MY H0_RNY STEPBROTHER (18+) – Episode 2


🤫🤫[Shh…keep it quiet]😊🤭🔞🔞
A short erotica of three parts by Venessa Caria.😋🔞🔞
Part 2. A Boyfriend?
“Are you two in there?”
“Y-yes..!” I answered in frenzy, getting lost between reality and rapture.
“Is Axel also there? Hurry up you two. Breakfast is ready.”
I closed my eyes shut and waited for Axel to come to his senses. He was getting more hot s€x-crazed and I was too.
Forcefully, he spreads my quivering thighs apart and slides down my pants, leaving me with only my stained baby blue panty.
I squirmed and glared at him,“Axel…this is too much.” I gritted in a low voice and my eyes widen when he opened his fly and his huge c0ck sprung out, dripping with pre-cum.
“That’s not going inside of me.” I turned redder than I already was while my n’pples perked up at the sight of his six inches dick.
He chuckles so sexily and gives me a passionate kiss, thus shutting me up so unfairly.
Obsessively, he pressed his hard huge c0ck onto my dripping stained pantie, rubbing it up and down with his jerking c0ck, going faster like an animal in heat.
I kissed him back deeply, and I hear him groan as I followed his movements, exchanging our warmth and masturbating together with his intoxicating kisses while his hands busily fondle my br€ast.

“I’m going to cum…” I moaned between the kiss and he presses his d’ck further against my pantie, making the friction more irresistible and insanely addicting.
I kissed him eagerly and we both jolted with lots of fluids and love juices staining the sheets, leaving us two, wheezing and quivering.

“The food was delicious mom.” I chirped, hugging my mother from behind as she placed the dishes back on the cupboard. I loved hugging my mother and inhaling her sweet fragrance.
She was both our mother and our father ever since Axel’s bastard of a father ran off with a young prostitute.
“Thank you baby.” She laughs, kissing the side of my head with love. “Mom. I’m already eighteen.” I laughed.
“I don’t care. You and Axel will always be my little babies. ”
“Fine. I’m a baby girl then.” I smirked.
“That looks cute. Can I join? ”A husky voice inserts, making me flinch.
I looked at the side and saw Axel. His black hair drips with droplets of water and his toned body was on full exposure with only a towel hanging onto his waist sexily that covers his d’ck. I resisted the urge to stare at his striking build.
“Get yourself a shirt young man before you get sick.” Our mother scolds.
“Don’t bother mom. That idiot doesn’t listen.” I grumbled.
Axel smirks darkly at my statement and it made me nervous. ‘Crap. Did I just step on a landmine?’ I thought, avoiding his gaze.
“What are you saying baby sis? I’m willing to listen anytime to your request. I love you so much after all. Didn’t we just have a wonderful morning…?”
“AGHH! Oh my God! Let me dry your hair for you!” I screamed, putting up a moronic act as I grabbed for a clean face towel at the side and dried his hair for him while glaring at him with a warning gesture. He simply smiled.
“What a sweet sight. You two were always so close. It’s like you’re some sort of lovers.”
I gulped.
“But that’s not possible. After all, Aloise finally got herself a boyfriend.” My mother giggled and Axel’s shoulder stiffened.
I gulped again.
“Oh yeah, before I forgot, I’ll be gone for two days. I need to check up on granny Jolie. She needs help on moving her limbs.”
“Can I go with you?” I asked with a fake smile, hoping to escape from Axel’s horrifying mood later.
“Well I guess you—No need mom, Aloise will only nag again. You don’t want that. Besides, we already have plans to do. Don’t we sis? Don’t forget. You promised.” Axel smiles, gripping my shoulders casually then he gives it a small squeeze.
I nodded with a big fat smile, all an act in the end.


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