” I will make you suffer twice the pain am going through Temi. Luhan is my man, only my man and nobody can snatch him away from me.” I tied up the nurse in the kitchen and lock her up.
“I put on her uniform and cover my eyes with a mask to avoid been recognized . I hold the knife under the uniform and walked towards Temi’s ward. I tiptoe to her side to avoid Lulu from waking up I looked at Luhan once again before i lift the knife up to stab Temi when someone hold my hand tightly.
“I looked at the person and it was Lulu, I dropped the knife out of fear and look at him.
“Please forgive me, let me go am begging you I said shedding some crocodile tears. He hold my hands tightly and I screamed in pain which wake Temi up.
” She was so surprised to see me, she looked on the floor and covered her mouth when she was the knife I want to use to stab her. She closed her eyes and said Luhan please let her go don’t let us pay evil with evil .
” Temi stop defending this lady he half yell, I am not going to leave her until I hand her over to the police. She is an animal who is not supposed to be living in the human world said Luhan while he tried to drag me outside.
” Temi please beg him for me, am so sorry I regret what have done to you, please just let me go and I promise you will never see me again for the rest of your life I said with tears streaming down my eyes.
“Luhan please leave her for my sake said Temi and removed his grip on my hand while I quickly run outside.
“Temi why did you have to let this devil go he said and yell at her, he looked at her eyes and saw tears swelling up in her eyes.
” He rubbed his head and moved towards her, am sorry for yelling at you said Luhan and raise her face up to look at him. Can you please stop crying it hurts my heart he said and wipe her tears and she hugged him.
” I know as long as Bonnie is still outside she will never stop that’s why I hell at Temi for letting her go but I can’t bear the pain of seeing her crying. I just hoped she won’t regret letting her go I said before we went to sleep back.
” I woke up and touched my side but it was empty, I stand and was surprised to see my mum, Temi and Lovet standing in front of me with funny faces.
” Abayomi are you now the patient because I can’t understand how you are the one on the bed said my mum trying to hide her laugh.

” I covered my face feeling ashamed and they all burst into laughter before I joined them.” The doctor came in and was surprised to see everyone laughing, I can see everyone is alright now he said. You are discharged today miss Temi but please make sure you take a lot of rest and take your drugs properly , please come and sign some papers in my office before going he said to me and left.
” I was discharged from the hospital and I was taken to Luhan’s house because his mum insist I stay with them till I get better and I have no choice than to accept. We dropped lovet at the hostel before going home .
“Temi dear, you will have to stay in Luhan’s bedroom till I arranged yours for you said Luhan’s mum.
” I looked at Luhan face and I know he is very happy that we will be sharing the same room. Mum……… I tried to oppose it but I was interrupted by Luhan. You don’t have to worry I will sleep on the couch and the bed is all yours.
” Temi if you are not comfortable with it, you can come into my room if that big head is disturbing you she said and I laughed.
” Luhan please show her your room so she can rest said his mom before she leaves for her room. I looked at him and he gestured with his hand for me to follow him .
” He open the door and I was surprised to see my picture on a wallpaper all over his room. Like seriously Lulu I think this room is just for me I said and touched the wallpaper admiring it.
” He came to my back and hold me by my waist I love you Temi and you will forever be mine he said and lick my earlobe and I hit him playfully.
” You are so naughty I said and turned to face him. Where is the way to the bathroom I need to take my shower I said and he smiled , this way miss he said and bow his head and I laughed before going into the bathroom.
” I took my bath and tied his towel around my chest , I came out of the bathroom drying my hair with the towel. I looked at Luhan and he is sleeping peacefully on the bed.
” I smiled and said to myself he look like a baby when sleeping , I was walked towards his closest to pick one of his shirt when the towel slipped down from my body.
” Oh my goodness I said I quickly want to pick it on the floor since Luhan is still sleeping . I was about to pick it up when I heard him cough, I looked up and saw him staring at me wildly .


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