MY FATHER’S WIFE…..(18+)…..Part 24


“Where am i? I murmured on drifting back
to the world of consciousness.
My head was throbbing hard threatening to
rip open from the hard headache that
welcomed me back to the planet.
My eyes felt heavy and seemed not to
intend to open but i tried harder and they
sluggishly clasped open though it was half
The blurry visual image reported to my
The wall was cream coloured letting out
whitish intruding colours from the glow of
two long fluorescent light that beamed
down white photons with serious
The window was covered in a mini blue
curtain that barely covered everything, the
bed was not as large as mine and gave
slight metalic groans under me.
Could make out a not very clear figure in
the surrounding seeming not be moving.
“Where am i” i intoned again, this time a bit
loud and a lot of pain came from it, and i
noticed i had a transparent oxygen mask
that ran from the upper part of my nose
down to my jaw..
The face became a bit clearer, that bright
brown eyes, those dimples, radiant teeth
and perky nose all sculptured in an oval
chocolate face..
“Mama!” I intoned with hot tears sliding
down the side of my face.
“My Johny, You will be fine” those silky
slim voice that always made me feel safe
when they sing me lullabies.
“Sky is awake!” i heard an exciting sound
from no where as a figure began moving
towards me.
I widened my eyes, my iris adjusting to the
bright photons that intruded immediately
and my vision began to clear more..
couldn’t see mama anymore.
Jessy ran to me beside the bed with a
smile and tears on her face and from the
eye bags around her eyes it was obvious
she was stressed out.
“Nnam you are awake” I heard papa’s broad
voice intone as an intruding wall of hands
were clasped around me immediately.
I winced in pain making papa release
himself from me as fast as he could.
I looked down and i was covered in
bandages, my right leg was inclined at an
angle of 45 degrees. white bandages ran all
the way from my feet to my waist and i
could feel piercing pains on my right knee,
and waist.
My hands too were in bandages and the
left arm gave me excruciating pains..
“Where am i?” I groaned out again..
“Nnam you are in the hospital” Papa
intoned with visible unshed tears in his
“What am i doing here”
“You have been out for one week, you fell
from the stairs. I thought you wouldn’t
survive, i thank God you are back to me
now” Papa came again running his hands
all of over my fore-head.
My mind raced back to the last things i
could remember.
From Papa’s first shout of my name when
he came in, to amanda kneeling down.
“Yes yes, where is Amanda now” My mind
asked but i couldn’t bring myself to ask
Fresh warm tears tickled down my eyes
again, running from the corners down to
the side of my ears because of my lying
Jessy sat holding my right hand with both
of her hands trying to force out a smile.
“Papa i am sorry, please forgive me. I am
so sorry” I cried out, the stream of tears
now running freely across my face tickling
down into the bed.
“Nnam please don’t say that again, it was
all my fault and it almost cost me your life”
Papa blurted out his voice now turning
croaky as it resounded from the back of his
throat. Those held back tears escaped and
ran down his face which he tried wiping off
with the back of his hands immediately.
Jessy was also crying, her grip on my
hands increased.

The air felt like it ceased, the curtains were
motionless and no sound could be heard.
“Ejimam please forgive me, i have wronged
you both. this was all my fault. You lost a
mother and needed a mother but instead i
followed my foolish desires and got myself
a wife and not a mother for you. Please
ejimam forgive me” Papa sang out looking
interchangeably from me to jessy. the lines
on his face appeared more making him
seem a bit older.
“Papa its ok” Jessy intoned, tears now
flowing down her face like a waterfall.
Papa took Jessy into his arms embracing
her tight muttering discernable semi-
audible words “am sorry”
Both of them crashed themselves into me
now, trying as much as possible to avoid
the injured areas but yet the pain was
there, i didn’t mind having papa and Jessy
here with me now was more intense than
the pains.
The door cracked open gently letting in a
strange figure, female figure.
“Chioma!” I breathed out, as the creature
became clearer.
“Chioma have been here with Jessy for the
past one week that you have been in a
coma” Surprisingly this came from papa.
I looked up weakly and was met with a
smile on papa’s face.
Chioma sat beside jessy beaming down on
me with an intense look that sent chills
down my body.
“What about Amanda?” I managed to let
out to no one exactly.
I could hear papa give out a heavy sigh
making me look up to him.
“Nnam Amanda is pregnant and she have
gone back to her parents, i will take care of
her till she delivers and i will take
responsibility for the child” i heard from
My life was broken, but i could see hope
for the pieces coming back together again.
I learnt my lesson and i learnt it the hard
way almost loosing my life and i might not
be able to walk for months.
Looking around me, could see papa, jessy
and chioma smiling down on me. Life
finally is smiling on me and everything that
is important to me is starting my life anew
with me.
In my greed lust and pains, i have found
meaning to life and i think i have found
(Never allow your desires and greed to shut
you out from the path of reason…)


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