” Please am begging you let me save her, you can do anything you want with me I said.
“Will you shut up your mouth, if I heard any word coming out of that your filthy mouth I will first kill that useless being on your hand before killing you said the leader.
” I quickly shut my mouth and think of a way of saving myself and Temi , he keeps coming closer to us while I am move backwards. I looked at him and I see he is just a few inches from me when a thought came into my mind.
” I kicked the gun on his hand suddenly and it landed on the floor, he gave me a hard stare and I quickly dropped Temi on the floor. He wanted to pick the gun again and I kicked it which makes the gun fling away.
” He looked at me and said you think you are smart and I will show you nobody is smarter than me he said and brought out a knife.
” I moved backward thinking of what to do next, God please help me I said to myself while he keeps walking towards me.
” He looked at me one more time and I thought he was coming toward but hell no the bastard was going to stab Temi.
” I quickly run in front of him and he stabbed me with the knife instead of Temi, I kneel down in pain with tears in my eyes am so sorry Temi I can’t save you.
” He took the gun from the floor and burst into laughter. I think I can give you a minute to say your last prayer maybe God can join you and your lover together in heaven he said and point the gun at my head.
” I closed my eyes waiting for my death when I heard a gunshot, I thought I was now in heaven because I didn’t feel any pain. I opened my eyes to see the leader in a pool of blood. I looked up and saw my mum with four police officer with guns in their hands.
” Abayomi!!! My mom said and run up to me, am so sorry I came late she said with tears streaming down her eyes.”Mum please save Temi she has passed out for the past four hours I said holding my side where I was stabbed trying to prevent the blood from rushing out.
” The ambulance is outside said my mum when two men came in and carriedTemi and I was assisted by my mum and one police officer outside.
” I was quickly given a first aid in the car before they drove straight to the hospital while my mum follow the police in the their van with those bastard at the back of the car. ” We are on our way to the hospital, I sat beside Temi telling her to stay with me when a call came through, I checked the caller and it was Lovet.
” I picked it up and said You can meet us at Royan Hospital, what happened to Temi she said on the phone feeling scared.
” Please listen to me, don’t call her parents am begging you just meet me at the hospital I will explain everything to you I said before I hang up.

“Temi was rushed into the OPT, the doctor said she is in a critical condition and she need to be treated right away while I was admitted into a ward where my wounds are been treated.
” I called my mum on phone and she asked how is Temi. She is been taken to the OPT I said feeling sad.
” Oh my God, I pray she is alright ,am also in the police station those guys have been put in the cell and they will be charged to court on Monday, I am on my way to the hospital right now said my mum before she hangs up.
” I called Luhan to asked about Temi and he said I should meet him in the hospital. I hope nothing as happened to Temi, I think I have to call her parents because they are going to blame me if they later hear about the story I said and picked up my phone, am so sorry Luhan I need to this because of my safety I said and dialed Temi’s mum number.
” Hello ma I said when she picked her calls.
” Hello darling, have been trying Temi’s line but she is not picking my calls said her mom.
” MA I just want to inform you that……. but she interrupt me, You don’t need to apologize I know she is mad at me for not telling her me and her dad just went on a vacation to Dubai said her mom and I didn’t know what to say again.
” Please beg her for me that me and her dad are very sorry we will be back in two months time, call me when she is no more angry so I can talk to her she said and hang up on me without listening to me.
” I have nothing to do than to go and meet them at the hospital I said and went out of our hostel.
” I was so scared because it been past one hour since Temi was rushed into the operation theater and I haven’t heard any news, I tried to talk to the nurse coming of the OPT but none of them gave me an answer .
” I was still pacing up and down of the hospital corridor when my mom came to me. How is she? Any news yet she asked.
” Mum I don’t know what to do, is been past one hour now and they ain’t coming out of that room I said and sat on the floor crying.
” Luhan please stop this said my mum calming me down. I just hoped she is gonna be fine mum I said and buried my head in her chest crying. I looked up at her and said this is all Bonnie fault and she is going to regret ever doing this I said looking determined.
” Where is that b—h mum, I hope she is in the cell right now I asked. Am so sorry dear Bonnie escaped said my mum before we got home and I didn’t know who opened the door for her.
“What! I said.


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