” I walked into the hospital looking around for Luhan when I saw him crying and talking to his mom with tears in his eyes. Oh my God don’t tell me it is what am thinking I said and screamed louder which makes the nurses , Luhan and his mom run up to me.
“No!!! Don’t tell me Temi is dead I said with tears in my eyes and they all looked at each other before bursting into laughter. Who told you such thing dear said Luhan’s mum.
” I saw you pacifying Luhan and I thought Temi is dead. Temi is not dead said the doctor and we all run up to him. Where is she? said Luhan. She will be moved into the patient ward and I will advise you not to disturb her he said and left.
” We are very happy, we all rushed to her ward and saw her sleeping peacefully. Luhan kissed her forehead and a tear drop from his eye and lands on Temi face which makes her stir and opened her eyes.
“I looked around thinking of where I am because the last thing I can remember is Luhan fighting with those guys that kidnapped me. I hold my head tightly as the incident keeps playing on my head.
” Temi are you okay? please talk to me said Luhan . Please go and call the doctor said Luhan holding me tightly while Lovet and his mum rushed out to call the doctor.
“Temi please tell me how are you feeling said Luhan with tears streaming down his eyes. I looked up at him and murmurs Luhan before I passed out again.
“The doctor came in with Lovet and my mom .He took his stethoscope and examine her. How is she doctor? said my mum, she is alright ma she just need a lot of rest to recover and I will advise you not to ask her any questions for now he said and went out.
” I checked the time and it is 10pm and Temi hasn’t wake up. We are all tired and none of us have eaten anything since morning .”Mum is almost pass 10, you guys should go home and rest I will stay with her said Luhan.
“Let me stay with her too said Lovet.
” No lovet just go home and have a rest, you can bring some of her clothes when coming tomorrow said Luhan.
“Alright then , please take care of yourself too , I will bring you some cloth and food tomorrow said my mum before they left.

” I woke up feeling better, I looked around and saw Luhan dosing off on the chair, I smiled to myself and stand up slowly and went to the bathroom to ease myself.
” I came back from the toilet and on the bed, I looked at him and said you look handsome when sleeping. I moved towards him and kissed him lightly on his lips which make him open his eyes.
“Temi how are you feeling now he said and I smiled. What kind of questions is that? I just kissed you now and you are asking me how am I feeling.
“He looked at me in the eyes and all I see is love in his eyes, he carried me on his laps and kissed me which lasted for ten minutes.
“We are both out of breath when we parted. I love you Luhan I said and he couldn’t believe the words coming out of my mouth.
” Temi you said you what? said Luhan .
” I love you Lulu and you are the first man my heart beat for I said and looked into his eyes. You are like a light in my world, from the day you walked into my life, you’re all I think about. You’re the reason I breathe. You are the stars in my sky. I wouldn’t want this any other way. You are the love of my life said Temi .
“I never really knew what pure and selfless love was until I met u. When I looked into your eyes I didn’t see just you, I saw today, my tomorrow and my future for the rest of my life. Thank you for coming into my love said Luhan and kissed Temi.
” I kissed him back like my whole life depends on it, Lulu easy I said when he was caressing my back roughly.
” Just wait a little bit am all yours I said and we both burst into laughter. Thanks for being alive for me said Luhan .
” Am feeling sleepy I said and he carried and put me on the bed gently and tucked me in. He wanted to go and sit on the couch when I dragged him back to me and said where are you going? Sleep with me please I said with a puppy eyes.
” Thank God am in a private ward and the bed is enough for two people. He smiled and I shift for him, he sleeps beside me and I put my head on his chest. I kissed his chest and closed my eyes.
” I can’t believe they just express love to their selves right now. Please don’t asked me now how I escaped is a long story and am not ready to tell you now.
” Bonnie you have to do something I said to myself when I saw a nurse coming towards where I hide. I grabbed her from behind and cover her mouth to prevent her from screaming. I put a knife on her neck and said I need your uniform right now.


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