My name is Luhan Francis, my father is a German while my mom is from Ondo state. Am 25yrs of age , I studied Civil Engineering In Syria for five years .
” My mum likes calling me a yoruba name Abayomi while my dad calls me Lulu. Am the only child of my parents.
” My dad have 5 different companies all over the world and am the heir to his companies. I was call by dad one evening that I need to represent him in one of his company in Nigeria.
” My mum was very happy when I told her am coming to Nigeria, she came to pick me up at the Airport the day I arrived. Abayomi she said and I hugged her, have missed you mum I said and she ruffled my hair because I take after my dad’s hair.
” Mum! She looked at me and said you know I like doing that, what of your dad is he still not coming? My mom gave birth to me in Germany but came back to Nigeria after I was 6yrs old and my dad doesn’t like the idea of it.
” You know I can’t spend the rest of my life here when I have all my family in Nigeria that’s the statement my mum keeps repeating anytime my dad brings the topic up.
” My mum is the principal of Babcock university, she told me to come to her school so I won’t feel alone since the dinner party is one week time.
” I just entered a class and I love the lecturer lecture so I sat down like am one of the students when my eyes suddenly caught a beautiful girl sitting opposite me. I was busy staring at her when the lecture hit her desk angrily and I think is entirely my fault so I stood up and told him to leave the innocent girl alone.
” I wanted to stay after the lecture but I received a call from my mum that I should come and see her in the office right away.
” Abayomi why did you have to talk to Mr Awolowo like that said my mum.
” Mum the man is so wicked if you see how she scared the life out of the girl you won’t like it either.
” This is Nigeria dear please don’t interfere to their matter again if you know you can’t tolerate it just walked out of the class, I don’t want the lectures to think you are a spoilt brat because you studies overseas.
” Am so sorry mum, it won’t repeat itself I said and kissed her cheek while she hit me playfully Naughty boy, get out of my office I have a lot of things to do she said and smiled at me.
“I ran back to class but she is no longer in the class. I don’t know why Nigeria girls like guys that came from abroad, if you see the way this girl are flocking at me like am the only guy in the universe.
” Excuse me I asked a lady who was busy chatting on her phone. She smiled at me and asked what can I do for you?
” Can you please tell me which hostel…….You mean the girl you defend earlier she interrupt me.

“Yeah, Can you please tell me.
” Alright, she brings out a pen and book and write something on it before giving me, that’s is the her hostel address and room.
” I thanked her and quickly excused myself because I don’t want her to ask me any irrelevant questions.
” I drive straight to her hostel and waited for her outside, I came down from my car and sit on top of it when I saw her coming. I have nothing to tell her than am so sorry because am not a type of guy that woo a lady out on a first day.
” I gave her a smile when I saw her walking towards me but she stopped and turned towards her gate when I saw she is about to step on a stick full of nails.
” I grabbed her by her hand and she gave me seven sounding slaps and I was short of words because my parents as never raised their hands on me before but a stranger gave me a whole seven slap.
” She looked at me and the hand she used to slap me before running inside. I was still in a dazed when her friend came to me and said am so stupid and walked out on me.
” I felt so embarrassed and quickly entered my car drove straight home. I met my mom at the dinning waiting for me, she stood up and came to me when she saw how red my cheeks was.
” Luhan what happened? Who is the bastard that did this to you? She said caressing my cheeks.
” Nothing mum I said and ran into my room while she keeps yelling for me to open the door.
” I refused to follow my mum to her school since that incident because I felt so ashamed of myself and I never knew what the girl might do to me again and I wasn’t raised to beat a woman.
” I was at the dinner party my dad’s employees host for me when a man came to meet me that his daughter could like to meet me.
” I smiled at him and he told me to wait here for her at the end of the stairs and to my surprise it was the same girl that gave me slap.
” She look so beautiful in her dress and I must say my jaw dropped. Is this fate I said to myself.
” She stopped on her track when she saw me and I gestured with my hand for her to come but she closed her eyes and murmurs something before turning back when she slipped and I quickly grabbed her by her waist.
” I looked into her eyes and said you know you owe me seven kisses for the slap you gave me and I kissed her.
“She first struggle for me to released her but I hold her tightly and she later reprocicate back.


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