Temi stand up and go and take your bath we will be late for lecture said Lovet who was sitting in front of the mirror making up.
” Hmmmm why did you wake me up? said Temi stretching her body.
” (Laugh) Didn’t I told you not to drink any soft drinks at the party yesterday, see the results ” You better stand up now because is the pot belly man lecture today and you know he don’t tolerate nonsense.
“Oh my God! I haven’t done his assignments , not to worry girlfriend have done it for you ,temi hugged her from the back thank you so much that is why I can’t replace you with anyone. Get your ass into the bathroom we gonna be late said Lovet.
” Thank God we got there on time because the lecturer is a no-nonsense man. I sat down on my seat listening to the man’s lectures when my phone beeps , I checked the message and it was Lovet ” Girlfriend the guy over there is staring at you, I smiled and looked up and to say the truth I saw the guy staring at me and I was like is this one listening to the lecture or the lecture was listening him.
” I looked back and whispers to lovet he is such a looker when the pot belly man hit my desk.
” Miss Temi I can see you are not with us, can I ask what caught your attention? N… Nothing sir I said with shaken voice I was listening to your lecture.
” Oh I see, okay can you please explain what have said to the class again.
” I stood up sluggishly and explain some I have jotted down .
” And you said you are listening said the man with raised voice and I know am doomed for today.
” The whole class eyes are all on me and I thank God I dress well, Lovet you will pay for this I thought when the man hit my desk again and I was scared.
” Am very sorry sir I….. When a voice interrupt me Mr Awolowo stop scaring the life out of the girl, I turned around to see who talked and it was the same guy who was staring at me.
” Is all my fault okay he said jiggling his shoulder while I opened my mouth because nobody as ever talked to the lecturer like that.
” You can sit down said Mr Awolowo and whole class was surprised because the man never allowed anybody to bullshit him.

” The lecture ended and everyone was wondering who that guy was. I searched for him in the class to thanked him but he was nowhere to be found when Lovet wave her hand across my face.
” Leave me alone joor, you know you are the cause of all this I said forming angry.
” Am so sorry sweetie I just want you to know someone noticed you said Lovet with a puppy eyes and we both burst into laughter.
” Did you know the guy I said while packing my books.
” No darling but am sure he came from a wealthy home and I think he likes you said Lovet teasingly while temi hit her playfully and they both walked out of the class.
” There is only one thing I prayed for, wished for, is for Temi to opened her heart to love and see the right man because after the incident with her stepfather she thinks all men are the same and love don’t exist in real life expect in movies.
” I have sit her down several times to tell her your father abandon you doesn’t mean you are not love, your step father forcefully raped you doesn’t mean all men are wicked but she would never listened and anytime I raised this topic we always go to bed with fight .
“To be honest Temi is more beautiful than me, she has all the structure that goes for a model but she is with a closed heart.
“So many guys have tried there best to win her heart but their efforts are all in vain now another one I hope this one show her how to love when I was jolted out of my thoughts by the ringing of my phone, I checked the caller and it was my boyfriend Charles.” I smiled and picked it up Hello honey I said while Temi rolled her eyes.
” Oh okay just give me 15mimutes I will meet you I said before I hang up.
” Temi am so sorry you will have to go alone Charles said he want to see me and it is urgent.
” I just hope that guy won’t snatched you from me at last she she said and I hugged her saying I love you more than Charles and she threatened to tell Charles while her playfully pinch her and run and waved goodbye to her.
” I just don’t know what Lovet see in this guy named Charles, I just hate him for no reason but I have to frame I like him because of my friend.
” I put my headset on my head and play Right Now by Tatiana Manosis and walked slowly to my hostel.
” I was in front of my hostel when I saw the same guy sitting on his car in front of my hostel.
” I wanted to first thanked him for saving me but when he smiled at me I just wave the thought away and was about to walked into my gate when he hold me by my hand and I gave him seven sounding star slap.


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