abuja
* A month to the end of my I.T I travelled to school for Project proposal defence, I was supposed tostay just a week but I ended up staying two weeks and those two weeks made me realise such a s*x addict I have become. I couldn’t have s*x with anyone, infact I realised I no longer fancy young ladies, I noticed how I was checking out older ladies, I know how to approach them but of what need when I can’t get intimate with them? I stayed without s*x for two weeks and was in a hurry to travel back to Abuja, I really distanced my colleagues from myself and they felt it’s because I have hit some money because obviously I was really looking tushed.
* Back to Abuja I was so overwhelmed as I was received in grand style. My madam made me feel like the king of her life, for three days straight we got intimate and the next week I was at Lady Chinny again, Three days after I was with Lady Zini, the smallish lady, in general. Thanks to my parents they are never they suspecting types so they never bugged me for not coming back home.
* The last week when My I.T was supposed to end I started having mental issues, I was hallucinating so much, my madam did all she could to no avail, that was when my parents were contacted. I never knew that was the last time I will be seeing her till date. I was taken home but it persisted. Prayers were held for me at home where a chain was used to hold me due to the increased mental issues. Whenever the prayers started I feel my skin burning as I kept seeing images of S#xual demons laughing at me.


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