” Open the door Temi is me I said for the third time before she opened the door. Her eyes are red shot due to crying , Temi you don’t need this the deed has already been done. The next thing now is what we have to do next which I think you will have to go and beg his mum.
” Did you think she will forgive me? I have never seen her this angry before said Temi sniffing. ” You just have to give it a try then we will know what next to do said Lovet.
” Please follow me I can’t face her alone , no problem dear I will follow you what are friends for she said and hugged her while she burst into fresh tears when we heard a knock on the door. I opened the door and met our course mate Stella at the door.
“Hi , can I come in said Stella . Yes you can I said and gestured for her to come in. I am just coming from the campus and you won’t believe the video of how Temi slapped the principal son as went viral and I would advise her to stay off campus for a while said Stella .
“Who could have done this? said Lovet. Who else don’t you know is the handiwork of our gossiper. I just came immediately to inform you guys said Stella and bid them goodbye.
“Lovet is this my punishment for my anger or what said Temi with tears streaming down her eye.
I drive my mom straight home because I can’t believe what just happened.” Mum why did you have to do that? I can’t believe you slapped the girl and you are even ready to slap her again why!!!

” Will you shut up your mouth I did what you are supposed to do , Luhan I didn’t raised you like this, you studied overseas doesn’t mean you should be dumb said his mom .
“Luhan I think your mom is right , the girl has to be taught a lesson said Bonnie.
” Excuse me , you don’t have the right to talk when am talking to my mum unless we told you so said Luhan angrily.
” Abayomi is it because of that church rat you are talking to me like this said Bonnie . “And that church rat is going to be my future wife said Luhan.
” What! Luhan’s mum and bonnie chorused. Not when am alive , you haven’t marry her she has been slapping you so what did you expect when you marry her said Luhan’s mum.
“Mom is better you start liking her now because she gonna be your future daughter in law soon said Luhan and walked out angrily.
” This boy is bewitched but I know what to do she said and went into her room.
” I so much love the drama between mother and son, now this is my chance she said and laughed mischievously when her eyes caught Luhan’s mum phone on the couch. I think she forgot it here she said and picked it up . She was still contemplating on what to do with it when a message came in. She checked the message and it was from Temi who was begging her to please forgive her.
” I think this is my chance she said and reply her, come and meet me in the building next to my house and come alone to repeat what you said in front of me she said and quickly delete the message.
” What is my next plan ? I think I have to turn mother and son to enemies first before coming back to the w—e who wants to snatch my man.
” Lovet!!!She reply me back said Temi while Lovet rushed to see it. I think is better I go alone because am the one that start the mess in the first place said Temi.
” I don’t think this is a good idea because am having a strange feeling .How can she replied you so quick said Lovet.
“Not to worry dear, I will go by myself she said and quickly dressed up.


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