MY FATHER’S WIFE…..(18+)…..Part 28


Going down to the dinning. Amanda, jessy
and papa ate and talked like everything was
normal. raising topics and jokes mingled in
resounding laughter that seemed to make
me even more lost, tensed and confused
than i was.
I stole glances at both jessy and papa with
my facial expression wearing a lot of
questions, don’t even know if they noticed i
was even there with them on the dinning.
It felt like a whole new planet to me, before
my eyes a nollywood movie is being played
out and i cant help but watch in utter
I left the dinning room after eating as much
as i could endure as the food hardly went
down my throat. I eyed Jessy then thanked
papa and Amanda before going up to my
“Sky are you here?” Jessy’s voice sipped
into my ears snapping me out of my
Jolting up i pulled jessy to my side like we
were quarrelling.
“What is she doing here?”
“why is she here?”
“what brought her here?”
“How did she come back here?”
I poured out on Jessy sounding more like i
was pleading than questions.
“Hey calm down” Jessy said letting out a
wild chuckle..
“Jessy just tell me already” i retorted
betraying a lot of fear and confusion that
swayed around me, looking into Jessy’s
eyes almost asking why they all betrayed
me like this.
“Sky its a long story” she began “After you
left, papa have been taking care of Amanda
through out the period she was pregnant.
After Amanda was delivered of a baby boy,
papa said no blood son of his will have to
grow up not knowing him so he had to ask
Amanda for the baby.” She stopped and
took a quick glance at me, she could see
how blank my face was and how
impatience made me wince because of her

“Amanda refused and said her baby will
never live in a home without her.
That she intends to marry again and move
on with her life but her baby is going with
her anywhere she goes”
I nodded slightly and could almost hear
myself say “Good, that’s better so why
didn’t she, what then is she doing here?”
Jessy seeming to have read my mind
smiled weakly and continued.
“Papa had given it a thought for many
weeks, judging from the fact that they had
a court marriage before he brought her
home. Amanda had threatened to file a
divorce suit.
Papa couldn’t bear such scandal or
relinquish his claim to the child so he had
to bring her back again as his wife but its
sorely for the sake of that little baby” She
tried to sound as much encouraging as
possible to snap me out of any feeling of
insecurity i might be having.
“Jessy i have a really bad feeling about
this” I finally said after minutes of silence
mopping at Jessy.
Right there, my past is back to haunt me
for real this time and my nemesis is staring
at me.


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