FINAL: MY H0_RNY STEPBROTHER (18+) – Episode 3



🤫🤫[Shh…keep it quiet]😊🤭🔞🔞
By Venessa Caria.😋🔞🔞
Part 3. Giving him my Virginity.
“Are you fucking him?”
“What if I am?”
Violently, he slides a hand behind my head and grabs a fistful of my hair, trapping me against the wall of his bedroom.

“Are you fucking him?” His voice turns colder and his black eyes changes darkly that it scared me.
I shake a little, “Yes. So?”
Abruptly, he scoops me in his arms and I gasped. He carried me to his bed where he roughly set me down and quickly tied my hands to the bed post.
Everything was too fast that I had no time to react and by the time I snapped back, Axel was already undressing me. I growled at him and tried to kick him but he caught my legs easily and bit the side of my thighs.
I groaned at the pain and then he licked the same spot, licking it with his tongue as he lastly leaves a kiss on the aching spot.
“Axel. You’re scaring me. Don’t do this.” My voice trembled.
He left me unanswered and stripped me. I was naked and bare. And it embarrassed me. My cheeks turned red and I felt like hitting him.

He spread my legs wide and his head was between my thighs, making me instantly squirm as his wet tongue licks on my pssy, tasting and sucking on my cl’t and slits, not leaving a spot unnoticed as he kissed every part with a teasing bite.
I jolted and my hips jerked. He twirls his tongue around my cl’t then sucked on my cl’t so skillfully. I twinge and he gripped the side of my ass, giving it a pinch that I nudge to the side.
“Fuck…” I moaned and bit the side of my mouth to stop myself from screaming. He kisses the lips of my pvssy and faintly gnaws on it, making me shudder and close my thighs yet he suppressed my motion and licked on my cl’t harder.
I was dripping wet and my pelvis rattled more and more. Smoothly, Axel slides his tongue inside my pvssy, tasting and stirring all my insides, grabbing my legs in a stronghold to keep me at bay.
“hmghhh.. Hgmmh…” I was panting, moaning and puffing. My eyes rolled to the back of my head with the stimulating torture.
Minutes of longing pleasure continue and his tongue ventures further down my f
cking p*ssy, making me so damn sensitive and jittery.
“I’m going to cvm. I’m gonna’ cum.! I shouted, breaking down underneath him. My handsome cruel stepbrother prolongs the bittersweet torture.
He constantly twirls his tongue and licks my v@gina. Instantly, I let out an orgasm and Axel finally stops, pulling away from my jerking pelvis.
He licked my love juices that stuck to his lips and he coolly wipes it with a finger, making me taste the bittersweet taste of my love juice as he puts and traces the finger inside my mouth. I licked his finger all over and he smirked at my dazed expression, “So beautiful.”
I was panting, shaking and aching for more.

“Let me take care of you baby sis.” He whispers in a low whisper.
Straight away, his slides a finger down my pvssy and my eyes shot tears, “NO!” I screamed, making him pause and stop as he looks at me, “It hurts! Stop it! Pull it out!” I cried.
I was frightened of crossing the line, plus I was still aching and oh-so sensitive with s€x.
“You’re still a virgin?”
“Then why?”
“I lied. I don’t have a fcking boyfriend. ” I confronted him, embarrassed and humiliated, “I just wanted to humor our mother.” I mumbled sheepishly.
Axel shows me an emotionless face and then his lays his head down on my stomach. His hot breath warmed my skin as he rested his head. We were quiet for a while, both motionless yet I could feel that we craved for each other’s touch.
Passionately, he planted sweet kisses on my belly, tracing all the way up to my br€ast, neck and jaw until his handsome face was in front of me.
He was so full of passion, making it so unfair to deny his touch. He unties my hand, making me free to move and desiring, he cupped my face and leaned his forehead on mine.
“Aloise. I’ll give in to a man’s desire. I want you. I really want you…”
My body quivered and my heart beats faster. His shallow breathing on my jaw send chills on my spine and the sensation of his skin against mine made me chew on my lips.
“Stupid, shut up and kiss me.”
His deep kisses made me lose strength yet it also thrilled me. His light spanking and a huge teasing amount of foreplay made my mind cloudy.
“Aloise, you make me so crazy …”
I smirked at him, biting my lower lip, “Were both crazy.”
His hands travel all over my body, eagerly loving and kissing each sensitive spot. I breathe in with every stroke, staring straight on to his strong beautiful eyes.
Gently, he slides a finger inside my wet tight little p
ssy, f’ngering me slowly and in firm motion. I squirmed and moaned as his finger starts to move faster inside my pvssy.
Thrusting, jabbing, swirling and rousing me up with extreme delight that I screamed for his name.
“Axel!…Hmmnn.. please pull it—pull it out!” I was having spasms at the hard pleasure that he was offering. Uneasily, I quivered.
His s€xual plays were too overwhelming and stimulating. Soon, the hungry beast whispers softly, he pulls out his finger and tasted my love fluids once again.
“Jerk…Don’t tease me so much…”
“You’re so cute baby. I can’t help it.”

