” I was in the living room watching news when I heard a knock on the door, I stand up and walked towards the door thinking it was the dry cleaner that came to drop the clothes he washed. I opened the the door and was surprised to see Bonnie standing in front of me.
“Hi mum she said smiling, I just came to pick my clothes.
” Did you think am going to let you step inside this house after all you have done, I don’t know why Luhan is taking pity of you, he should have let them lock you in the cell I said feeling angry.
” Oh my goodness said Bonnie and hold her head, I don’t know the caring woman as become a devil overnight said Bonnie.
” (Smile ) I think I prefer the little Bonnie who was was so kind, caring with a big heart than the she-satan standing in front of me I said and I see how the words touched her.
” Well am not going to let you step into this house, you can stay outside and I will help you pack your rags I said and was about to step inside when my phone beeps.
” I checked the caller and it was Temi calling, my future daughter in law is calling I said and I can see anger written all over Bonnie face but I care less before I picked up the call.
“Hi darling , is Luhan still with you?
” Mu…. Mum…. said Temi with shaky voice.
“What’s wrong darling? Don’t tell me you and you baby have fight again I said with smile while Bonnie keeps looking at me.
“Mummy Luhan is involved in an accident and he is in a very critical condition said Temi and I can sense she is crying.
” The phone dropped from my hand and I was about to fall down due to the shock when Bonnie grab me.
” Mum what’s the problem asked Bonnie.
” B…. Bonnie Luhan is involved in an accident I said with tears streaming down my eyes. I grabbed Bonnie by her clothes and said please tell me you are not the architect of this problem I said and with hot tears streaming down my eyes.
” I swear with my life I don’t know anything about it, why will I do that to the man I love she said with tears streaming down her eyes too.
” Let’s go to the hospital I said and bonnie support me up, I couldn’t drive because of the shock so it was Bonnie that drive to the hospital while I was thinking God please save my son.
” I was still crying on the floor when my phone rings , I checked the caller and it was Luhan. I was so happy I quickly picked up the call but was surprised to hear another voice.
” Hello please who am I speaking with I asked.
” Hello, please we checked his phone and we see he store your number with my world that’s why we called.
“Where is Luhan? Please give the phone to him, I know he is still angry with me I said with tears.

” Am sorry ma’am, we are calling from JIHF HOSPITAL, Your husband is involved in an accident and he is in a very critical condition and we need you here right now said the person and hang up.
” No!!!!!! I screamed loudly which makes my mum, dad and Justin run up to me.
” Temi what’s the problem they all chorused.
” M…. um….. Luhan just had an accident I said with tears streaming down my eyes.
” Take it easy dear said Justin, I stand up suddenly and hit him with everything I lay my hands on with all my strength saying how dare you talk and it took a lot of minutes before my dad and mum was able to get hold of me.
” I was satisfied with the way I beat the bastard because he was now bleeding in his nose and mouth. Mum I need to go I said and run inside to pick my car keys.
” I was about to enter my car when my dad collect the key from me and said I won’t let you kill yourself too, I will drive he said and entered the car while I sat at the passenger sit while Justin sat at the back even if I didn’t want him to follow me but my dad insist. My dad told my mum to stay at home and look after my brother even if she doesn’t like the idea . We drive out of the compound and head to the hospital while I was busy crying.
“We got to the hospital and I quickly came down from the car and ran inside, I met some nurses on my way I asked them about Luhan and I was told he was in the emergency room.
” The doctor came out and asked if am his wife and I said no that am his girlfriend.
” He has lost a lot of blood and he need blood so I will advise you to call his mum or dad so they can donate blood for him before an hour or not he is going to die he said and left.
” Oh my God what am I going to do I said and burst into fresh tears. My dad hold me and told me to calm down.
” I picked my phone and call Luhan’s mum and I see how shocked she is when she heard the News.
” Luhan’s mum came to meet me and we both went to the doctor office with the rest.
” Ma’am are you the same blood group with your son asked the doctor.
” No sir, it was only my husband and he is not around said his mom with tears in her eyes.
” I think you should all accept your son is dead if we didn’t get the blood for him in the next forty minutes.
” I was still crying when I remember I am an O positive. I quickly shout I will do it am an O positive and the doctor quickly stand up and called the nurse that I should be taken to where I will donate my blood.
” After collecting my blood the doctor told us what he need right now is your prayer because he is 90% dead and 10% alive he said and went into the Operation Theater.


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