“I haven’t set my eyes on the guy after the incident, he didn’t come for lecture either and I was so worried because have make up my mind to beg him no matter what he did or say to me.
” Baby don’t stressed yourself I don’t think he is coming back to school again , you gave the guy a whole seven slap and you think he will be alright said Lovet teasingly.
” This is not the time for joke Lovet what if the guy is a cultist and he is planning how to get back at me.
“I have asked almost the whole school but non of them know his name talk less of where he came from. Lovet please help me out am going home this weekend said Temi .
” I will call once I get any information about him said Lovet while Temi hugged her thank you so much you are such a darling.
“It was my dad that came to pick me up , I bid lovet goodbye before entering his car.
” Temi what’s wrong you have been quiet since I picked you up from school said Ben.
“Nothing Dad am just a little bit stress up I said putting on a fake smile.
” No problem darling but always know daddy is here for you when you need a listening ear. Temi I have a request for you and I will be glad if you grant me.
“Go ahead dad anything for you.
“I have been after this contract for a very long time and I was told the CEO son will be the one to represent his father and the guy just came from Syria that’s why am hosting a welcome party for him so we can discuss about the contract too and I will like you to attend to him.
“No problem dad I will do everything in my power to make him give you the contract I said and he gave me a smile.
” I met my mom at the living room watching cartoons with Bobo in the living room, I greet her and quickly went to my room because if I wait a little bit she will start asking questions about school and only God knows when she is going to stop. I dropped my bag on the bed and quickly picked my phone to call Lovet if there is any information about the guy but she isn’t picking up . I dropped my phone on the bed and check my wardrobe to see the dress I can put on tomorrow but none of them catch my taste when I remember dad gave me a dress as a present on my birthday.

” I looked under my bed because that’s where I kept all my presents.I opened the the box and bring out the dress, it was a pink dress below my knees and I love it , I was still admiring the dress when a call came through I checked the caller and it was Lovet I quickly dropped the dress and picked her call.
“Lovet why are you not picking my calls?how far any information?
” Am so sorry dear I left it in the kitchen when I was cooking for Charles. Well Charles help me did a little digging about the guy and you won’t believe the guy ………………
” I have to hang up because my mom just came in and I don’t want her to know what I did because she knows the way of asking you a question and you won’t know when you let out the cat in the bag.
“Temi food is ready ”
Alright mum I will meet you downstairs, No, you have to follow me right now she said and drag me down and I was unable to call Lovet back for that day because she suggested I sleep with her and there was no point arguing with her.
“I dressed myself up and looked at my mirror and I love the image starring back at me. My Dad came in and compliments my looks because he has never seen me on make up because am not a fan of it but I have to dress well because the party involves a lot of rich people.
” He is waiting for you by the second stairs be a good girl and have a nice dinner he said and kissed my cheek before going out.
” Temi you can do this please keep your anger for tonight I said to myself putting on my heels. I walked out of my room and breathe in and out before walking towards the stairs.
” Everywhere was full with man and woman chatting and dinning with each other and by the look you know they are business partner. I saw my mum chatting with two men, she looked at me and smile and I smiled back .
“Why am I so nervous, how I wish Lovet was here I said to myself and walked slowly down the stairs but stopped on my track when I saw him waiting for me at the end of the stairs giving that smile. I didn’t know what to do should I continue walking or run back to my room but it seems my legs refused to answer me .
” He gestured with his hand for me to come and I close my eyes Dad am sorry I can’t do this I said and was about to turn back when I loose my balance. I was about to scream for help when he grabbed me by my waist and looked into my eyes.


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