“What am I going to do ? Is almost time for that w—e to be coming I said pacing up and down my room. Bonnie you have to act fast I said to myself when a thought came into my mind .
” There is always this guys at the junction of the street I think they are Area boys, I will just have to pay them and let them do the job for me I said and pick up my car key and went out.
“Hello guys I said trying to cover my nose because of the smell of the cigarette they are smoking.
“Oyinbo pepper what can we do for you said the one who I think is their leader.
“I….. I want nothing much I said and brought out some dollars and I can see how surprised they look. I just want you to kidnap a lady for me and held her captive until I told you guys to released her I said with the dollars in my hand.
” (Laugh ) This is the simplest job we will ever do oyinbo said their leader and they all burst into laughter.” Just describe the lady for us and know your job is done.
” I described how she is and where she thinks Luhan’s mum is going to meet her to them. Can I have a word with you please I said to the leader and he nods his head. He came closer to me and I whispered into his ear.
” No problem ma’am he said and I hand over the money to him. I looked around to see if am not been followed before entering my car and zoom off.
” I was on my way to the principal house when I saw two guy following me. I was so suspicious so I walked faster , when I see they are about to catch up with me I take to my race while they run after me.
” Who am I going to call, this is an estate no matter how I screamed nobody will come to my rescue I said to myself running but stopped on my track when I saw three guys in front of me.
” Please don’t kill me I said and quickly went on my knees, if you want money am ready to call my….. when I received a resounding slap from one of the guys .
” Shut up your mouth, did you think we came to steal from you, what an insult see how this little rat is talking to me said the leader.”Guys I leave the rest to you he said and turned his back.
“I thought they want to raped me so I was praying in my mind that God should save me when I felt something on my nose. I tried to free myself but they have hold me down and the next thing I know is that everything become blurred to me before I passed out .
” I drive straight to Temi’s hostel so I can beg her for what my mom did earlier. I stand in front of her door for ten minutes contemplating on what to say to her before knocking.
” I muster my mind up and knock,It was her friend that opened the door .
” Hi Lovet, please I really need to talk to Temi please don’t say no I really wanna apologize for what my mom did I said and she was just staring at me like am speaking another language.”Please say something .
” I am just so surprised so sorry I didn’t respond quick, Temi is actually not at around. She was on her way to beg your mom.
” Beg my mom? I can’t believe this please explain to me better I said.

” Well she texted an apology letter to your mom to forgive her and your mum reply her that she should come by herself to repeat it in front of her said Lovet.
“W… What I can’t believe this, my mom can’t say that I said so surprised.
” Did you think am lying said Lovet and gave me Temi phone. I read the message all over again because I couldn’t believe my eyes.
” Thank you so much I will head home now I said when a call came through. I checked the caller and it was an unknown number.
” I pick it up , hello Luhan on the line who am I speaking with please.
” Bobo stop the blabbing we are sent by your mama to kidnap your girl he said and I heard Temi voice. Luhan please save me she said with tears in her voice .
” TEMI!!! I said but they hang up on me, I tried calling the number back but it was unavailable.
“Darn it I said and hit my leg on the wall, why didn’t you follow her when she said she was going I half yell at Lovet.
” You know how stubborn Temi is, I tried my best to confuse her to let me follow her but she won’t listened.
” And you said you are her friend, why can’t you secretly follow her, Temi has-been kidnapped I said and she screamed.
” I know what to do I said and walked quickly to my car while lovet was asking me to wait for her .
” Let me solved this myself I said to her and entered my car and drove roughly home .
” I barged into my mum’s bedroom in anger, Abayomi have you lost your manners she said .
” Mom please save it, how could you kidnap a child who is enough to be your daughter.
” I don’t understand what you are saying Luhan said my mom .
” Stop the pretense mom, you said you are not yet finished with her and you really showed it. Mum I never expect this from you, you are not the mama I know anymore. I know you can get angry for what she did but you shouldn’t have gotten to the extent of kidnapping her.
” Luhan please stop this, I don’t understand you, I didn’t kidnapped anybody.
” Mum! Temi is kidnapped and I received a call you are the one that order them to do so.
” Believe me son, I didn’t do that I swear said my mom.
” If you don’t released her in the next forty minutes you will have to deal with me first I said and walked out on her while she keeps calling my name.
“Mission one complete, I think am going to enjoy this drama between mother and son. I picked up my phone and call the leader.
” Hello I want you to beat her blue and black now and send the video to Luhan to see how his beloved is screaming in pain.
” Count it done MA said the leader before I hang up. I smiled to myself and said I want to see how far you can go Lulu.


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