MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 103


“And here Ola completed hers so we are now family.” and another louder cheer went on.
She continued talking.
“We know how we do it, we have exclusive right to each others body, anytime any day so long you’ve made your intentions known!” and the house hummed in accordance.
I caught my madam looking at me trying to tell me to calm down as she’ve noticed the confused stare in my eyes.
the rules were listed out and I was shocked at some while I rejoiced at others. We were led to believe it’s not a cult but just a club, something the society frown at we harbour and I was made to keep by the golden rule which was never to have s*x with anybody aside those in the circle.
I looked at the ladies and I knew taught about the world od S#xual exploration that awaits me but I never thought about the negative effects.
“Now is time to celebrate…!” she announced and some drinks were brought in, cigas and weed! Yes! Weed! I was shocked myself when the menus was served and we were asked to help ourselves with whatever we like. I toook a bottle of Spanish beer and my madam took same with me, not long after some people were smoking cigas, the ladies especially and the boys weed, it was too tempting not to smoke any but I held myself still trying to be good when my madam leaned over to mea and whispered in a sultry voice.
“Ciga or weed?”
I looked at her shocked and she rolled her eyes and kept a stare waiting for my reply. “Ciga” I finally said and she nodded and held my hand while we went there to pick, I picked my ciga while she picked weed to my utmost shock, Will I stop being shocked today? I wondered.
Not long after the music turned from soft to rocking music and the hall was filled with smoke, I was already carried away, some couples were already dancing erotically on their chairs while some standing. It was not long after when a guy came and dragged my madam from where we both sat and took her to the dance floor, I watched with my dizzy eyes as she followed him and was twisting her waist slowly while the boy held her thigh, I noticed his eyes straying downwards or was it the drink?
A supressed m0an was coming forth from my side so I tirned to behold who it was and what I saw explained to me finally where and why we are here- Lady Chinny was being serviced by two guys, a guy between her legs while another was kissing her. At another side of the room was Lady Oma with her lady Zainab but seriously necking, I tuned to look around for my madam when I spot her giving the guy a Mouth Action while another guy was behind her trying to pull down her mini skirt.
I was getting hornier as the minute pass by and decided to get hold of a Lady. Just when I stood up I met two proud flabby but firm b0s0m staring at me and a hand pused me back on the couch as she the owner straddled me.
She was Lady Zini or so because at that moment I don’t really know them by names, she was smallish and dark, the kind of dark skin that will make one detest fair skins.
Before I could appky courtesy she was already kissing me, weed burning in her left hand, she broke the kiss, brought the weed to lips and sU-Cked in the tiny end. She brought back her lips to and blew in the smoke into my mouth which I collected and sent back into hers, we continued like that twisted out lips against each other and squashing our tongue against themselves.
My hands were busy on her back tracing the smooth pores.

We were making it out real hot when I felt a movement on my zips, another Lady was there, who she was I couldn’t tell but I knew she have brought out my preek from it’s hood and rubbing it lovingly taking it into a warm orifice, which was certainly her lips due to the roughness of her tongue I felt on the under side of my preek, Lady Zini was already sitting over my head as her lips squash recklessly over my mouth.
It was a night of SinParties, loosing counts of women I penetrated and b0s0m and Kitties I sU-Cked we soon retired with our partners to our rooms, and drove back home by sunday evening after a light meeting again.
That evening when we got home my madam told me about the OTs we were given and asked I always remember to keep it. I agreed not after we had a serious arguement over her not telling me about it before we went.
When I retired to my room I kept wondering about how my future will be, how I will not be able to have s*x with any other person apart from the members of the club. I remembered Sharon, I remembered Jenny my landlord’s daughter with a painful heart and realised how long we’ve been away! How she must have been dissapointed. I thought about the next two months when my I.T will be over, what next?
Will the oath still have effect? I wondered how I got this far, how this how that and my heart got more troubled and I couldn’t sleep for quiet a while till my door opened and I came my madam, Not again! She wants to have s*x and am not in the right mind for that!
I was however wrong when sh sat on my bed and start telling me how worried she is, how she couldn’t sleep either and how she have been thinking about US; she and I, the future and stuffs, I told her my fears and she promised to keep me happy even after my I.Tn telling me not to worry so much as she will table the matter to the club before my I.T expires.
Life after then took a new turn, I felt more powerful, I knew rich people, my dress sense got better, there was so much money, my madam got more contracts all because of the club!
Then this day at work around past two I got a call and I saw Lady Bisi calling. She is a member of the club,
“Hello gooday Lady Bisi” I greeted as I brought the phone to my ears. We have the contacts of all members.
“Hello young man” she replied in a sultry voice and I was amused why she have called me again today, for the past three days we have been talking on the phone, she asking to know how am feeling, “are you fine?’ “How was work today?” “when will you close?” and so many boring clichés and in my gentle good manners I always respond well enough.
Ok you all may be wondering why am complaining about Lady Bisi, she’s fat, yeah I like the big fleshy ladies but not fat one with some facial expressions that don’t appease to my S#xual fantasy. Finally that day she made her intentions known to me she want me to pay her a visit and in the club when a Lady asks for a visit she means literally that she wants swx from you, it is my obligation to go but I don’t fancy so I tried to find a way to manoeuvre but is there really a way out?


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