” I was still crying my eyes out when a nurse came to me and said ma’am the doctor said you should see him in the hospital right away she said and walked away looking suspicious.
” I tried to asked her what’s the problem but she didn’t wait to listened me. I looked around searching for Bonnie and I remember she said she wanted to go and check on Temi.
” I stand up sluggishly and went straight to the doctor office. I knock on his door and he told me to come in.
“I met him and two matron in his office and I gave them a look like please what’s happening here.
” Madam we are so sorry I know we really offend you and we will like you to please find it in your heart to forgive us said the elder matron.
” I don’t understand what you guys are saying, you didn’t offend me I said looking surprised.
” Ma, it was actually a mistake your son is not dead, it was the nurse that did the mistake of switching the patient ward because it was two people that are involved in an accident that night said the doctor.
” Please can you please say it again I don’t think I heard you well I said to them.
” Ma what we are actually saying is that your son survive the accident while the other patient gave up ghost but because they are both operated at the same time that’s why there is a mistake said the other matron.
” We are so sorry MA they all said and the woman went on their knees while the doctor prostrate.
“You don’t have to apologize I said and lift the eldest woman up, I am the one that supposed to be thanking you for saving my son life I said with fresh tears streaming down my eyes.
” Can I see my son because I still can’t believe what you are saying I said and they direct me to Luhan ward.
” I walked into my son ward and saw him resting his back at the hospital bed with bandage all over his head.
” Mum why did you came late, have been expecting you because am seriously hungry said Luhan.
“I walked slowly to my son with tears of joy streaming down my eyes, Aba…….Yomi I said and hugged him.
” Mum easy you are hurting me he said and I quickly let go, I looked into his eyes and he just keep smiling at me.
” Mum will you please stop crying am right in front of you please help said pleading with his hand.
” I need to tell Temi the good news I said and run out of the ward while the doctor wanted to say something but I can’t wait to break the good news to Temi.
” I was still on the hospital bed with my parents beside me when Luhan’s mum barge in suddenly and said loudly Temi Luhan is alive she said happily and I looked at both my parent eyes while they did the same.
” Madam I will advise you to please stop this joke so Temi won’t injured herself and your son child said my dad before he realized he as let out the cat in the bag.
” You mean Temi is carrying my grandchild said Luhan’s mum and she walked towards me and hugged me tightly.
” We thought Luhan’s mum as gone mental because of her son death that’s why she is behaving like that.
” Mum please take it easy with yourself, Luhan’s is dead let accept the fact I said with tears streaming down my eyes while hugging her.

” She looked into my eyes and said am saying the truth Temi Luhan’s is alive she said and explained everything to us.
” I didn’t allow her finish her explanation before I jumped out of the hospital bed and ran to Luhan’s ward while my parent and Luhan’s mum run after me saying Temi please take it slow you know your condition but I didn’t listened to them.
” I went into Luhan’s ward and run up to him and hugged him tightly with fresh tears streaming down my eyes.
“Thanks for been alive I said hugging him and while he struggled to free himself from me. I Released him and looked into his eyes.
” Who are you? He asked looking confused .
” Luhan I know you are very angry with me but I will explain everything to you but you have to stop this joke is too expensive I said.
” So sorry lady I seriously don’t know you he said.
“I looked back and saw my parent and Luhan’s mum standing at the entrance of door looking surprised .
” Abayomi please stop this nonsense don’t tell me you don’t know the love of your life again said his mum.
” Mum am d–n serious I have never met her before he said and I quickly let go of his hand and stand up slowly.
” This can’t be happening I know he still angry at me that’s why he is saying that I said and moved closer to my mum.
” I hold my mum hands and said mum please beg Luhan to forgive me, he can punish me in whatever way he pleases but he shouldn’t deny me not knowing me I said with tears streaming down my eyes.
” I don’t think I understand this anymore, Luhan she is carrying your baby for goodness sake stop all this joke said his mum , did you think………… and she was interrupted by the Doctor Who came in.
” Madam I will like you all to come out and follow me to my office , the patient need a lot of rest and you are disturbing him he said and gestured with his hand for us to follow him and we all did.
” The patient as a memory loss and he is likely not to remember a few things and I will like you not to pressure him much.
” What I don’t understand is that why can’t he remember you of all people, maybe you are so dear to him and he was hurt badly by you before the accident maybe that’s why he can’t remember you.
” The only thing I can suggest his for you to find a way to make him regained his memory without putting much pressure on him or not you are likely to lost him forever.
” Since you are the only one he didn’t remember then you are the only one that can make him gain his memory back but it will take a lot of time and prayer he said to me and I sat on the floor suddenly with hot tears streaming down my eyes while Luhan’s mum and my mum keeps calming me down.
” I think this is the right time for me because I heard all what the doctor said and I can say am very happy with it.
” I will make Luhan hates Temi to the extent he will never want to set his eyes on her and that way I will be able to be his wife I said and laughed.
” I will now see how she can make him regained his memory said Bonnie and left the hospital.


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