MY ENCOUNTER WITH A JW (Jehovah’s Witness)…..(18+)…..Part 2


My guys left me after a while and I started
doing some house
chores and all other stuff (Bachelors life), I
ate, sleep till later in
the evening when I decided to visit some
friends in my area…Need
to say here that am a gentle guy to the core, I
hardly talk and not
too many people know me in the area, my
schedule was always
from work to house everyday and indoor
most times of the
weekend..If not for football I doubt if
anybody will know me in the
I dressed to my finest and walk through my
street to like three
other street, who was coming out of a shop?
the lady that came in
the morning to preach for me but she was
putting on another cloth
this time around but still almost the same
way she dressed in the
morning….she was walking towards my side
and my mind quickly
flashed on what my guy said in the
morning…..this babe was
naturally endowed…….fully packed. I didn’t let
her walk pass me
before saying hello
Me: Good afternoon sister
Lady:Good afternoon sir (trying to walk away
Me:Sorry oooo sister, I was the one you came
to preach for at the
other street this morning
“she stopped and look back with a smile”
Me: You, remembered? Drinking with some of
my guys early in the
Lady:ohk…Good afternoon Sir….”walk a bit
towards her before she
decide to walk away again”
Me:My name is snakie
Lady:Am Deborah……………………
Me:Nice meeting you
Debby:It’s a pleasure
Me:Thanks so much for coming by this
morning, your discussion
was an eye opener and reading through the
pamphlet today says a
lot to me (I read anytyn)
Debby:that’s good to hear brother snakie
Me:Do you stay around here……….
Debby:No ooooo……….our meeting point is
just down the street,
that’s where we usually meet before going for
Me:I guess as much cos have never seen this
face before in this
area (How many face wey I no)
Me:whats sister debby doing aside from
Debby:am a student in the State uni here
Me:u don’t mean it …..greatest **********
Me:what course are you studying………………
Debby: Banking and Finance 300level
Me:You can imagine….I graduated from that
department 3yrs ago,
I guess u must be in 100level then or just
gain admission (Me,
banking and finance? Dem no dey share dog
laps give an imam
now)….though I graduated from that same
faculty (FMS) definitely
not Banking and finance but as a FMS
student that knows the
happenings in the faculty, I knew every bit of
things in that
Me:What of Dr Oyesanmi, is he still that same
strict lecturer
Debby: Yes ooooo………..still the same way
Me:Hey yah….i was his boy way back then
and he was my
Debby:ehn ehn………………I even gave him 3
topics for my project but
he rejected all that I should go and bring
another ones and if I
didn’t come up with any, he will give me
Me:Don’t allow him to give you any oooo cos
the materials might
be scarce
Debby:That’s what people are saying oooo
Me:I have some very good topics at home
with the materials that
you can use, maybe you should give me your
number lemme text
them to you and if he accepted any one of
them, you can come and
pick all the materials………….
Debby:Waoh…I will so much appreciate that,
thanks so
Handed my phone over to her to type her
number then dialed it
immediately to be sure it wasn’t a wrong
number …………….(STEP

We parted ways, I couldn’t help but look at
her backside as she
walk away,i wonder what that big bossom
will look like inside a
jean……I was all smile and thinking of strategy
to fully get to
her….the question now is How will I get
project topic that will
suite banking and finance?………………Wahala
dey ooooo,
I got home later in the evening and started
checking through my
archives, all I could get was my own personal
project which was
not even related at all…I started searching
online to see if I can get
some ready made thesis and all sort…After
so much wahala, I was
able to arrive at three topics which I
immediately text to her…..i
didn’t even bother to call if she sees it or
The following morning I got a whatsapp
message on my phone
saying thank you so much bro snakie, I will
submit it to him on
Monday………….Her dp was totally different
from what I saw, the
person on the dp was on jean and armless
top with ear rings and
light make up to match it up…This was quite
different from this
same debby that I had to ask her if she was
the one on the Dp…..
Me:hello sister, is dis you on ur dp
Debby:Yes sir…y ask
Me:you look different but just that your
beauty is still the same
with what I saw physically
Debby:Am the one, don’t mind me sir
Me:Pls am not Sir, you can call me snakie
Debby:Nah…I cant oooo…you are older than
me and the onus lies
on me to respect you
Me:Calling me Sir, doesn’t mean respect
please…..You can still
call me by name and respect me
Debby:ohk…..Noted sir
Me:Now you are using Sir 4me again
Debby:Am so sorry………………………….


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