MY FIRST LOVE … (18+) … Part 30


MY FIRST LOVE 2 Sequence 10
Sequence Finale..
” I was discharged that day same day and I couldn’t believe what happened in past few days I lost memory as my mum and Temi explained everything to me.
” I was so happy to know Temi was carrying my child .My mum drive us while me and Temi sat at the back.
” I held her tightly to myself and touched her stomach every minute during our drive home.
” We got home and I hold Temi hands as we head to the door while my mum was busy parking the car at the garage.
” I was about to open the door when I heard screaming and crying from inside , I looked at Temi and she looked me feeling confused.
” Will you guys stop stop staring at yourself and go inside said my mom as she opened the door suddenly.
” We were all shocked to see bonnie body full of blood and marks while Temi’s friend was sweating like she just came out of an oven.
” We all stand at the door step like a statue, I tried to talk but it seems my tongue was tied down.
” Lulu am so sorry for all have done, please forgive me don’t let her kill me said bonnie in a low tone due to the screaming with tears streaming down her eye .
” Save me please am dying, I promise this time around I will go far away and will never come back again she said with hot tears streaming down her eyes.
” Lovet I really appreciate what you have done but don’t let us pay evil with evil, I think by now she has learnt her lesson said Temi.

” Please free her she doesn’t worth all this said Temi and moved closer to her friend.
” This b—h makes you go through a lot girlfriend and she deserves hundred times the pain you guys go through said Lovet.
” Lovet dear, I know how you feel for your friend and I must say Temi is very lucky to have you as her best friend said my mum.
” Please let her go, am sure she is going to reap what she did sooner or later said my mom as she went to hugged Lovet..
” Am so sorry ma said Lovet and we all looked at her like what else did you want when two police officer came in.
” They loose bonnie and dragged her out while she keeps pleading Luhan please don’t let them take me away with tears streaming down her eyes but I have nothing to do since the law is involved, I just hope she turned a new leaf when she comes out of jail.
” Temi and my mum hugged Lovet saying am so proud of you. I cleared my throat and they parted and looked at me.
” Am the sick patient here, don’t I deserve some hugs too I said and opened my hands widely and they all came to hugged me .
“We were still hugging ourselves when we heard a knock on the door. We all parted and I went to opened the door and was surprised to see Temi’s parents with flowers on their hands.
” Welcomed back dear they both chorused and hugged me .
” Temi dad hand me a flower and I thanked, I gestured with my hand for them to come in and they did.
” Mummy! Temi said and run to hugged her mum.
” Easy love be careful she said and point to her baby bump, am so proud of you she said and hand her are flower too.
” Thank you so much ma they both said to my mum .
” We were still in our happy mood when a call came through from my mum’s phone.
” We all parted and wait, she checked the caller and whispered to us that it was my dad before picking it up.
” Hello dear said my mom.
” Put the phone on speaker love he said and my mum obliged.
” I know everyone is here and I will want you all to listen attentively to what am going to say.
” Luhan your mum explained everything to me and I would like to tell you your wife,No sorry I mean your wife to be is not giving birth to my grandchild in Nigeria.
” Dad! She is still schooling I said.
” Will you let me land he said and continue, I know my wife to be is still schooling and I know we haven’t ask her hand in marriage from you our in-laws and am very sorry for that because she is now part of our family since she is carrying our heir.
” Dad we haven’t done the scan so how do you know the baby is a boy said Luhan and we all burst into laughter including my dad.
” I think Nigeria as make you loose your manners Lulu, would you please keep your mouth shut and let me talk.
” I just want to tell you that their wedding is going to take place in the next two weeks in Germany and Temi will further her education in New York since that’s where they will be living after their wedding , am so sorry in-laws I didn’t ask for your opinion I hope you are good with what I said.
” Yes of course said Temi’s parent.
“Since you guys have concluded I will be expecting you in Germany he said and hang up.
” My parents very happy for me, we all dine and wine and discussing the wedding preparations while eating.
” We all talked, gist and laugh that night and I must confess am the happiest woman on earth.
” It’s was past eleven when my parents and lovet said their goodbyes and we escort them outside and bid them good night.

” I and Luhan head to our bedroom holding each other hands, I need to take a shower I said and turned to go into bathroom when he suddenly carried me in a bridal style and I let out a girly scream.
” Shhh….. stop shouting mum is gonna hear you he said and I put my hand on my mouth and giggle while he takes me to the bathroom.
” He gently placed me inside the bath tub and I looked into his eyes ” I love you ” I said and draw him closer to me and kissed him.
” We kissed for a while and parted trying to catch our breathe, he kissed my forehead and said I want to give my baby a warm welcome so please the court is in my hand he said and kissed my stomach while I rubbed his hair.
” He undressed me gently and it was so romantic, I was completely naked in front of him.
” I love you Temi and am so lucky to have you as my wife and mother to my children he said and come into the tub with me and I help him undress too.
” Temi please don’t keep any secrets from me in the future he said and I nod.
” Baby let’s start our honey moon right here he said and smirked and I chuckled, his head came down and his lips met mine.
” We began kissing, his hand roaming my body down to my waist and he was very conscious of the baby.
” I moaned giving him much access to touch me anywhere he wanted and we ended making love in the bath tub and continue the rest in the bedroom.


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4 Comments on “MY FIRST LOVE … (18+) … Part 30”

  1. Good story, i admired temi friend’s lovet for beating bonnie to death. Good writer’s… congratulation my dear…Am from liberia

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