” What I hate most in my life is for a guy to hold my hand so he can get my attention. The way he hold my hand makes me remember how my step dad pin me down and all the memories just keep flowing in and I just keep slapping him and what surprises most was that this guy just stood there like a statue.
” Please don’t blame me have been having this nightmare anytime I sleep and this was the reason I turned down all the guys that asked me out.
” (Laugh) I could remember the one who tried to forcefully kissed me guys guess what I did to him , I bit his lips to the extent that he can’t eat for God’s know how many days.
” When it get to the seventh slap that’s when I get my senses I looked up at him and his face was priceless, I looked at my hand and ran inside with tears in my eyes.
” I was on my way to Charles house when he called me that he received a call and needs to get to the office that he is very sorry.
” My lovely Angel am so sorry I have to go I will come and pick you up in the evening said Charles on the phone.
” Charles this is unfair you make me leave my friend on our way home now you are telling me not to come I said angrily and hang up on him.
” I dare not tell Temi Charles changed his mind she will just make jest of me. I quickly ran so I can catch up on her .
“I saw her about to enter the gate but she stopped, I looked at what makes her stop and it was the mystery guy.
” I quickly dodged so I can give them time but to my surprise Temi didn’t wait for the guy to to talk as she was about to entered the guy dragged her back and I was surprised when she gave him how many slap sef? This guy is a mumu he just stand there while she keeps slapping him like a drum.

” Guys can be stupid sometimes is this love or stupidity he stand there like a statue and the slap keeps hitting his cheeks I trust my Charles he can’t take more than three slaps before he returned his own at least he supposed to stop her.
“This drama makes sense I said when Temi rushed in, I came out of my hideout and walked quickly to the guy.
” He was still holding his cheeks when I get to him, so sorry for the slap I said and was about to go inside but stopped and looked back guy you are very stupid can’t you atleast stop her I think you have to go and meet your mum and asked her which kind of what water she take bath you nonsense I hissed and went inside.
“I saw Temi crying inside like a mother who lost her child.
” Girlfriend to be frank with you what you did is very bad how could you slapped him not even one but a whole seven you are so lucky that he is very stupid because if not he would have beat you black and blue.
” I regret slapping him, how am I going to face him I said crying when my mum call’s came in. I cleaned my face and picked up her call.
” Hi Mummy
“Temi dear what’s wrong with your voice.
“Nothing ma I just woke up.
“Alright dear I just want to tell you that your dad is having a dinner party at home and he would like you to attend.
“Alright mum I said and quickly hang up because I know she will still asked why my voice was like that. I dropped the phone and walked into the bathroom and cry my eyes out in the bath tub.
” I didn’t mean to hold her but there was a stick with nails on it and she was about to step on it that’s why I dragged her back and the next thing I saw was stars.
“You can say am stupid, dumb or call me any name but there is no guy in my shoes that won’t be shocked when a girl suddenly gave you a nonstop slap.
” Never in my life as a lady slapped me like this, to make the matter worse the friend abused me and sent word to my mother.


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