” I walked out on my mum and sat in my car thinking of what to do when a message pop up on my phone. I picked my phone and opened the message but was shocked to see Temi beaten black and blue with blood all over her face.
“Mummy why I said hitting the steering of car hard with tears streaming down my eyes. I get out of my car and went inside to beg my mom.
” I knock on her door but there was no response, I opened the door gently and was surprised to see my mum on her knees praying for Temi to come home with tears in her eyes. I didn’t know what to do or say I just stood there like a statue.
” I was still thinking when I felt a hand on my shoulder, I looked up and saw my mum in front of me.”Abayomi believe me I can never do such thing am not cruel to the extent of kidnapping her she said and burst into fresh tears and I hugged her with tears in my eyes .
” Mum am so sorry , I don’t know what to do again, this girl brought a new light into my world and I won’t be able to forgive myself if I loose her I said crying on her shoulder when a thought came into my mind.
“Mum where is your phone I said and she quickly gave me her phone. I checked her messages and there was no any sent message or Temi message there .
“Mum did you delete the message Temi sent to you? Which message said my mum. I haven’t received any message since you drive me home, this is making me crazy I said and sat on her bed.
“Oh I think I left it at the living room when you walked out on me and it was Bonnie that brought it inside my room. Maybe you should asked her if she see any message on my phone said my mum. Believe Abayomi I didn’t receive any message.
” I think everything is becoming clearer to me I thought but Bonnie just came back from New York and she have no friends or relatives here I said when a thought came into my mind.
” Mum am coming , please don’t leave this room I said and went out.

” I was in my room resting When I heard a knock on the door, I stand and was surprised to see Luhan drunk in front of me. Lulu What is the matter I said and he suddenly rest on my shoulder no word please he said and pushed me on the bed.
” Stop this Lulu you are drunk I said and pushed him away. He dragged me back and kiss me and I was so surprised because this is the first time he is kissing me.
” I smiled and kissed him back, he opened his eyes and I look at him and murmurs I love you before he slept off. I knew you will come back to me I said and picked my phone.
” Hello, I don’t care whatever you do with that w—e I just want to tell you that I have my man back I said when I felt a hand on my shoulder.
” I looked back and almost jumped out of fear when I saw Luhan giving me a dangerous look. He gave me a hard slap and I fall to the floor.
” He picked up my phone and went out, I tried to run after him, he pushed me inside and locked me up while I keep screaming you A—–e open me up, you bastard.
” I never believed Bonnie can do this thank God I put on those acting and it worked for me. I went into my mom’s room and explained everything to her and she was so surprised Bonnie can do such things.
” Mum I need to save TEMI I said and went out. I drove roughly to the hideout and came out of my car. I looked everywhere and it was so silent. I was still contemplating on what do when someone hit me with a stick.
” I hold my head in pain and looked back, thanks to my dad who enrolled me in taekwondo and boxing school back then in Germany.
” I fought with him and defeat him, I hold his neck tight and use him as a shield inside. I found three guys inside with Temi tied to a poll.
” I dropped the guy am holding and gestured for the guys to come. They all came running to me with different weapons.
” To cut the story short I fought those three guys and they are all laying on the floor fighting for their life. I went to Temi side and called her name but she didn’t respond. I used my hand to raise her face up, Temi!!! and it was dawn on me she as passed out.
” I quickly loose her and carry her, please stay with me I said and turned to leave when a gun was pointed on my head. I looked up and it was the leader of the guys.
” Did you think you can escape, if you take any step am going to blow your head off he said and laughed mischievously.
” What am I going to do, I need to save Temi I said to myself.


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