MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 101


I smiled, looked at her as I noticed the flicker in her eyes but pretended not to.
“I’ll be on my way, am sure my boss will be waiting for me” I told her as I stood up.
That action of mine freaked her as she shot me a devilish look.
“Am still talking to you remember” she cautioned but I replied in a mild voice
“Sorry ma but I have delivered the message”
“No! I know you want to stay around a bit” she said smiling suggestively.
“My boss will be worried by now” I maintained still standing and I saw her face went sour.
“Ok ama going to call your boss and tell her am with you will that be ok by you?”
“Yes” I nodded. I watched her went towards the bed, picked her phone and called my madam.
“Am with him here and he’s in a hurry to go, will you be needing him anytime soon?” she spoke and kept quite to listen and I saw a smile spread across her lips as she beckoned on me to come. She handed me the phone and I spoke to my madam who asked me to feel free and keep her company. I felt happy, so she trusts her friend that muchv “Does she know what she’s trying to do with me?” I wondered as she talked saying I should take my time and stuffs.
When I handed her back the phone she made a bye and hung up, looking at me and smiling.
“You’re quiet a guy” she said. I smiled in response and she continued.
“So today that’s the first day you visited you want to rush back” she asked
“No it’s just that…” I began to say but she cut me shut
“Is just that what Nnejiiii’ she said dragging my name.
“Don’t mind me, now I have permission am ready to stay longer” I finished.
“Uhmm so back to our discussion, how did you feel when you were with us?”
“O not again! Am tried of that question” I screamed in my head because for real I was not in my conciousness and I told her so.
“Awww poor” she pitied..

“So why you puttingo on a red gown?” I asked her changing the topic.
“Uhmmm, just feel like it, why?”
“I feel our mood determines what we put on conciously or unconsciously” I replied studying her eyes as I saw them lower which means she was buying what am saying.
“Uhmmm really! So was your mood when you put on this blue?” she asked
“I was feeling loved, really loved” I replied.
“Uhmmm lover boy, so on what occasion do you now put red?” She asked again.
“No I asked you that first so tell me” I told her smiling.
“Uhmm smarty, well I never knew that moods do determine what we wear, well my mood today is kinda mixed, I mean I…Uhmmm…Uhmmm..feel a bit complicated”
“How” I asked her leaning forward.
“I mean I was a feeling lonely kinda”
“But there is your maid there”
“No! I mean that kinda lonely” she said with a blush and I smiled..
“Uhmmm what type?” I teased.
“The type you had yesterday that made you feel loved today” She replied me and I laughed.
“What of your lover, the one with you that day?”
“Uhm he has been away for three days and you know how it feels, I mean three whole days”
“Uhmm really, really that’s true anyway! But with my presence I guess you’re not so lonely anymore” I hinted.
“I am but not like earlier on” she replied and I kept mute staring at her intently.
“What’s the matter why are you staring at me intently” she asked surprised.
“Uhmmm I just like the movement of your lips when the talk”
“Really what about them”
“They have this smoothness and seducing effect like it’s saying ‘Kiss me’ while you talk” I replied and she laughed hard. I knew she was enjoying the tease.
“So instead of listening you are looking at my lips well, what if you ask to kiss them?” She asked and I smiled. In my head I was laughing. “If I hear say I ask, na you go ask o” I though.
“No! How can I?”
“Why can’t you?”
“Am not worthy to have those lips on mine, they look so beautiful” I replied and she smiled blushing.
“You’re such a funny boy, no wonder Ola always talks about you”
“O really! I don’t think am funny I just speak my mind as it is” she kept quite and was staring at me.
“What if I help you, that is I do the asking, what will be your reply” she asked and I smiled. ‘Yes!’
“Well, who sees honey and turns away his face” I replied her and I saw her head grew closer to mine and I felt my lips quiver in anticipation and before long I felt her lips on mine, at first I didn’t respond, it was like a dream but then I snapped out of my reverie and returned the kiss. They felt so thick, full and soft as it glided between mine.


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