He smiles so devilishly cunning. It was so attractive. I looked over to his pants and noticed that a huge bulge was waiting and seeking for my attention.
I swallowed and my eyes darted at him, “I don’t think your monster c0ck will fit inside me…” I blushed and covered my face, feeling embarrassed at the words spoken.
“Scream if it hurts and I’ll stop…” He says in a comforting tone, pulling my arms away as he gazed at my flustered look.
I nodded anxiously. Leisurely, he pulls my legs wide open, drifting my thighs apart as he strongly and gently manipulates my body like it was his very own possession. It thrilled me. I was already too wet and shaky and I wanted him inside me.
Slowly, I feel his huge twitching d’ck sliding down the entrance of my v@gina, sinking deeper and deeper in a gentle pace. I cringed and my eyes shot open as Axel thrust his whole dick inside my vagina in a jab.
“Aghh!” I screamed, more like a piercing scream as I feel his monstrous penis twitching and reshaping the inside of my vagina’s walls, thus breaking my hymen.
Tears left my eyes as the immense pain mixed with the never ending pleasure. Everything was so raw. The scent of s€x was too strong that it all becomes hazy.
“Aloise. It’s alright…” Axel coos on my ear and he groans so sexily that my pussy tightens around him, making him groan again.
“Urghh… So tight…Your make me so insane baby…”
“…don’t stop ok?” I whimpered.
Axel’s expression turns animalistic and I gripped on his shoulders tightly.
He started moving quickly and rabidly, aching as he thrust in and out, endlessly repeating the s€x. His thrusts were very fast and hard that it leaves me struggling to breathe and follow.

His huge c0ck was already touching and kissing my womb. I could feel the blood searing out from my broken hymen yet also the intense pleasure and the hot s€x that makes it numb.
“Axel…you’re too rough…”
“Do you want me to stop?” he whispers, squeezing both my br€asts as he moves his hips with vigor.
“No…It feels good.” I cry and he smirks,
“Damn. You’re so fcking hot and tempting.” I blushed and he leads me and dominates me to follow his movement.
I was left to catch my breathing. Instantaneous, he slammed his d
ck into my pvssy and pounded me some more that I could feel my core being split open at his hugeness. Axel was aching for every part of me.
I screamed for his name, again and again.
Each of his thrust was hard and rough, making me insane. My insides were too tight for him yet it hugged his huge p€nis perfectly. He groaned as well, making me confident for his carnal desires.
I could never stop moaning and it gets louder when he sucked on my n’pples, nibbling on it until it was red and swollen.
Bit by bit, my strength and consciousness was leaving me. His thrust turns aggressive and his speed increases. I was addicted. I cling to his broad back and scratched it with my nails.

He hissed and lets me do it so I can relax, I couldn’t so I also bit his neck, never letting go as he keeps on thrusting me so roughly. I was getting squeamish.
I shake my hips to try and follow his skilled sync but it wasn’t working for me when the suffocating pleasure chokes my own skin.
My v@gina felt like it would break from the painful bliss. It was being grinded, rubbed, kissed and pounded into the shape of his p€nis as he kept rocking me over the bed.
Faster. Rougher. Wilder.
Just like hot crazed animals.
“Oh f*ck… please pull it out… I’m coming…” I whispered. Axel kissed my neck and licked my breast, creating exciting moments.
“Not yet baby… Not yet…sshh…” he kissed my tears away. I bite harder on his skin and he grunted.
“You’re so bad Aloise.”
I was so out of breath yet the sound of thrusting only gets louder. His er0tic solid thrusts were too obsessive. He wanted my body to crave for his touch.
Soon, my stomach churned and my core sensate.
“Pull it out! Pull it out!! Axel..! I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum..!”
“hngh! I’m coming too baby…! ” he growled back.
Smoothly, he pulled his d’ck out of my pussy and jerked at my inner thighs. We cum together at the same time and then blood leaked out from my aching pvssy.
Breathing heavily, I looked at my handsome stepbrother, “…I hate you.”
Axel gazed at my expression and he smiles lovingly, “I love you too.”
“Yeah, want to have kids?”
“No. Try ten years later.”
“I definitely will.”


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