MY FATHER’S WIFE…..(18+)…..Part 50


“You are a shame to womanhood and the
institution of marriage, and a shame to
motherhood” the voice of the chief judge
rang out through the court room.
She was a middle aged woman, probably in
her early 60’s but looked fresher. Fair
complexioned with an aura of blatant
Her voice portrayed a lot of pride and a
sense of responsibility.
Amanda stood face down as the whole
court listened to the chief judge let out her
scolds before passing her judgement.
The NDA have charged Dr Odili to court for
his involvement in illegal dealings of
haimdal pills, falsifying medical reports and
an accomplice in Amanda’s attempted
murder on papa.
Amanda on her own part was charged with
basically same charges with Dr odili only
difference being she was the first hand
suspect of the attempted murder while Dr
odili was an accomplice.
I sat across the the courtroom, papa sat at
my left flank with a blank misty look in his
eyes, he was getting better and robust, with
a little difference from his old laugh-filled
Wilson and Jessy sat at the other seat
behind ours in the row, Ryan was already
asleep in Jessy’s arms after hours of
boring court activities, little did he know his
mother was the bone of contention in this
Amanda’s mother sat beside Jessy, a wet
eyes and swollen face. A dim look of self
pity and disappointment in her eyes as she
watched on at her daughter.
After the DNA test result was found out, it
was redone for confirmation and it turned
out Ryan was neither my son nor papa’s.
She had confessed it belonged to her boy
Friend, who she was seeing in school as a
student and way after papa married her
she was still seeing him.
Her mother have taken Ryan to live with
her hence forth, papa promised to see him
through school till he completes his
university education. “after all, he is still my
son” he had muttered to Amanda’s mother
who was thanking him for his kindness
with tears freely flowing down her face.
Somehow his face wore a sad look a father
would wear if he lost a son, Ryan was part
of the family. Blood or not.
Chioma had been absent from the court
room, she had gone back to Abuja to put
her things in order.
Her parents had tendered an apology to
both of us, with the usual “God said that
and this in the bible” reeling out from Mrs
Ugwu’s lips. I wondered if it was supposed
to be an apology or she was preaching to
“After much considerations and
scrutinization of evidences presented, this
court finds the accused guilty as charged”
the chief judge intoned adjusting her perky
glasses in a little pause.
A bout of murmur and hisses followed her
pause, with the clerk banging his fist hard
on the desk shouting “Order in court” i’d
thought his washed out ties needs some
order too.
“The accused have been sentenced to
20years imprisonment” she finishes up
banging her wooden hammer crisply on the
desk. And the court clerk following up with
a shout of “Court……….!!!” his tie dancing to
the wind.
Their was a wild shout from the people in
the court room, many smiled and nodded
while some wore a rather gloomy look.
Tears rolled down Amanda’s cheeks in
quick racing succession, Dr Odili had
gotten 25years in his own sentence, the
NDA had followed the case to the last
making sure justice was served right in a
hot platter.
We watched as the policemen dutifully
guided Amanda into a police van waiting
outside the court, being very professional
like a receptionist receiving someone into a
She looked at me, her handcuffs
shimmered in the sun that filtered into the
open van, her face seemed a little darker
than usual and flesh around the cuffs
beaming red and swollen.
Could see her lips moving while her eyes
was fixed on me. Her hands clasped
together like she was in a fervent prayer,
could make out the words “I am sorry”
from her lip movement.
I nodded slightly and rewarded her with a
smile, she let out a little smile at Jessy
who still had Ryan on her arms, then her
face tilted low facing the floor of the van
this time.

