MY ENCOUNTER WITH A JW (Jehovah’s Witness)…..(18+)…..Part 17


To cut the story short, It was almost
8months into my
relationship with Zainab, It was a new life as
everything was
going on well between us……I totally forgot
about Debby and often
times when I go to their hostel, it always on a
weekend when
Debby would have gone home….our routine
was always one
weekend in my place and another weekend in
her hostel. Over
time the rate and number of guys that called
zainab changed…..I
was totally in love as zainab means everytyn
to me, I went far to
introduce her formally to my family as my
girlfriend…..i went
through a lot trying to make the relationship
work out as
countless number of times I will see guys text
msg on her phone
or her dirty chat with some other guys….we
always try and settle
all issue as I expected her to change over
time and dedicate her
life to me alone.
It was a faithful Wednesday, I was suppose to
be in the office,
Zainab was suppose to be in school while
Debby was not in
school for that week, have not been feeling
ohk since the
beginning of the week but it got a bit worse
on that day that my
boss had to excuse me and gave me the off
for the remainder of
the week….i visited the hospital and was
given some drug and
advised to rest very well…..I went home but
after staying for
sometime, I decided to make my way down to
Zainab hostel
since her place is our abode for the
I decided to make my way to her hostel later
around 5pm without
informing her…..i got to the front of her
house, I decided not to
call her outside but walk to her room
straight……………..I was
hearing sound of music as I moved towards
her room……..i
opened the net at the entrance, pull the
cotton to a side and open
the door fully to gain entrance…..what I saw
was a serious
I saw two ladies and a guy totally unclad
bleeping each
other……..It was Zainab, Debby and a guy,the
position I met them
was the guy on bed while Zainab was on him
bleeping him…
Debby was kissing the guy and the guy was
finger bleeping her at
the same time…I saw bottles of spirit on the
floor, all the room
was filled with smell of cigarette……all the
room was so
scattered…….i don’t know how they forgot to
close the door (I
guess it was God that wanted me to see
everything)..It was my
WHAT! That make them pause as I walk
I felt so bad and pained as it was the least I
expected, Zainab
doing three somes with Debby and a guy…I
guess Debby and
Zainab will definitely be bleeping each other
too…..cos if they
can do two guys, they can also do
themselves…..i was so sure
cos Zainab had confessed to me she only
bleep a babe once
before but never mentioned if it was

I managed to put myself together and drove
back home……my
sickness increased as I never believe I could
cry cos of a lady, I
least expected this from her despite all have
gone through with
her for the past 8months or so………Was it
about money? She goes
to school atleast with 10k while going back to
school every
week, was it bleep? I bleeped her in and out
almost every
weekend that she always get tired..was it
about enjoyment?we
go clubbing almost every weekend and hang
out too….was it by
size of d!ckson? Though am not so blessed
but my 9 inches plus
always do wonders……..what else does she
want me to do for
her……commitment? I already introduce her to
family………..well like a Yoruba adage “Kosi
base ma se ebolo ti
ko ni rungbe” (There is no way you treat
Yoruban bologi that it
will never bring out an offensive odour)
It wasn’t until Saturday before I saw
Zainab…..i was just inside
with my guy that came to visit me when
someone knock the door
and entered..I couldn’t believe my eye as she
didn’t even call me
or anything…she knelt down and started
crying, told her it was
late as I gave her all the chances to change
but she never did……I
cant force her to change and there was no
need for her to try and
explain anything to me…have seen it all with
her and have tried
my best but it was like she cant change again
as she has
decided to live her life the way she’s living it…
when she couldn’t
stop pleading, my friend suggested we go out
and as ask her to
move out as we were planning to go out
before she came
in…….we moved her outside as we drove off
from home…….I
couldn’t look at her face while crying but I
guess it was the
presence of my guy that gave me the
courage not to think about
her twice…………
The loss of Zainab was hard to take but it
didn’t take me long
before I forget about her………….i moved on
with my life and get
myself together…
I learnt my lesson that you can never change
anybody except the
person decides to change on it on……..
No matter what u give to a woman/lady, they
can never be
satisfied as satisfaction is always within..
(irrespective of what
you do for a lady either big or small, it’s the
decision of the lady
if satisfied or not)…….
We are all maga in the hand of those who
know our password


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