” I came back with the paramedics and Luhan was taken into the ambulance with Temi beside him and they drove straight to the hospital.
” I went back inside and dragged the B—h who was still sleeping on a chair, I looked for a rope and tied her hands and legs to it.
” Am going to teach you a lesson for what you have done to my friend before handling you to the police.
” You can’t escape this time around I said to myself and went to the kitchen take some water in a bowl and look around for a thick wire.
” Fortunately I saw a wire under the sink I took it and came out to meet the B—h struggling to release herself.
” I woke up later to find myself tied on the chair, I looked around there was no Temi or Luhan.
” Who tied me like that I said to myself and struggled to loose the rope. ” I was still struggling to remove my hand when a lady came in front of me.
” I looked at her and I don’t think I have ever seen her before.
” Who are you I said to her in an angry tone, she gave me a selfish grin and I know am in trouble.
” I came in front of her and gave her a devilish grin.
” You don’t need to know me since I know I said to her and pull my sleeve up.
“Baby we are going to have a nice time today I said and dip the wire into the water and flogged her with it while she screamed out in pain.
” I keep beating her while she screamed in pain begging me to please stop but I didn’t listen to her, you have make my friend go through worst so this is just a tip of ice berg for you I said and beat her again while she keeps screaming in pain.
” Luhan was taken into the OPT immediately, I called his mum and explained everything to her.
” Temi please calm down, don’t call your parents for now I will be right there now she said and hang up.
” I was busy pacing up and down the corridor with tears streaming down my eyes when his mum came to me.

“Mummy!!! I said and hugged her with tears in her eyes too.
” We were still hugging ourselves when a nurse came to us. ” Ma’am this is not the time for this, all you have to do now is to pray she said , we thanked her and she left.
” We holds each other hands after the nurse left and pray to God to heal Luhan.
” The doctor came out and we rushed to him. How is he? We both chorused.
” He is perfectly okay ma, you have to thank God the drug is not harmful, is just a B. Co complex and pain relief , he coughs out blood because he put too much pressure on himself because he was trying to recollect something said the doctor.
” Congrats ma, he now fully as his memory back said the doctor and shake Luhan’s mum.
” I was very happy Can I see him now I asked the doctor.
” Yes of course he said and I didn’t wait for him to finish his statement before I run to Luhan ward.
” I rushed inside and met him lying down on the bed, I moved slowly towards him with tears streaming down my eyes and hugged him tightly.
” He pull me away from him and I was so shocked.
” I look into his eyes searching for an answer , if you keep any secret from me again I don’t think I will be able to forgive you he said and crushed his lips on mine.
” I kissed him back like my whole life depends on it with hot tears streaming down my eyes.
” Temi didn’t wait for the doctor to finish before she ran to Luhan ward. I looked at the doctor and we both burst into laughter.
” Thanks Doc I said and shake him, you will have to come me into my office so I can prescribe some drugs you will buy for him and sign some papers before we can discharge him he said and left.
” I was the happiest woman on earth, I told the doctor to let me go and see my son first and he agreed with me.
” I run to my son ward but stopped on my track at the entrance of the ward when I saw Luhan and Temi kissing and devouring each other lips not minding if someone came in.
” I was so surprised I thought to myself see the person that was sick I said and smiled.
” I have been standing there for the past forty minutes and they are still kissing each other. What are this guys doing I said and covered my eyes.
” I cleared my throat and they both parted trying to catch their breathe.
” I can see you are now okay I said to Luhan and he smiled. Please be careful of my baby don’t squeezed him for me in the process of kissing I said to them and we all burst into laughter


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