“Nnam, words cannot explain how proud of
you i am today. today my son becomes a
man” Papa’s voice rang into my head.
I was in my room, a tight black Italian suit
and with a gold tie knotted over a
shimmering white shirt, a smart shiny black
Italian shoe i had imported directly from
I looked at papa’s face it was a mixture of
both pride and fulfillment. Happy and
tearful as well ladened in a mild grin.
“Your mother asked me to give you this on
your wedding day ” papa said stretching a
gold necklace with a little gold plate on it,
and engraved writing, though tiny was still
it read “Happy married life to you my baby”
papa’s eyes were becoming misty and it
sparkled under the light. “she bought that
days before she died, said nothing can ever
make her miss giving you a wedding gift
on your wedding day, not even death
could” I could swear a tear escaped his
I looked at the tiny gold necklace on my
hand, it threw off some spontaneous gold
sparkles responding to the lights when hit
at the right angle. This was the best
wedding gift i ever hoped for and somehow
it was like mama was present at my
Yes, my wedding. it has been 2 months
after Amanda was jailed.
Our wedding have being replanned and
things had already taken shape. it was now
a reality.
The church bells tolled as we stepped in. I
was wearing an identical suit and shoes
with Wilson.
The church was filled to the brim with
people, echoing sound of a slow solemn
song oozed from the choir stand.
I and Wilson stood before the priest, who
was wearing a white flowing chasuble,
papa was in the front row pew, chioma’s
parents too and wilson’s. beaming flashes
of grinning teeth were visible with tiny
whispers amplified by the ever cool
environment of a church.
Olumide stood behind us wearing an
identical suit too, wiping of imaginary
sweats from my face every now and then,
the way he stretched his hands to its limit
to reach my face was particularly funny.
The church organ changed its tune into a
slow steady version of “Here comes the
bride” everyone stood up performing a
reflex tilt of the heads to face the aisle.
I looked on, my eyes glued to the aisle and
so was Wilson’s and the priest who was
standing just a foot away from i and
Wilson wearing a holy smile and a book
clutched in his arms.
Their was a high bout of appreciative awe
sound as Ryan, smartly dressed in a
miniature version of black suit with gold tie,
walked in through the aisle door with
Chioma’s little niece who wore a small
version of wedding gown clutching a

A tear dropped from my eyes as Chioma
appeared in the aisle, a long flowing
immaculate wedding gown with tiny
sparkling white jewels in some desired
places. she sparkled and the smile on her
face was dazzling.
Olumide at least got a real job, felt his
handkerchief wiping the lone tear from my
face almost immediately.
Licia was behind Chioma holding up her
veil, she herself wore a beautifully slender
pink long gown.
Jessy came almost immediately after
Chioma, in her own wedding gown too, an
exaggerated big gown. she had never
looked more beautiful, could see Wilson’s
face light up.
People beamed on with smiles following
them with their eyes as they walked down
the long aisle with slow graceful steps that
seemed to have been counted.
“Do you, Wilson take Miss Jessica as your
lawfully wedded wife, promise to love her in
sickness and in health, in riches and in
poverty, for better for worse till death do
you part” The voice of the priest sang out
looking at Wilson, this was one of the
questions everybody already know the
answer to before it was asked.
“Do you miss Jessica take Wilson to be
your lawfully wedded wife……………….” her
face was glued to his with an unending
smile. a gold sparkle escaping from her
neck and i could see a similar necklace like
the one papa gave me from mama around
her neck.
Mama really didn’t miss our wedding.
“Sky” i could hear a whisper and a gentle
nudge on my back, its definitely Olumide.
“Guy answer the priest na” He whispered “e
don reach 10years he asked you your
question and you are still mopping at
Chioma, come deh shed tears like woman”
That was when the tears in my eyes
became noticeable to me, i had spent more
than a minute lost in my own world looking
at the heavenly creature before me. Some
months ago it seemed impossible now its a
reality, it really is over.
“I do” I muttered out wiping the tears off
my face with the handkerchief olumide
slipped into my hand.
“I do” Chioma’s voice rang out filtering into
me. My heart jumped, her beauty was
“I now pronounce you Man and wife, you
may kiss your bride” The priest announced
again, i wonder why they are allowed to
watch the kisses.
Wilson wasted no time in delving his lips
into Jessy’s.
Chioma’s lips on mine was unlike any i
have ever felt in my life, somehow their was
a special ‘feel’ that comes with wedding.
Could see Chioma’s father hugging papa
warmly as they watched on with big grins.
Mrs Ugwu clapping hard, her crisp golden
head tie towering above others beautifully
matched with a similar gold lace blouse
and wrapper, flashed a thumb up to i and
Chioma her grin was an ear to ear brand.
The reception ceremony lasted till the wee
hours of twilight, it is impossible not to
notice the way detective David and Licia
utilized every little opportunity to talk which
always got licia laughing out loud.
I looked around, people were dancing,
howling and shouting with flutes of
champagne in their hands raised in the air,
bottles of beers as a blaring hit song from
the speakers got people on the tip of their
David and licia were also dancing, my eyes
moved to papa who was laughing out
loudly being in the midst of pot bellied
politicians, his friends. His usual self was
coming back and so was his protruding
The wedding hall was massive and no
expense was spared in decorating it. Jessy
and Chioma worked on the plans together.
Clicks of photo cameras from media house
firms was heavy and the flashes, blinding.
Jessy winked at me and touched mama
necklace on her neck, i smiled and touched
mine, clutched Chioma’s hands tightly.
everything was perfect for me now and
hopefully soon the real Johnysky junior will
join us.
It really happened just like papa said “All
will be well”


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32 Comments on “MY FATHER’S WIFE…..(18+)…..Part 50”

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